Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Shutdown

Donna, the Atlanta BFF, came to visit for a Leonard Cohen concert last week. We had a lot of fun driving around to places (SF, Sausalito, Monterey, Oakland). I had been driving to all three bridges on the open bay (Richmond, Golden Gate, Bay). Unlike March shutdown time (Inok's visit), pictures from disposable cameras commemorated the days.

Monday, April 20, 2009

"Serious" Conversation

While he was driving me to Austin to catch a flight back to the Valley last night...

X: I am so past a waiting for a wedding. Other than the ceremony, the reception is sort of like, "Here people, eat our wedding cake with us now that we legally and morally can have sex with each other." You know, an announcement where you feed people.

BF: *rolling his eyes, shocked*

X: So, the objective has been moved forward. When are we going to buy a house?

BF: Ah, if the wedding is for everyone, a house is just for us.

X: Exactly.

BF: You and I really think alike. I want to have a house too.

X: Yup. So I have been calculating. You and I have to save at least [insert lot of money] if we to afford a CA house. Bonuses, stock options.

BF: Yes, a good job and we have to live in austerity then. Maybe we get a fixer upper and fix it ourselves, wouldn't it be fun?

X: Ooh, I love fixing stuff ourselves. I love buying tools. I watched enough of This Old House. LOL.