Sunday, October 02, 2011

Always Sunny in Berkeley

It was another sunny Sunday in Berkeley today. The last time I was at this campus was when @inokathome visited Bay Area two years ago. Today, Hubbostrich and I were on a trial drive for his upcoming Thursday interview. We left the house 10:30-ish and arrived within an hour to cover that 42 mile distance.

Morgan Hall, the home of UC Berkeley's Nutritional and Toxicology Department.

The post-doc candidate posing in front of Morgan Hall.

The lovely pregnant wife. LoL. #CongratsYouReAWhale.

I think I found the picture and the get up do me justice on being 22 weeks pregnant here. Finally.

We've heard the raves about an Indonesian restaurant in Berkeley. We were definitely trying it out today for lunch. It took us a 10 minute deliberation on what to order, the bule couple behind us took only 30 seconds. We got the following:

Mie Tek-tek (stir fried, the have boiled version too). I don't think I have ever tasted this particular noodle dish back home so I don't know how it tastes compared to the "original". Surprisingly, I like it better than any Chinese restaurant noodles I have ever had.

Udang Goreng Mentega. Not my favorite, but Hubbostrich enjoyed it so much, specially, after it's been sitting a while and got marinated.

Nasi Bungkus, a weekend special. It was a decent rice dish that comes with a trifecta of ayam goreng kuning (fried chicken), gudeg (jack fruit and tofu in sweet sauce) and rendang (beef curry, Indonesian style). It was also served with a hard boiled egg and green chili. Coming from Sumatra, the Jayakarta Nasi Bungkus comes a little less adventurous for my hot and spicy palate. Hubbostrich tends to agree with me. We like Southbay's Bay Leaf's Nasi Rames better since it comes with kale curry and spicier green chili.

and....Es Teler! I had a special request to add tape (fermented cassava) to this sweet concoction of jack fruit, shredded coconut, and jelly on coconut milk. The owner was so kind not to charge extra for it.

Bonus picture. Hubbostrich cranking the bird up on me because I took too many pictures of him and can we eat already? I used the spoon and the straw to frame his sweet adorable face and I got the bird? He's lucky I still shared that Es Teler with him. He loved it so much and sipped it till the last drop.

Please join Belindy and I in wishing Daddy Hubbostrich luck on his interview. You can do it, BB!