Thursday, August 30, 2007

Irk Head

Still on the ire...

First on the list. The colleague told me I look good in the top I was wearing today (it is exactly like this).

"..makes you look younger."

Maksud lo

Second on the list. I believe it is included in the basic human rights that one is entitled to having a meal in an uninterrupted fashion at least once a day. It's important because otherwise, one could lose the rhythm which might result not only in the waste of food, but also in the loss of sanity.

Yesterday, it was the former boss knocking real hard on my door. I intentionally closed it because the heavy traffic in the hallway and here he came barging in like that.

Today, it was R. And no matter how much I like the guy, it still doesn't give him the privilege to be nosy about the thing I'm having for lunch. Eating is a private activity, I tell you, and who the hell are you to me? *namparin R*

OK, I should not behave like a drama queen over food. But as NY would say, "Kak, there are only two questions that keep popping out in your life: what to wear tomorrow and where are we going to eat out on Friday?"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Barging in Business

Guess what, my old boss barged into my office today.

"Hi, Dr. S? How are you?" said I.

"Are you available?" He didn't waste time and immediately asked me to be one of his TAs again this semester. One of the TAs resigned even before starting the job. For the record, I've taught this part of the course for four or five times, I lost count.

I said I am not. But if he wanted to ask the advisor for the possibility to transfer me to this job and if the advisor said yes, then it's OK with me too.

Now if we can direct this job tug-of-war aura from the school to those companies out there, that would be really really great.


I'm having fun with the name of people I met in class.

While calling attendance,

"Firstname Busch"

"Yes, Maam."

"Any relation with the beer company?"


Everyone laughs.

Another one,
"Hi, I am, Firstname Womack."

"I am *giving out my name*. Any relations with the singer?"

"Ha, I don't think so."

The Summons

I'm just hoping this anger problem is hormone-related


So on my failed attempts to cool down, I tried to listen to appropriate songs. One of them was from the Mass last week. I came across this performance on YouTube. I'm sorry, but it was so bad it made me crawling on the floor laughing...and I am no singer!

NY agrees with me: "untuk apa mereka pake jubah segala...," "yak, udah forte tiba-tiba melempem," "satu suara dua puluh orang!!"

Oh well. It is a good song. Ade loves it, right, De? She went with us to church last week. Adventurous!

Will you come and follow me
If I but call your name?
Will you go where you don’t know
And never be the same?
Will you let my love be shown,
Will you let my name be known,
Will you let my life be grown
In you and you in me?

Will you leave yourself behind
If I but call your name?
Will you care for cruel and kind
And never be the same?
Will you risk the hostile stare
Should your life attract or scare?
Will you let me answer prayer
In you and you in me?

Will you let the blinded see
If I but call your name?
Will you set the pris’ners free
And never be the same?
Will you kiss the leper clean,
And do such as this unseen,
And admit to what I mean
In you and you in me?

Will you love the ‘you’ you hide
If I but call your name?
Will you quell the fear inside
And never be the same?
Will you use the faith you’ve found
To reshape the world around,
Through my sight and touch and sound
In you and you in me?

Lord, your summons echoes true
When you but call my name.
Let me turn and follow you
And never be the same.
In your company I’ll go
Where your love and footsteps show.
Thus I’ll move and live and grow
In you and you in me.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Stupid Stuff for Stupid Monday

The world is against me:
  • Stupid colleague barging in without knocking to borrow a textbook
  • The same colleague barging in without knocking again to ask if I have five dollars in cash
  • Another colleague asking if I am the TA for that class (I am the instructor!!! Don't know why this makes me mad, maybe I am suffering power hungry and recognition deficiency)
  • The stupid e-mail from the advisor to make sure I have an assistant for the lab/class. This makes me mad because it implied that he wanted to make sure I still have time for a bunch of other crappy projects...
  • Stupid calculation
  • Slow internet speed, enough said
  • Who knows what will happen throughout the day (and to think that the first of my two sections is starting in a couple of hours, the other one is tomorrow afternoon)
ARRGH..stupid life, stupid, stupid!!! I'm such in a bad mood.

Btw, Happy 22nd Birthday, NY.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


  • I've noticed that I went a bit clumsy nowadays. It started when I bumped my head on an experimental apparatus on Thursday. The peaks of things were yesterday when I hurt my toes on two separate occasions and slapped the back of my right arm when closing the car door. I couldn't help to be a bit hypochondriac...that some sort of neuromuscular decease might be behind all these.
  • I am also a bit obsessed on measuring heart beat, not just mine, but also NY's! My resting heart beat is much lower than a couple of years ago, when regular exercise was hardly a concept appeared on the back of my head.
  • I fill the new (Rec freeby) planner with all the teaching requirements, group meetings, individual meetings, and allocated times to grade reports, to perform research, to finish paper, to prepare for career fair and job finding thingies, and last but not least, to have some Rec trips. It's a welcome relieve to see that things are (maybe) still in the juggable side.
  • I am drilling myself on the Experimental Orientation tomorrow. First, it will be a little introduction of myself and of the research I'm conducting, and then I'm gonna be a little sell out in promoting both the undergraduate class taught by the advisor and our lab. I will then talk a little bit about validity of data and then proceed to the characteristic of individual experiment. I am also in the middle of reviewing the theory behind the experiment.
  • Finally, high ambient temperature + hormonal cycle = high temper. Enough said.
I'm filling up James Lipton's Questionnaire for the guests on Inside Actor Studio. The show just became one of my favorite shows on TV.

What is your favorite word? Hi! (from people I like)
What is your least favorite word? Goodbye (from people I love)
What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? Positive outcome
What turns you off? Offensive body odor
What is your favorite curse word? Shit
What sound or noise do you love? Rain drops
What sound or noise do you hate? Bad accent
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Writer
What profession would you not like to do? Public restroom attendant
If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Would you like to see your father now?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Weekend

31 minutes past five!

psshhh....i'm already on xbox land

hihi sowwy

yeah quit bugging me woman...i got my game face on!
go was the dishes or somethin'
girl things

some seminary college just announced they have a degree in...guess what...Homemaking
only for women (for now at least, because they say, it's tailored for women...but what the heck)

the good lord has a plan for us all

you're wise my go back to your x-box

serving your master...err..husband is a blessed life


Thursday, August 23, 2007


One minute pas midnight, a certain polka dot enthusiast rang me. Aha, I suspected some sort of boy crisis was in tow. It wasn't really a crisis and, suprisingly, there were bunches of non-boys-related stuff got thrown in in between. We logged a one hour and fifty-eight minutes talking time, a record for me this year.

Towards the end of the conversation, I moved to the laptop to check my e-mails.

"Bu, Mr. Cusack just sent me a message on FS," I yelled in a heart beat effectively ignoring the stuff she was telling me about.

I immediately consulted her on what to reply. A logical girl that she is (everytime I can imagine her telling me this "Bu, you have to learn from your mistakes!!"), she came up with something that won't be read as a desperate move on my part. Thanks, Bu. :P

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yet Another Chat Log

My blog, and/or rather, my life, is so uneventful. Chattings with Mr. Nice Guy and Bu Didi (this one is mostly private :P) are the highlights of the day.

Pak, are you sure you don't have anything silly to discuss today?
bener2 sepi gosip!!

oh well i'm going to b*l* on the 3rd...
ng*b*n gak tau hubungannya
so, i guess i'll give crazy doctor another shot..

ha ha
bawa bunga?
bawa coklat?

i dunno...

"karaoke yuks"
and take her heart away with that Samson song

Maybe a sign that says "Don't be an idiot, give me a shot"

on a t-shirt
nanti dia yang..."you had me with that t-shirt" (Jerry Maguire kinda reference)

all rite ms corny
u've had enough for today

all rite Mr. Cheeseball


A note-to-self of another unsolved, or rather, unsolvable, mystery of the week:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reverse Chronological

Two things I noticed about Rec'ing:

  1. My heart has been working extremely hard while on aerobic these days. I am drenched in sweat at the end of the 30-min combination of elliptical, running, and stationary biking. The amount of sweat is equal to two of 30-min sessions of elliptical and a 30-min runnning. How could that be?
  2. The impact, i. e., muscle sores associated working out won't be noticed until two days after. I wonder what causes this so-called lag.

And while we're still talking about Rec activity, it seems that everyone's back from their summer break and also new ones come. The Rec is full of unfamiliar faces. Despite of the sudden increase of gym enthusiasts, it wasn't hard to get an empty elliptical, threadmill, stationary bike, or working out machines.


my other gebetan was here...I was about to show him something (err more like asking his opinion about research stuff) and then the computer crashed...bummer

ha ha ha

it's nice to have somebody that speaks your language :D

you mean semiconductor transnuclear crap? :P


I spent the whole day working on the teaching lab. I finished the two shorter and easier experiments. The other two would have to wait until Thursday and Friday. I am nervous about teaching the materials. Afterall, it has been seven years since I last acquinted with the practice of traditional Chemical Engineering undergraduate materials.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Enough Epiphany

buuu hahaha
look at you
a married guy
and a taken guy

homo patheticus

And I am telling you
I'm not going
You're the best man I'll ever know
There's no way I can ever, ever go,

No, no, no, no way,
No, no, no, no way I'm livin' without you
Oh, I'm not livin' without you,
I'm not livin' without you
I don't wanna be free

I'm stayin',
I'm stayin',
And you, and you,
You're gonna love me

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Like Jane

"H......" The sound of somebody calling my name, I was just going to get a few change in quarters for laundry. I look around to find the source of the voice. It was a guy in my department, with him was a woman, they were sitting down with an empty seat between them.

"***," another pause, "she is my wife."

I chatted with them for a short while and then I excused myself. So he really did get married.


A little boy held my hand during the singing of Our Father at Mass. His father and me raised our connected hands and the boy went on laughing at this activity. Then he played with the strands of pearls bracelet I wore. The whole thing gave me a sense of belonging and possesion. Am I cut for family life?


I am half-heartedly looking at materials to be taught the week after this week. Later tonight, I am going to read a few papers in preparation of the letter I've been neglected. There will be one load of laundry done sometime and Rec trip at 6:30. Sounds like a good plan for a Sunday.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I resumed Rec-ing again on Thursday. That's after the so-called social engagements and the crazy schedule since last weekend that prevented me from going. Fortunately, I didn't lose much of the strength after an almost one week vacuum. It is always best to keep on working out, otherwise you'll lose your strength and agility. And then tonight...
gee...all the workouts during the week goes down the drain (baru pulang buffet pizza)

ha ha ha
harus bisa nahan diri di buffett...

that's the ultimate self-preservation
nahan diri di buffet


like achieving your own Moksha

just drink coke...
it fills u up

I drank 2 glasses of Coke (not diet) and 1 Icee
never felt full

ok u're strange

Yours Truly is ..

...a member of the faculty next semester. LOL.

I honestly view it only as a teaching assistant position, but they insinuate it differently, "you're teaching ###!" If only the pay increases also. :P

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Elvis Ignoramus

It took me three different medias to finally catch up with the sudden Elvis craze.

In chronological order, they were :
  1. The subject line of an email in a mailing list three days ago mentioning about some female singer's duet session with The King
  2. TVLand commercials these past two nights about a program in honor of him
  3. And finally this morning, this from a blog I subscribed in Bloglines

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It Might Not Be That Bad After All

I got to school at the usual time and immediately entered the CR. I did the lift*ing-off on one of the samples I measured yesterday. I decided that I got what I wanted out of the sample and I took picture which along with measurement data to be discussed with the advisor later on.

I hadn't had my lunch and we had a group meeting at 4 PM. The advisor was unusually punctual, just as I was taking out my lunch from the microwave, he showed up. I shouldn't have talked too much with R a few minutes before, otherwise, it was just enough time to finish the lunch.

Towards the end of the meeting, the advisor officially announced that third place award on the poster. He said it was voted anonymously among the conference attendees. Is he really that proud of this little piece of accolade? In the meanwhile, I already updated my resume with it. He he he.

After the meeting and a little discussion with the advisor about that separate project, I went back inside the CR with the colleague. He gave up on patterning a sample and asked me to try my luck. Guess what, it was really my luck, I did it in one try. In the end, he bestowed me with another sample to pattern and it was not a bad job either.

For unknown reason, I got two cuts on my index finger from yesterday and today.

Guess where am I going to spend my time on flag ceremony day?

guests bathroom?

no...that little white place where SBY lives

really? how come?

because I can :P

seriously, where did you get the invite???

i can tell you but i have to kill you :P


temennya bokap orang militer
I'll be taking pictures from Istana Merdeka

jangan lupa ambil potonya Annisa ya

siapa tuh? :P

Prozac Would Suffice

I went home around 3 AM yesterday and arrived back at school around lunch time. I could do something more productive, but yesterday I was just losing my goals let alone my sanity. It's not just school, it's also life in general.

I managed to clean the next apparatus in this line of process, it took about four hours and then I played around with those data from the previous day. I went home around 9:30 PM with a headache like that from a sleep deprivation.

It was three years ago when I came into realization and decided to take charge from the perils of depression, insensible eating, and crazy schedule (that prevents one from having time to work out and taking care of one's self). I feel like they are haunting me back.

Pak, are you into Oldies?
as in song genre...

i'm not against it
i actually like big band music

me too
I've been listening to this song from all different singers
you know...the depressed mode
if you want to listen...

u r so

hey...a girl is entitled to
coba aja penyanyinya cowo semua gitu dan mereka semua

are you listening?


and the audience...they are all feeling so nostalgic

baru mau bilang...buset...

I guess I'm old at heart :P

Monday, August 13, 2007

LB IV: Multitasking

Yippie...the program now works, after 87 trials since last night. The problem: I didn't add the additional variable to a configuration module. Told you, it was simple. Now, I'm having a high time on measurement. On the other room, the second set of 10-hr run is almost started.

NY called me to discuss a job interview oppurtunity. After much of googling and common sensing, we decided it is a scam. This forum describes exactly what NY experienced.

And yet, another little chat...
chicks at the clubs will go wild

you're killing me
This thing is actually cool!
wont' work on iPhone


actually it will work on any current phone
gue lagi liat
patent aslinya

u're still thinking about it? lol


Live Blogging pt. III: Kicking It Off

Arrived in school 1o minutes after the 10 hour set time from last night. The apparatus is being cooled down and then another 10 hour set will be in.

Kicking the day off with a chat with Mr. Nice Guy...

"another week another torture
why does life is always a dire(ness)"

an X original...
ha ha

a few more of ur originals...i'd get so depressed i'd kill myself

a few more of ur..."*insert an initial* lookin' good *sigh*"...I'd get so depressed I'd want a boyfriend



I was never short on love, but never the right kind of love What is the right kind of love
It should be up to me…but it’s not up to me
And that’s just the way it is

- ikut2an original

so cool!

no it's not...i made it up in 5 minutes..
but true...


Other than that, I'm still juggling with the program. And we will move onto the next step of the device making. Couldn't wait to see if things finally work. I need to put an end of this higher education crap.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Live Blogging, pt II: At Wit's End

It is 10:41 PM. I am still waiting for the apparatus to cool down (~100 degrees to go). The colleague will take over at 1 AM -- he is the one that will actually finish the 10-hr run. I need to go home to webcam and chat with Mom and then I'm calling it a day.

I'm at my wit's end with the program. Something that's supposed to be so simple to tackle ruins you good than things that are more elaborate. Argh. To make it worse, the original program does not work either.

It was so funny at dinner break, I couldn't choose between heating up the spaghetti with meatballs, the rice with roasted chicken, or the frozen tater tots and chicken tender. I even put my nose on each dishes and still couldn't make a decision. I almost did a coin toss, but in the end, I just went with the rice and chicken. I'm losing my appetite, a good thing after all these crazy eating on the past two weeks, considering that I haven't been to the Rec since Friday.

Live Blogging the CR

It's the summer and the AC unit at the apartment is not working. Maintenance guy said he needed to add more freon, but the compressor unit was too hot to open. He needed one to two hour time to cool it down. Fine with me. NY escapes to the library, I escape to, where else, the lab.

"I'll see you in 12 hours, Princy" I said when she dropped at school around 3:30 PM. The plan was to do a 10-hour high temperature treatment on devices in making. During the idle time, I will be doing analytical measurement on already completed devices. Effectively killing two birds with one stone, one might say.

After much of last minute hokey-pokey, I need to make an empty 2-hour preliminary run, which easily added into more than three hours to include the preparation time. The actual 10-hour run could not be started until then.

Also, I found out I need to modify the program for measurement in order to be able to trace another parameter. Until now, it is to no avail.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ant*onia Yoy*ada, B.S.

Around this time four years ago, my brother and I went down to IAH to pick up one special feisty little girl, eighteen years in age. She came down the elevator to the baggage claim area wearing a bright orange t-shirt, blue jeans, and matching orange slip-ons. Orange is (and from the look of things will be forever) her favorite color--a little unconventional for yours truly--but it matches her personality.

She started school a few weeks after, first at a community college at a neighboring town. She later transfered to a school they think so grand to become the third Aggie in the family. Those undergraduate days of hers were pretty colorful. She studied hard, she worked hard, and sometimes, she played hard. Most importantly, she grew up to be a person with an independent mind.

The girl graduated today despite everything that had happened through a series of unfortunate situations, namely that her father had a stroke attack that year she started school and that he passed away as she was about to finish her final examinations in May.

As the ceremony ended, I walked down the hallway looking forward to be the first to congratulate her. Lo and behold, what I saw was a woman with boundless opportunities upon her shoulders.

We are all so proud of you, Princy. I know that Papa is looking down from heaven smiling.

Let's drink the audit ale to the future so ahead!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Try to Remember

On that wedding reception we attended last Saturday, the groom's parents danced to this song by The Fantasticks. It was their fourty-something wedding aniversary some few days before. Such a melancholic song.

Papa, it's been exactly three months since you passed away. This song is also in memory of you.

Try to remember the kind of September
when life was slow and oh, so mellow
Try to remember the kind of September
when grass was green and grain was yellow
Try to remember the kind of September
when you were a tender and callow fellow
Try to remember and if you remember the follow

Try to remember when life was so tender
that no one wept except the willow
Try to remember when life was so tender that
dreams were kept beside your pillow
Try to remember when life was so tender that
love was an ember about to billow
Try to remember and if you remember then follow

Deep in December it's nice to remember
altho you know the snow will follow
Deep in December it's nice to remember
without the hurt the heart is hollow
Deep in December it's nice to remember
the fire of September that made us mellow
Deep in December our hearts should remember
and follow

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Turning This Blog Into a Chat Log
idea for your wedding
in Bali

u girls and weddings

well, I still have no idea what mine will be like

a big ceremony...just to say to people you'll be having sex soon

certified sex

before, you're a bad girl!
after wedding...


In other news, the advisor just informed me that we got the third place award of the poster presentation part of this conference. Remember this? It is part of the illustration in the poster.

Not bad, definitely not bad for a first timer to compete in a poster presentation. It rinsed off the bad day at the lab: problem with a certain rotating equipment and experimental work turned into dust (two separate unrelated occasions).

Monday, August 06, 2007

Heelarious dare she use my color!

gue betah tuh lama2 di kantor kalo kayak gitu

well...the desk is nice...but in cables will make it fUgly
apalagi kalo desktop

kan selalu kayak gitu...kalo yang di majalah showing off kitchen
they look so clean and flawless...and not functional

ha ha
gak ada kabelnya semua
wireless electricity is the IN thing these days
even nggak ada appliances nya....just the fridge
hahahahah exactly

the rest of her stuff...

we need to promote a real-life, functional type of design
these things are practically pornography hahahhaa

he he...
u mean women with impossibly perfect bodies?
and submissive behavior? looks easy on the screen...but when you do it...


of course not speaking from experience :P

of course not :P


Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gluttony is the Sweetest Sin

These past few days taught me good things come to those who wait. The questions are how patience you are and how big the "stake" is.

Anyway, gluttony is the sweetest sin:

Japanese/Chinese buffet (Saturday lunch)
Mr. & Mrs. S wedding reception (Saturday dinner)
BBQ (Sunday lunch, courtesy of Mas & Mbak O)

A couple more pics of KKCS' "reunion" over the weekend. Unto the next wedding...

Friday, August 03, 2007

Bedroom Decorating

introducing...hijau lumut
there's 2
bright mode and 'let's get it on' mode

uhm I couldnt really tell which one is which
and then the idea of getting it on....while your parents are in the same roof.....eewwww

kan cuman teori

Pak for the sake of getting it on....potonya ganti dong
kurang artistik

akhhh...males beli2 gituan

why buy if you can create one
use those mad artistic painting art

udah abissss catnyaaaa...
udah ada sih framenya...

I like your marble floor
and are those white sheets?


harus bersih dong hahahhaha

i always go for the hotel white sheets it is..

ih tau nggak, waktu itu kan ada investigasi hotel2 ya....price doesn't mean sanitation
hotel2 mahal gitu ternyata jorok juga comforter nya lah, bekas ini itu di karpet lah


even on the bathroom mirror...eeewwwww

iya soalnya comforter and bed cover kan gak tiap kali ganti tamu di ganti
that's why we have anti bodies...
the question is, our homes are most likely dirtier
so...santai aja gitu lhooo least it's your own dirt


masak ada yang bawa bedbugs dari hotel
in your case...your house is much cleaner than hotel lah
penuh dedikasi gitu kan para asisten, ntar kalo nggak di repetin majikan...dan putra majikan

i dunno...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today's Stats

Number of time changing an article of clothing because the sister said it doesn't look good: 1
Number of blog posts: 3
Number of that Keane piece (see previous post) played in YouTube: too many
Number of aspirin taken in a two-hour time which effectively violates direction: 3
Number of colleagues present at the office in the afternoon: 0
Number of time R walked in front of the office: 5...make that 6
Number of time R walked in front of the office without giving a single glance: 5...make that 6

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


You say you wander your own land
But when I think about it
I don't see how you can

You're aching, you're breaking
And I can see the pain in your eyes
It's as everybody's changing
And I don't know why

So little time
Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same

You're gone from here
Soon you will disappear
Fading into beautiful light
'cause everybody's changing
And I don't feel right

So little time
Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same

So little time
Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same

Everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same
Everybody's Changing--Keane

Adipocyte, Musculus, and Rattus norvegicus

Meet the white fat cell (as opposed to the brown one).
Their main responsibilities are as energy storage, insulation, and cushion. There is fixed amount of fat cells in the human body --or so I've been told. With the increase of the lipid content (shown as the yellow part inside each cell), the adipose ultimately grows bigger in size. Weight gain usually is attributed to the increasing size of individual cell.

Meet the skeletal muscle cells.
They are responsible in the moving mechanism of the bones. As such, they are the targeted cells on body building activities.
So clearly, these two cells are of different types. Beware yourself to the notion of fats turn into muscles and vice versa.

Last night, I went to sleep pondering the ways to selectively reducing the size of the fat cells as opposed to the size of the muscle cells in my body. While all these times, billion dollar industry flourishes in the open, dedicating itself to the affair which includes variety of diets, exercises program, combinations of diet and exercise, chemicals, physical therapy, etc.

The trigger point being this article that ensued hilarity just from reading its abstract. In the end, it feels as if I was alienating you peeps who work with life objects. Here it is without further ado:
Adult male BHE rats were fed diets containing 15% of either corn oil (CO) or medium chain triglycerides (MCT) as the dietary source of fat. Further, rats were allowed to remain sedentary or were forced to exercise by swimming for 1 hour daily, for 3 weeks, followed by swimming for 2 hours daily for 3 weeks. The exercise for 3 weeks caused significant reductions in average body weight gains. After 6 weeks of exercise the lipid content of the adipose cells was reduced by about 50%. Fat cell numbers were not changed by either fat source or exercise, but fat cell size was significantly reduced after swimming daily for 6 weeks.
What makes it hilarious to me:
  • The lab rats being forced to swim. How was it administered? And exactly how intense was the swimming?
  • The rats were put on a serious daily swimming schedule that was fixed down to the amount of hour and the total time.
Without further adieu, the rats did it in respond to their (forced) binge eating, which in retrospect, is much like us and our eating habit. So there, with a pact of dedication, we human too can succeed in our journey for a fitter bod.

I forgot where exactly each picture was from. Google Image, for sure.