Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It Might Not Be That Bad After All

I got to school at the usual time and immediately entered the CR. I did the lift*ing-off on one of the samples I measured yesterday. I decided that I got what I wanted out of the sample and I took picture which along with measurement data to be discussed with the advisor later on.

I hadn't had my lunch and we had a group meeting at 4 PM. The advisor was unusually punctual, just as I was taking out my lunch from the microwave, he showed up. I shouldn't have talked too much with R a few minutes before, otherwise, it was just enough time to finish the lunch.

Towards the end of the meeting, the advisor officially announced that third place award on the poster. He said it was voted anonymously among the conference attendees. Is he really that proud of this little piece of accolade? In the meanwhile, I already updated my resume with it. He he he.

After the meeting and a little discussion with the advisor about that separate project, I went back inside the CR with the colleague. He gave up on patterning a sample and asked me to try my luck. Guess what, it was really my luck, I did it in one try. In the end, he bestowed me with another sample to pattern and it was not a bad job either.

For unknown reason, I got two cuts on my index finger from yesterday and today.

Guess where am I going to spend my time on flag ceremony day?

guests bathroom?

no...that little white place where SBY lives

really? how come?

because I can :P

seriously, where did you get the invite???

i can tell you but i have to kill you :P


temennya bokap orang militer
I'll be taking pictures from Istana Merdeka

jangan lupa ambil potonya Annisa ya

siapa tuh? :P

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