Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reverse Chronological

Two things I noticed about Rec'ing:

  1. My heart has been working extremely hard while on aerobic these days. I am drenched in sweat at the end of the 30-min combination of elliptical, running, and stationary biking. The amount of sweat is equal to two of 30-min sessions of elliptical and a 30-min runnning. How could that be?
  2. The impact, i. e., muscle sores associated working out won't be noticed until two days after. I wonder what causes this so-called lag.

And while we're still talking about Rec activity, it seems that everyone's back from their summer break and also new ones come. The Rec is full of unfamiliar faces. Despite of the sudden increase of gym enthusiasts, it wasn't hard to get an empty elliptical, threadmill, stationary bike, or working out machines.


my other gebetan was here...I was about to show him something (err more like asking his opinion about research stuff) and then the computer crashed...bummer

ha ha ha

it's nice to have somebody that speaks your language :D

you mean semiconductor transnuclear crap? :P


I spent the whole day working on the teaching lab. I finished the two shorter and easier experiments. The other two would have to wait until Thursday and Friday. I am nervous about teaching the materials. Afterall, it has been seven years since I last acquinted with the practice of traditional Chemical Engineering undergraduate materials.

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