Thursday, August 30, 2007

Irk Head

Still on the ire...

First on the list. The colleague told me I look good in the top I was wearing today (it is exactly like this).

"..makes you look younger."

Maksud lo

Second on the list. I believe it is included in the basic human rights that one is entitled to having a meal in an uninterrupted fashion at least once a day. It's important because otherwise, one could lose the rhythm which might result not only in the waste of food, but also in the loss of sanity.

Yesterday, it was the former boss knocking real hard on my door. I intentionally closed it because the heavy traffic in the hallway and here he came barging in like that.

Today, it was R. And no matter how much I like the guy, it still doesn't give him the privilege to be nosy about the thing I'm having for lunch. Eating is a private activity, I tell you, and who the hell are you to me? *namparin R*

OK, I should not behave like a drama queen over food. But as NY would say, "Kak, there are only two questions that keep popping out in your life: what to wear tomorrow and where are we going to eat out on Friday?"

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