Monday, August 13, 2007

LB IV: Multitasking

Yippie...the program now works, after 87 trials since last night. The problem: I didn't add the additional variable to a configuration module. Told you, it was simple. Now, I'm having a high time on measurement. On the other room, the second set of 10-hr run is almost started.

NY called me to discuss a job interview oppurtunity. After much of googling and common sensing, we decided it is a scam. This forum describes exactly what NY experienced.

And yet, another little chat...
chicks at the clubs will go wild

you're killing me
This thing is actually cool!
wont' work on iPhone


actually it will work on any current phone
gue lagi liat
patent aslinya

u're still thinking about it? lol


1 comment:

nadia said...

hahaha kinda hon, you're sucha nerd! hhaha a very pretty one!