Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Prozac Would Suffice

I went home around 3 AM yesterday and arrived back at school around lunch time. I could do something more productive, but yesterday I was just losing my goals let alone my sanity. It's not just school, it's also life in general.

I managed to clean the next apparatus in this line of process, it took about four hours and then I played around with those data from the previous day. I went home around 9:30 PM with a headache like that from a sleep deprivation.

It was three years ago when I came into realization and decided to take charge from the perils of depression, insensible eating, and crazy schedule (that prevents one from having time to work out and taking care of one's self). I feel like they are haunting me back.

Pak, are you into Oldies?
as in song genre...

i'm not against it
i actually like big band music

me too
I've been listening to this song from all different singers
you know...the depressed mode
if you want to listen...

u r so

hey...a girl is entitled to
coba aja penyanyinya cowo semua gitu dan mereka semua

are you listening?


and the audience...they are all feeling so nostalgic

baru mau bilang...buset...

I guess I'm old at heart :P

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Anonymous said...

perils of depression, insensible eating, and crazy schedule ..

lalalalalala i can't hear you, i can't hear youu