Thursday, August 23, 2007


One minute pas midnight, a certain polka dot enthusiast rang me. Aha, I suspected some sort of boy crisis was in tow. It wasn't really a crisis and, suprisingly, there were bunches of non-boys-related stuff got thrown in in between. We logged a one hour and fifty-eight minutes talking time, a record for me this year.

Towards the end of the conversation, I moved to the laptop to check my e-mails.

"Bu, Mr. Cusack just sent me a message on FS," I yelled in a heart beat effectively ignoring the stuff she was telling me about.

I immediately consulted her on what to reply. A logical girl that she is (everytime I can imagine her telling me this "Bu, you have to learn from your mistakes!!"), she came up with something that won't be read as a desperate move on my part. Thanks, Bu. :P


Anonymous said...

jujur banget nih entry.

btw udah nonton mash. bagus juga.. very witty.. hehe.. you happy now?


Anonymous said...

btw#2 si iren pernah bilang dia bisa ngebayangin gua teriak2 "excuses, excuses!!" tiap kali dia ngasih alesan why she eats junk food.

apakah saya sebegitu galaknya??

*jadi sedih*


Anonymous said...

btw#3 is your bro's name from alan alda?


Xinda said...

Di tandem aja ya ck ck...kok langsung tiga gini:

Iya dong, harus jujur.

Hore....ada yang ikutan respek M*A*S*H...

You are that galak. Tapi kan demi kebaikan.

Hmm...nggak tuh...I don't know what's the story behind his name. Kalo nama baptis nya sih krn entah kenapa nyokap suka Nicolas (yg di buku Santo/a itu, Nicolas pelaut deh...)