Monday, August 06, 2007

Heelarious dare she use my color!

gue betah tuh lama2 di kantor kalo kayak gitu

well...the desk is nice...but in cables will make it fUgly
apalagi kalo desktop

kan selalu kayak gitu...kalo yang di majalah showing off kitchen
they look so clean and flawless...and not functional

ha ha
gak ada kabelnya semua
wireless electricity is the IN thing these days
even nggak ada appliances nya....just the fridge
hahahahah exactly

the rest of her stuff...

we need to promote a real-life, functional type of design
these things are practically pornography hahahhaa

he he...
u mean women with impossibly perfect bodies?
and submissive behavior? looks easy on the screen...but when you do it...


of course not speaking from experience :P

of course not :P


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