Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Daddy Says the Darndest Things

Mommy: "Daddy, I haven't writted my abstract for that conference yet..."

Daddy: "Mommy! Isn't that our ticket for Vegas?"

Mommy: "Daddy, are you still addicted to crap shoot?"

Back story: we went to Vegas in June the last two years. I was still pregnant with K two years ago and last year's trip K was four months old. I got free accomodation & plane ticket for me, we only need to get Hubbostrich plane ticket. You see how aspiring this conference is for Hubbostrich.


K's 1 year old birthday party has passed. The candle was still laid around the kitchen.

Daddy: "We should save this candle..."

Mommy: "Yeah, we could use it for his 10 th birthday..."

Daddy: "Or for Antonia...Mommy, are you slow?"

Back story: we want a second baby, preferable a girl, and then we can name her Antonia after my sister.


Mommy: "Daddy, we need your help again, K is stinky!"

Daddy: "Gosh, how many bombs are you gonna drop, Baby Boy?"

Mommy: "Eww...it's so stinky and sticky...Baby Boy, what did you eat?"

Daddy: "You have to give him a bath, Mommy, I don't want his wee-wee to get dirty...when is his regularly scheduled bath time?"

Mommy: "Regularly scheduled bath time? LOL. That's so funny...."

Back story: K regularly takes off when I'm changing his diaper. It's not so much of a problem when it's only pee diaper, but poo diaper? Oh..the horror.


Daddy: "Is this what he's wearing to school?"
Mommy: "Yeah, why?"

Daddy: "I could never tell when you dress him with real stuff or not, the gray and red don't match, it's like mommy was in a hurry.."

Mommy: "???"