Thursday, December 27, 2007

Remember December

I was on elliptical machine this afternoon when the news of Benazir Bhutto assassination was broadcasted over NPR. I know nothing about Pakistani politics and a few questions come into mind. Does she still have power over Pakistan for her to be the target of assassination like that. Yeah, she is the opposition leader, but to think that both incumbent government and her potential-would-be-government are both US-backed makes it a moot point. Why they haven't succeeded in killing Musharaf?
can people get tired of the beach?

i guess
u can get tired of anything i suppose

poor Ms. Bhutto


emang gimana sih dia? masih berpengaruh kah sampe perlu dibunuh?

yeah she's the main rival...
she's big in P town

either way incumbent goverment and hers are US backed, no?

maybe isszz becoz da wimmen aren't supposed to do thiese things
taliban says

stupid Taliban
her resume is impressive

well time for a round up of construction today
c ya later...

may the god of $mn be with you
On a lighter note, I didn't realize that MTV2 took over the channel assigned by my cable company for CSPAN2--the cable company rhymes with box, if you must know. I was ready to tune in to CSPAN2 thinking that today is part of the weekend (and on weekends I watch/listen to BookTV while working on my stuff). A quick browsing at TVGuide Listings showed that they moved it all the way to channel 74. I reprogrammed the TV and found the said channel.

Back to working on latest paper. The paper is based on a proceeding we submitted. The advisor wanted the first finish product in less than two-weeks time. I am thinking this is a nice way to spend the lasts days of 2007 when one is somehow broke and is still in limbo over financial situation in the incoming semester.

In any rate, I am going to submit the paper to him and immediately ask for defense scheduling no later than beginning of May. Wish this poor girl some form of luck?

Just for the sake of posting picture. This is the stuff Sis and I cooked for a potluck Christmas dinner at a friend's. Our Korean-themed entrees (beef bulgoki, grilled pork, legume dumpling, and fishcake) blended well with the rest of the local and international selections brought by others. Oh, not to forget the ever indulging Panamanian rum ponche.

Food for Christmas potluck dinner

W(B)MD post-script:
Wednesday: three-mile run
Thursday: thirty minute elliptical, ten minute stationary bike, twenty minute upper body work out

Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I ran around three miles across campus. Just a perfect time to do such thing in the holiday season. There was no car and no one around. The sun was up high, and the weather was in the high 50's.

I also made a batch of Ms. S******'s chocolate almond toffee crackers recipe. I failed on the caramel, but it was still tasty. NY loves it. I'll bring some to the Christmas dinner tomorrow at G's.

We called Mom in the afternoon. It is hard for all of us. The first Christmas without my father. "Let's hope things are getting better by this time next year," says Mom.

I am going to midnight Mass and tomorrow's Christmas day Mass. "All hope failed on you," says Mr. Y. May the spirit of Christmas be upon all of us.
Christmas Dinner at Giselle's

This song has been played over a diamond store commercial on TV. I couldn't help to post it up here. I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you.

Speaking of falling, I'd extend congratulations on my best friend and his bride on their wedding on December 23rd. Many happy years to follow!

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you
Yes, there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you
I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down
I want to come too

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you

No one understands me quite like you do
Through all of the shadowy corners of me

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew
I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you
Yes, there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you
I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine
Now I'm shining too

Because oh because
I've fallen quite hard over over you

If I didn't know you, I'd rather not know
If I couldn't have you, I'd rather be alone

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew
I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while, I never knew

All of the while , all of the while

--Coffee Shop, Landon Pigg
I invited B to a choir concert at church two hours before the concert. We met a Korean guy who turned to be a post doc at his group and his wife. She asked B if I am his girlfriend. It was funny how the both of us said no. He walked me over to my apt, met with Bro and Sis, and ended up stayed for two hours mostly watching TV. We are going to a basketball game sometime in January. B seemed to blend well with my friends and family. Definitely a good thing.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Too Much Info?

Dear Blog,

The following are conspicuous signs of weight gain. I still denied it and blamed no. 1-3 from shrinking stuff in the dryer during laundry. After experiencing no. 4 yesterday, it really is a sure thing:

1. Muffin tops
2. Tighter jeans/pants
3. Fuller cups...hi hi hi...
4. Exploding belt

It's time to focus on running again...and to curb that appetite. Man, oh, man, and the holiday is not even started yet.

Happy Birthday, Pak Dodol.

Friday, December 14, 2007

No Wonder I Hate Myself So Much

kalo nama anak Arabella lucu juga kali ya

u females

it means answered prayer in Italian


I like it not just because the cute sound
by the way...I hate when people use girly name or word that means beautiful
kayak uli ...bahasa batak..artinya cantik


or bella, Italian for beautiful
turn own name means just that in Spanish

ha ha ha
i didnt know that

yeah...Linda means beautiful
no wonder I hate myself so much...LOL


Monday, December 10, 2007


Mr. Serendipity (background posts about him to refresh your memory are available here and here) wrote an e-mail to me about suggestions for place to eat in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. He is visiting with the parents on the 23rd of this month. I liberally forwarded his e-mail to some of you former and current residents of said cities. Here were my forewords:
Ibu dan Bapak2, tolongin temen gue ini dong. Mr. Serendipity nih...hihihi...

Bu Didi...tanyain [name deleted] dong kalo buat Austin/San Anton gimana? Pwease?

Makasih loh...


I got a quick reply from a certain genius, you-know-who-you-are, who included Mr. Serendipity's e-mail address on his cc-list. So now, Mr. S can see the "Mr. Serendipity nih..." reference I wrote about him.

Buh, humbug!

I was planning to offer a friendly meet up with Mr. S and the parents. But after this incident, I don't think it will be a good idea, right? What do you guys think?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Maria Maria

I got awaken several times from my sleep on Thursday night/Friday morning. As if on an autopilot, I prayed several Hail Mary's in the midst of going back to slumber. Something usually happened every time I experienced such sleeping trouble. I am guessing me saying the Hail Mary's was a divine mechanism to ease my mind of.

I went home around 5:20 PM the next day from school. St. Mary's is on my walking route. People were walking to church for the 5:30 Mass. So I decided to go Mass also. It is really not a bad idea to start one's weekend. What do I know, it was a Feast of Immaculate Conception (of Mary).

Coincidence? I don't think so.
I went on a date with this boy on Saturday, two months after he asked me out to lunch. We went out to watch a play in a local theater in downtown Bryan. He called me 15 minutes before the play started. What kept him, I wonder. He didn't try to explain either. We arrived at the converted stage area on the third floor of a building just a few minutes after the play had started. It was a parody of Dicken's Christmas Carol spiced up with current pop cultures and what not. He laughed and he checked on me several times to make sure I enjoyed the play. I did.
He surprised me afterward by asking for a walk around the touristy downtown area. We even landed ourselves on a mom and pop's Mexican restaurant for a late dinner. The restaurant was closing in 15 minutes but we still got served nicely and promptly. He was being proper throughout the date. We kept our personal spaces intact. The guy is obviously not a chatterbox, he's more like yours truly actually.
He ended the date with an invitation to movie sometime. I agreed and I thanked him for the nice evening. All in all, things were more than what I had expected, though, I have no intention to develop the relationship into something more serious. I have set J on the highest pedestal these days. It seems natural to feel the indifference towards the poor guy.

As Seen on FD

Church outfit this week

Tank top: Forever 21 (on sale for less than 5 bucks)
Cardigan: Guess (also on sale for less than 20 bucks, MSRP $ 69.00)
Skirt: George (Walmart brand, also on sale for $ 5.99)
Shoes: Ninewest (NY's from Ross)
Watch: Mossimo (also on sale from Target for less than $9.99)

I am a sale enthusiast.