Sunday, December 09, 2007

Maria Maria

I got awaken several times from my sleep on Thursday night/Friday morning. As if on an autopilot, I prayed several Hail Mary's in the midst of going back to slumber. Something usually happened every time I experienced such sleeping trouble. I am guessing me saying the Hail Mary's was a divine mechanism to ease my mind of.

I went home around 5:20 PM the next day from school. St. Mary's is on my walking route. People were walking to church for the 5:30 Mass. So I decided to go Mass also. It is really not a bad idea to start one's weekend. What do I know, it was a Feast of Immaculate Conception (of Mary).

Coincidence? I don't think so.
I went on a date with this boy on Saturday, two months after he asked me out to lunch. We went out to watch a play in a local theater in downtown Bryan. He called me 15 minutes before the play started. What kept him, I wonder. He didn't try to explain either. We arrived at the converted stage area on the third floor of a building just a few minutes after the play had started. It was a parody of Dicken's Christmas Carol spiced up with current pop cultures and what not. He laughed and he checked on me several times to make sure I enjoyed the play. I did.
He surprised me afterward by asking for a walk around the touristy downtown area. We even landed ourselves on a mom and pop's Mexican restaurant for a late dinner. The restaurant was closing in 15 minutes but we still got served nicely and promptly. He was being proper throughout the date. We kept our personal spaces intact. The guy is obviously not a chatterbox, he's more like yours truly actually.
He ended the date with an invitation to movie sometime. I agreed and I thanked him for the nice evening. All in all, things were more than what I had expected, though, I have no intention to develop the relationship into something more serious. I have set J on the highest pedestal these days. It seems natural to feel the indifference towards the poor guy.


Anonymous said...

here's a toast to harmless fun! *clink


Xinda said...

*cing cing*

Mas J!!!!!