Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Making of Donuts

Idea for homemade small ring-shaped cakes fried in a fat aka donuts stroked Hubbostrich one Sunday morning. We used The Joy of Cooking recipe for sour cream donuts. It was not going to take that long if we didn't have to walk to a nearby grocery store for cooking oil.

After gathering wet ingredients, mixing in the stand up mixer and a bit of folding of dry ingredients, Hubbostrich went to roll and cut the dough. We substituted some of the all purpose flour with whole wheat flour. We regretted this decision later on as the donuts came out a bit bread-y.

Roll and cut

Rolling and cutting. Rim of glass of appropriate size can be used instead of a biscuit or donut cutter.

I cut the inner holes to complete the donuts using the rim of a shot glass. I then transferred the cut donuts and the holes to a flour covered wax paper on top of a flat surface.

Waiting to be fried

Waiting to be fried.

The oil was heated to 375 degree F. Hubbostrich has such thermometer handy to monitor temperature before and during frying. Cooling rack was positioned near the fryer. Also, we resorted to use the smallest of our pans to save oil.

375 deg F

The fat of choice was this blend of canola and vegetable that was on super sale at the grocery store.

Glaze and toppings were to follow once the donuts were cooled for safe handling. Here we also used The Joy of Cooking recipe, it was translucent glaze. I used brandy for liquid and some lemon zest. The choice of toppings were chocolate sprinkles and mixture of roast walnuts and almonds.

Toppings and glaze

Brandy glaze and yummy toppings.

The final products needed to be guarded from donut-predator. Where is Billy The Exterminator when you need him? Next time we will omit the whole wheat and try to make it a little cake-y instead of bread-y.

Left over donuts

Left over donuts.

Daddy donut with his daddy.

Daddy Doughnut and Daddy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thomas, aka Didymus

Yes, we got your wedding invitation as well as the favor frame. They are so lovely!
Thank you for inviting us to be part of your day….it makes us think about our own wedding day back in May.

But, we are pouting because we just couldn’t make it back home for your wedding.

We are praying that everything will go smoothly on the D-Day so that you two love birds can just start your next day as a husband and wife already.

Inda & Billy

PS: Dua undangan & dua bingkai poto lainnya untuk U & Y juga dapet kok!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Pooper

Wife: Bibi, are we going to carve pumpkin this year?

Bibi: Hmm, I don't know, it's too much work. We'll see how we feel about it.

Wife: Yeah, it might be Baby's First Halloween when we will get around to it.

Bibi: *Pause walking* What do you mean?

Wife: LoL. Nothing.

We didn't dress up for Halloween and didn't go anywhere either despite of a (kids friendly) party invitation. But instead we had three Alfred Hitchcock DVDs(Rebbecca, Rear Window, and Vertigo) courtesy of Santa Clara Public Library and a bag of Kit-Kat and left over SF taffy on a silverish dollar store platter. We put last minute "Treats" sign on the door so little witches, Harry Potters, ballerinas and what have you, won't just pass by our apartment. By 7:45 PM there was a grand total of two knocks which left me with 1/3 of the candy bag all for myself. Yuh yuh. Not so yuh yuh, Rangers was producing nil on 7th inning.

Maybe next year I will make a conscious effort to be a blond Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson donning a dress, big hat, heels, a jacket, a gun, a big purse to dump all my crap investigative materials in, and a glass of mint julep on my hand, "thank you."