Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Pooper

Wife: Bibi, are we going to carve pumpkin this year?

Bibi: Hmm, I don't know, it's too much work. We'll see how we feel about it.

Wife: Yeah, it might be Baby's First Halloween when we will get around to it.

Bibi: *Pause walking* What do you mean?

Wife: LoL. Nothing.

We didn't dress up for Halloween and didn't go anywhere either despite of a (kids friendly) party invitation. But instead we had three Alfred Hitchcock DVDs(Rebbecca, Rear Window, and Vertigo) courtesy of Santa Clara Public Library and a bag of Kit-Kat and left over SF taffy on a silverish dollar store platter. We put last minute "Treats" sign on the door so little witches, Harry Potters, ballerinas and what have you, won't just pass by our apartment. By 7:45 PM there was a grand total of two knocks which left me with 1/3 of the candy bag all for myself. Yuh yuh. Not so yuh yuh, Rangers was producing nil on 7th inning.

Maybe next year I will make a conscious effort to be a blond Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson donning a dress, big hat, heels, a jacket, a gun, a big purse to dump all my crap investigative materials in, and a glass of mint julep on my hand, "thank you."


Inok said...

While walking demon puppy last night, it dawned on me that other than a reason for adults to get drunk and/or dress like a tramp, Halloween can also be adorable and wholesome. Highlights: a bald tot in princess gown and a 5-6 yo as a pumpkin going door to door with 5 adults (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa and uncle?)

Xinda said...

:D Adorable forced family time. Did mom, dad, grampa, gramma, uncle each get one candy only too? LOL.