Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First Post 2010

Hey, ho! How did that happen? Entire month of December was barren of posting and January is almost gone.

In retrospect, December was crazy, indeed. I had an itinerary that involves traveling to the many cities in Texas, helping people move, graduations, Christmas celebrations, wedding preparation, in short, spending time with loved ones. Sure, that was the second part of the month, the first part was less hectic but still... Suffice it to say that real life socializing barely left me with time and space to breath much less to sit in front of the interweb. Although, I didn't view the absent of interweb activity as deprivation of luxury, but in fact, a luxury.

Now that the new beginning of the new decade in here, I am glad that stuff is returning to its normal routine. It is actually a bit less normal routine that the usual normal, because, now, pretty much all of my free time is devoted to the wedding preparation. It is three months and several days until the big day which will be right on May Day. Gasp. I am lucky that I will have my complete living in troupe to prepare for the wedding since my mother is here to stay until the middle of May and NY is soon to arrive following her fruitless job seeking in Texas.

Life is going to be more interesting with this dynamic duo around. For instance, two co-queens reigning the kitchendom is inevitable--it might or might not be resulting in an immediate threat to the state of my gown. Also, bargain hunting shopping trips with NY are almost always bringing in the good stuff.

I am just cherishing these moments but of course I couldn't wait to share my life with that guy. So, Guy, if you read this, I love you.