Thursday, December 27, 2007

Remember December

I was on elliptical machine this afternoon when the news of Benazir Bhutto assassination was broadcasted over NPR. I know nothing about Pakistani politics and a few questions come into mind. Does she still have power over Pakistan for her to be the target of assassination like that. Yeah, she is the opposition leader, but to think that both incumbent government and her potential-would-be-government are both US-backed makes it a moot point. Why they haven't succeeded in killing Musharaf?
can people get tired of the beach?

i guess
u can get tired of anything i suppose

poor Ms. Bhutto


emang gimana sih dia? masih berpengaruh kah sampe perlu dibunuh?

yeah she's the main rival...
she's big in P town

either way incumbent goverment and hers are US backed, no?

maybe isszz becoz da wimmen aren't supposed to do thiese things
taliban says

stupid Taliban
her resume is impressive

well time for a round up of construction today
c ya later...

may the god of $mn be with you
On a lighter note, I didn't realize that MTV2 took over the channel assigned by my cable company for CSPAN2--the cable company rhymes with box, if you must know. I was ready to tune in to CSPAN2 thinking that today is part of the weekend (and on weekends I watch/listen to BookTV while working on my stuff). A quick browsing at TVGuide Listings showed that they moved it all the way to channel 74. I reprogrammed the TV and found the said channel.

Back to working on latest paper. The paper is based on a proceeding we submitted. The advisor wanted the first finish product in less than two-weeks time. I am thinking this is a nice way to spend the lasts days of 2007 when one is somehow broke and is still in limbo over financial situation in the incoming semester.

In any rate, I am going to submit the paper to him and immediately ask for defense scheduling no later than beginning of May. Wish this poor girl some form of luck?

Just for the sake of posting picture. This is the stuff Sis and I cooked for a potluck Christmas dinner at a friend's. Our Korean-themed entrees (beef bulgoki, grilled pork, legume dumpling, and fishcake) blended well with the rest of the local and international selections brought by others. Oh, not to forget the ever indulging Panamanian rum ponche.

Food for Christmas potluck dinner

W(B)MD post-script:
Wednesday: three-mile run
Thursday: thirty minute elliptical, ten minute stationary bike, twenty minute upper body work out

Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

I ran around three miles across campus. Just a perfect time to do such thing in the holiday season. There was no car and no one around. The sun was up high, and the weather was in the high 50's.

I also made a batch of Ms. S******'s chocolate almond toffee crackers recipe. I failed on the caramel, but it was still tasty. NY loves it. I'll bring some to the Christmas dinner tomorrow at G's.

We called Mom in the afternoon. It is hard for all of us. The first Christmas without my father. "Let's hope things are getting better by this time next year," says Mom.

I am going to midnight Mass and tomorrow's Christmas day Mass. "All hope failed on you," says Mr. Y. May the spirit of Christmas be upon all of us.
Christmas Dinner at Giselle's

This song has been played over a diamond store commercial on TV. I couldn't help to post it up here. I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you.

Speaking of falling, I'd extend congratulations on my best friend and his bride on their wedding on December 23rd. Many happy years to follow!

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you
Yes, there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you
I've seen the paths that your eyes wander down
I want to come too

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you

No one understands me quite like you do
Through all of the shadowy corners of me

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew
I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew

I think that possibly, maybe I'm falling for you
Yes, there's a chance that I've fallen quite hard over you
I've seen the waters that make your eyes shine
Now I'm shining too

Because oh because
I've fallen quite hard over over you

If I didn't know you, I'd rather not know
If I couldn't have you, I'd rather be alone

I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while I never knew
I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop
I love so much
All of the while, I never knew

All of the while , all of the while

--Coffee Shop, Landon Pigg
I invited B to a choir concert at church two hours before the concert. We met a Korean guy who turned to be a post doc at his group and his wife. She asked B if I am his girlfriend. It was funny how the both of us said no. He walked me over to my apt, met with Bro and Sis, and ended up stayed for two hours mostly watching TV. We are going to a basketball game sometime in January. B seemed to blend well with my friends and family. Definitely a good thing.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Too Much Info?

Dear Blog,

The following are conspicuous signs of weight gain. I still denied it and blamed no. 1-3 from shrinking stuff in the dryer during laundry. After experiencing no. 4 yesterday, it really is a sure thing:

1. Muffin tops
2. Tighter jeans/pants
3. Fuller cups...hi hi hi...
4. Exploding belt

It's time to focus on running again...and to curb that appetite. Man, oh, man, and the holiday is not even started yet.

Happy Birthday, Pak Dodol.

Friday, December 14, 2007

No Wonder I Hate Myself So Much

kalo nama anak Arabella lucu juga kali ya

u females

it means answered prayer in Italian


I like it not just because the cute sound
by the way...I hate when people use girly name or word that means beautiful
kayak uli ...bahasa batak..artinya cantik


or bella, Italian for beautiful
turn own name means just that in Spanish

ha ha ha
i didnt know that

yeah...Linda means beautiful
no wonder I hate myself so much...LOL


Monday, December 10, 2007


Mr. Serendipity (background posts about him to refresh your memory are available here and here) wrote an e-mail to me about suggestions for place to eat in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. He is visiting with the parents on the 23rd of this month. I liberally forwarded his e-mail to some of you former and current residents of said cities. Here were my forewords:
Ibu dan Bapak2, tolongin temen gue ini dong. Mr. Serendipity nih...hihihi...

Bu Didi...tanyain [name deleted] dong kalo buat Austin/San Anton gimana? Pwease?

Makasih loh...


I got a quick reply from a certain genius, you-know-who-you-are, who included Mr. Serendipity's e-mail address on his cc-list. So now, Mr. S can see the "Mr. Serendipity nih..." reference I wrote about him.

Buh, humbug!

I was planning to offer a friendly meet up with Mr. S and the parents. But after this incident, I don't think it will be a good idea, right? What do you guys think?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Maria Maria

I got awaken several times from my sleep on Thursday night/Friday morning. As if on an autopilot, I prayed several Hail Mary's in the midst of going back to slumber. Something usually happened every time I experienced such sleeping trouble. I am guessing me saying the Hail Mary's was a divine mechanism to ease my mind of.

I went home around 5:20 PM the next day from school. St. Mary's is on my walking route. People were walking to church for the 5:30 Mass. So I decided to go Mass also. It is really not a bad idea to start one's weekend. What do I know, it was a Feast of Immaculate Conception (of Mary).

Coincidence? I don't think so.
I went on a date with this boy on Saturday, two months after he asked me out to lunch. We went out to watch a play in a local theater in downtown Bryan. He called me 15 minutes before the play started. What kept him, I wonder. He didn't try to explain either. We arrived at the converted stage area on the third floor of a building just a few minutes after the play had started. It was a parody of Dicken's Christmas Carol spiced up with current pop cultures and what not. He laughed and he checked on me several times to make sure I enjoyed the play. I did.
He surprised me afterward by asking for a walk around the touristy downtown area. We even landed ourselves on a mom and pop's Mexican restaurant for a late dinner. The restaurant was closing in 15 minutes but we still got served nicely and promptly. He was being proper throughout the date. We kept our personal spaces intact. The guy is obviously not a chatterbox, he's more like yours truly actually.
He ended the date with an invitation to movie sometime. I agreed and I thanked him for the nice evening. All in all, things were more than what I had expected, though, I have no intention to develop the relationship into something more serious. I have set J on the highest pedestal these days. It seems natural to feel the indifference towards the poor guy.

As Seen on FD

Church outfit this week

Tank top: Forever 21 (on sale for less than 5 bucks)
Cardigan: Guess (also on sale for less than 20 bucks, MSRP $ 69.00)
Skirt: George (Walmart brand, also on sale for $ 5.99)
Shoes: Ninewest (NY's from Ross)
Watch: Mossimo (also on sale from Target for less than $9.99)

I am a sale enthusiast.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not Just a Favorite

Waktu terus berlalu
Tanpa kusadari yang ada hanya aku dan kenangan
Masih teringat jelas
Senyum terakhir yang kau beri untukku
Tak pernah ku mencoba
Dan tak ingin ku mengisi hati ku dengan cinta yang lain
Kan kubiarkan ruang hampa di dalam hidupku

Bila aku harus mencintai dan berbagi hati itu hanya denganmu,
Namun bila kuharus tanpamu,
Akan tetap kuarungi hidup tanpa bercinta

Hanya dirimu yang pernah tenangkanku
Dalam pelukmu saat ku menangis

Element, Rahasia Hati

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Just an Old Favorite

Tonight I'm tangled in my blanket of clouds
Dreaming aloud
Things just won't do without you, matter of fact
I'm on your back, I'm on your back, I'm on your back

If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you
If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you

If you'd accept surrender, I'll give up some more
Weren't you adored
I cannot be without you, matter of fact
I'm on your back, I'm on your back, I'm on your back

If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you
If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you

Another heart is cracked in two, I'm on your back

I cannot be without you, matter of fact
I'm on your back, I'm on your back, I'm on your back

If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you
If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you
If you walk out on me, I'm walking after you

Another heart is cracked in two, I'm on your back

Foo Fighters, Walking After You, 1995

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


For whatever reason, today I dressed myself in a skirt and a cute top. I wore full make-up and (kitten) heels too. All of those because I had foreseen no need to enter the laboratory; adding into it was the holiday mood, you know, since Death-by-Pies day is approaching.

It turned out I needed to enter the laboratory, not for a plethora of measurement work but for actual hard-laboring. Bulk of it was the work with a resurrected pump and the setting up of filter for the dirty oil. Can you imagine doing those with make-up, heels and skirt? Granted that I wore the bun*ny suit and boots to cover my more-than-slightly-feminine outfit.

I also had found a working laser unit for my new experiment and have assembled a stand to hold it close to the sample.

Getting a bit nostalgic...
i am downloading kevin smith podcasts
is there a word that sounds like "demurage" and related to bank charges ?

hm? don't know
not familiar with financial term

btw..XXX was not familiar with Kevin Smith....

always relating him with Chasing Amy

the first one we saw .......

you remember!

it is hard to introduce someone to kevin smith with out getting all the reference...
yes i remember
aggie cinema

were you there with My Best Friend's Wedding?
" like College Station, Texas"

I think so....
aggie cinema

it was fun
good ol' days...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wish You Were Here

So, so you think you can tell
Heaven from Hell
Blue skies from pain
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange
A walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have you found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here

Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd, 1975

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hi hi hi...

panggilan dia apa sih Bu? kalo di keluarga
hmm...harusnya orangnya ramah sih
tapi agak tinggi hati

hah ini denger dari mana bu

asbun :p


dulu pernah bokap ngajarin baca nama

emang bisa ya

desperate people believe in that kind of stuff

haoahoaha yoi
anda buka tukang ramal #2 aja bu di fd

ohahoaohahoahoahohoahoahoahoa IYA

"Apakah nama anda dengan pasangan anda cocok?"
"Nama apa yang paling tepat untuk calon bayi anda?"

"screen name apa yg cocok buat anda"

"Screen name apa yang tepat untuk menarik jodoh?"



thats so funniiiyyy


Bu saya tidak menyangka anda sekreatif itu bikin screen name :p


ohaohaaohohahoa LOL!!!!




ada2 aja

iuuu saya terjijay2 sendiri nih skrg

ohaohahoaohohahoaoh SAMA

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sextum Mensem

It's past 4 AM and I couldn't shut my brain to rest. Too much grading, that's why.

Yesterday was exactly the 6th month since my father passed away. I wished I had come up with the idea to dedicate that Daily Mass for him.

So, how are you, Dear Papa? I haven't been dreaming about you these days. Instead, every time I was able to laugh at random details of this mundane life, I immediately shut myself and jettison back to the bitter reality of you being not physically here with us. I, however, am grateful to witness that we still survive without your ever persistent carnal support. Because after all, you are now residing on the deepest part of our hearts.

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, December 2004

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I didn't know that resume drop for that company with the info session last night already been done. I just gave him a copy of my resume (on plain copy paper instead of on resume paper). He said, he'll contact me if a spot opened up, and guess what, at 1 PM he e-mailed me for an interview spot at 3:15. I rushed home, dressed in my brown pant-suit, prepared myself as much as I could in the two hours before the interview.

The interview itself went OK, at least I got a chance to brush up my interview skill to an industry audience outside my usual targeted industry. He's promising a yes/no news nevertheless. I also picked up an application for a TA position on that department next semester. Couldn't just wait on the advisor for this kind of thing.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boring Boring

In conjunction with what I said here, I found another point to list into the parallelism. During salary negotiation in job seeking process, the one who came up with a number first generally lost. Same thing with asking somebody out, when things goes south, it's probably primarily counted as the asker's lost. All these stemmed from an epiphany that I believe I innocently invited somebody to a public event, on which he probably thought it was me asking him out indirectly. Dang it. I did not have such intention. He didn't come anyway and listed the perfect excuses for it.

On the health front, I feel sleepy, bloated, and suffer from some kind of a back problem. I don't feel like staying for more work after teaching. I have an info session to attend to in a couple of minutes, which makes me automatically miss the last ToT of this year. I'm planning to go home right after.

Today also, we (J and I) played human relation management on a group in class. I can never be to hard on these students. It's just my nature. We'll see if the management style we came up with for the three group members work perfectly. It's nice when your school can accommodate for your learning disability.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Because Seriously This Blog Should Be Titled "For Boys and Research Only"

Today, J was on his good mood. We resumed talking for hours like we usually did the first month of the semester. It was always about our weekend and branched out from there. Today the topics I could remember on top of my head were student bon*fire, TV shows, movies, jewelries, overseas flights, and Mass. In all honesty, I don't think there's a short supply of conversation materials with him.

He listened on my stories, at one time pointed to broken stitches in my jeans, poked me multiple times at multiple location (ehm, not comfortable typing that last part out, but, oh well).

"I got a new bed..." his eyes sparkled, what I assumed, flirtatiously.

"Ah, what kind? A king, queen? It must've cost a lot. When I went to Oregon, that was the best sleep of my life."

"Queen. 900 $ Simmons. But I'm no paying it. You should try sleeping on my bed."

Yeah, I enjoy these Monday and Tuesday moments with him. But that's it, I've learned my lessons. He's Just Not That Into You.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


this is so random
you know Bee Movie?


I planned to watch it Friday night
on Friday afternoon, a bee landed on me

gigit gak

fortunately no....or was it unfortunate? If I got stung...I would need to stuff something with tissue to keep them in balance



it landed there?

gila ya? gede lagi
I remember Indonesian bee to be this teeny tiny thing


hahaha I hope this size deficiency is not generalized to everything else


aduh aduh baru juga ke gereja...what's up with me and my...

we are a smaller race...height and probably everything else
it would be weird if asians are shorter but have larger...that


ah forgot the WITA deal


lucky you didn't move to Papua or somewhere

no...can't...they don't have large enough kotekas

...and to think I was pulled in the last minute as an Eucharistic Minister (EM) today. Last minute as in, the communion rail already started. MM handed me a special necklace they use for EM and escorted me to get a cup from Fr. D at the altar.

My sister and I made Bakso for International Mass reception, by made I mean we mixed chicken broth, some shallots, Asian-store-bought meatballs and rice noodles together. We also made Es Campur. The last was definitely a hit (among the Philipinos most of all, they came for seconds!!!).

Also, I spent a nice afternoon with my dearest friends GSA and ANB at the mall and I'm not a mall person. :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There's Something in the Air

This morning at the elevator....

So, no class to teach next semester?

Yeah, gotta find another job.

But you told me you'd talked to your advisor...

Yeah, but you know...women...


Please...don't take it personally...

This afternoon in class

Women are crazy (probably referring to that girl he's dating)

You mean, a certain specific woman is crazy...

Monday, October 29, 2007


Still that naive little girl...(substitute mail with some social networking message)
"What will NY152 say today I wonder. I turn on my computer. I wait impatiently as it connects. I go online, and my breath catches in my chest until I hear three little words: You've got mail. I hear nothing. Not even a sound on the streets of New York, just the beating of my own heart. I have mail. From you."

The so-called J-Affair is being reduced to this...
Totally love the socks
I bet no other Philippino has that kind of fashion sense

*hit him with papers* I am not a Philippino! Why are you always
thinking I am a Philippino?

Oh, yeah, I mean Indonesian

and this...



Ha ha...I need to draw it though. You have time?

For you, Babe, I have all the time in the world.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

As posted on FD...

Face of the Day (Casual Friday Edition)

Perfect combination of drugstore and mall brands :p

Foundation: Clinique Superfit
Powder: Clinique Blended Powder
Eyeshadow base: N.Y.C
All over lid and crease: Clinique Twilight Mauve
Eye outer corner: Clinique Brandied Plum
Bone brow highlight : N.Y.C
Bronzer: Wet 'n' Wild
Eyeliner: Maybelline Ultra Liner (upper eye), Sephora Crayon purple (quarter of lower eye)
Lip: L'oreal Sandstone doesn't look like the actual me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Live Blogging: The Academe Wanna Be pt. II

I think I'm done with the application...some last minute polishing and then it'll be on its way out to the information superhighway...let the ridicules commence

ha ha...dont be so hard on yourself :P



how do you feel ?
how many application did you send ?

feel? it's a long shot

Adventures of Galaxy Rangers
one of those 80s cartoon
their research lab is called Longshot

that's funny

Live Blogging: The Academe Wanna Be

having a crisis of confidence
I looked at that N*C*SU profs are like dewa/dewi gitu

ha ha

I think they'll laugh at my application

isn't there a placement office or soemthing at ur department?

placement office? career center?

well...not for undergrads
for teaching jobs for Phd candidates
usually lewat ur professors bukan? they'll recommend this or that school

oh let me tell you something....the letter is dated Oct 17...pdhl job opening udah dari September 23 gitu...and it'll be supposedly "closed" next Monday....jadi mereka tuh nggak nganggep A&M dari awal kali ya

well N*C State is a real intense industry supported research place..

I know
I'm just turning it in...see what kind of response (or lack of)

yeah...why not

eh...belum turn in sih,...right now working on my planned research and teaching


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


R stopped by my office the other night.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, he rarely stayed in school pass 7 PM.

"I have experiment to run. Hey, have you looked at that teaching position at NCSU?" He said.

From then on, he did nothing but encouraged me to apply.

"I'm not smart, I'm a hardworker, but I'm not smart." Self-proclaimed honesty hurts.

"You have two advantages, of being a woman and being a minority." He said. "You are gonna be OK."

So with that, he has opened my eyes. I am geared towards seriously thinking about life and work in the academia. It was just never the options before.

One thing that I realized when one pursue a career in the academia is that the pool of applicants is smaller. It has comparably different requirements and works in a different way than the jobs in the industry. At the very least, the application file has a bigger chance to be reviewed by someone on the other end, unlike the online application for big wig industries I've been applying to but have never heard back from.

The biggest problem is to work on ideas for research plan and teaching plan. Thinking about them already giving me a feeling of authority and independence. I'm planning to finish up things tomorrow and submit the resume, cover letter, list of reference, list of publication, and the planned research + teaching activities at night.

I'm having a high time working on this application set.

Wish me luck?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Before I Forgot

Just got back from ToT. Speaker was none other the Most Reverence Bishop Aymond of Diocese of Austin. My friend told me how they'd tried to get him to speak at our ToT for three years now, until last year when one of them met him in the airport and begged, so to speak, for his time for this year's ToT.

What I've learned from him, other than the gist of the talk it self, is that a good speaker now how to keep a short, clear, and edifying talk to accommodate for audience's attention span. He made it in less than 30 minutes but opened up the floor for questioning and discussion for another hour.

Things to keep in mind and to ponder later on:
  1. Your relationships with others are reflective of your relationship with God.
  2. Relationship with God, like your relationships with others, has its up and down. Embrace it.
  3. Church was built by God, apostolic, and holy, but it also "runs" by human, and with that Church has human-like quality, i.e., bounds to make mistakes.
  4. Your image of God defines your relationship with him.
  5. The peril of separation between God from intellectual mind and God in heart.


hey Pak question
what do you think me as a professor?
susah banget kayanya dapet kerja I'm going to pursue both...industry and academia

why not...
professors make goooooooooood money

it's not just the money....I want to have some type of personal life too
and to achieve something

a life on campus...
do more research...

yes? okay then....

go for it

it turns out I love teaching
and researching

where r u applying?

there's one at NCSU

very cool place

I'm going to start looking around
what ever school, as long as they have facility

Georgia (UGA) is a cool town...athens
gak tau ada engineering apa nggak tuh sekolah

ok...ideally something "lower" than A&M
there's no way I can apply to better school

i keep telling ya

ok ok

that's an up and comer school

yeah I like TX

trust me
it's like TI's research slaves
it originated as a TI lab

oh ya???

Eric Johnson School of Engineering
one of TI's big wigs
founder...or something

ok..this is exciting


Monday, October 22, 2007


You say You want diamonds on a ring of gold
You say You want your story to remain untold

But all the promises we made
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is You

You say You'll give me a highway with no one on it
A treasure just to look upon it
All the riches in the night

You say You'll give me eyes in a world of blindness
A river in a time of dryness
A harbor in the tempest

But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is You

You say You want your love to work out right
To last with me through the night

You say You want diamonds on a ring of gold
Your story to remain untold
Your love not to grow cold

All the promises we break
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is You


All I want is...You
All I want is...You
All I want is...You

--U2, All I Want is You

J-Update, a.k.a. Things I Blogged About on Mondays and Tuesdays This Semester
What did you do this weekend?
I ate steak. What's that little town that way?
Yeah..have you been to one of the steak places there?
No, the other one..
He readjusts the collars on my shirt, it takes me by surprise. I was wearing a sweater vest on top of the long-sleeves shirt. The neck area of the vest was cut a bit too high, resulted in an awkward positioning of the collars..
It looks cramped..
Yeah, I've been there...
What else did you do this weekend?
Not much. How was your date?
Which one?
There were more than one?
I had two, one on Tuesday, another one on Thursday
Different girls?

No, no, same girl.
He proceeded to tell how were the dates generally. It seemed he had fun. And me? Well, I feel I can move on from the so-called heartbreak easily these days. There are so many things to worry about and to focus in this life other than boys-related issues.

PS: have only slept for less than three hours today, and I didn't feel all that sleepy.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


This week, I easily had more than 12-hour working day and yet it feels doesn't mean I got a lot of things done. Among the non-productive activities, and by non-productive I mean interfering with paper writing, I was involved with:
  • Assisting with safety inspection
  • Baby-sitting the new student
  • Cleaning my part of the lab, doing unnecessary calibration
  • Going across campus to buy some type of protective wear
  • Dealing with students who wanted a regrading of their report
  • Making poster presentation for the research in preparation for a visit from a company representative
  • Picking up packages for the lab
  • Researching and buying (paperwork and stuff) for lab equipment
No room for breathing. No time for anything else. No wonder I'm still a ...

On the other hand, I got to talk (for 30 minutes) with the company representative who asked for a copy of my resume. A knowledgeable person, yet still humble, and assertive.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's Official

It is flattering to come into a conclusion that someone had found you physically attractive. It is heart-breaking to find out that the person has pulled out the attention for reasons (might or might not be) related to your "mind" and "soul".

Oh, well. I congratulate myself to be able to confirm it in the most subtle way possible.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Oh well, it's been a disappointment to experience a level off of flirtatious move from a certain lanky geeky guy. I know I've lost him.

Today, our conversation touched the subject of birth control...from the point of view of a certain religion.
"I, for the most part, agree with the Catholic Church. It's the birth control I'm having a bit of problem with."

"Yeah? Me too. I haven't really thought about it. I mean, I agree completely with the Natural Family Planning, but when it comes down me, I'd say it won't be as practical."

"Yeah? The object is to prevent something from happening, what's the difference with pills?"
Note: We both know and to some point agree to the reasoning behind NFP, it's just the actual practice and discipline. You just have to be a very devout Catholic to be able to practice it.
"I don't know, it becomes too mechanical to me, and so unnatural."

"It all boils down to taking those temperatures, waiting for the right time, or not the right time, and, of course it's different for different woman."

"Yeah, to me it's almost reaching a point of sex is exclusively for creation, never for recreation. Funny, I never think about it this far. I mean, assuming I met a Catholic guy, assuming he wants to do it this way..."

"Hey, I know Catholic guys or girls that married people of other religions, and they still practice NFP. Some Catholics don't practice it and still want to have fun. To me, 30$ a month is better than 2000$."

"What do you mean?"

"30$ for birth-control a month compared if you have to finance a child every month...ha ha.."

So, this has been direction of conversation with him. I just couldn't act differently, and by different I mean to be flirtatious. It's just not me apparently. We then moved on to the education for our (respective) future off-springs.
"I have always wanted to attend a Catholic school. But it was never meant to be. One of my dreams is to send my kids to Catholic schools. If I couldn't go, then my kids should go."

"I want my sons to attend my high school [that parochial all-boy school in Bell*aire]. Part of the reason I want to stay in Houston and work in Houston is just that. I don't think I want to send my daughter to St. Ag*nes [that parochial all-girl school across the parking lot of his high school]."

He told me the reasons, I don't feel like writing them down here.

Ah, just another heartbreak.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mixed Review

Say, mo nonton nggak?

Boleh, mo nonton apa?

Michael Clayton, itu loh ceritanya rada-rada epik kayak Lord of The Rings, jadi si George Clooney flashback ke biblical time. Gua suka deh yang model gitu-gitu.

Oh, ok boleh. Tadinya gue mo nonton Elizabeth sih, ok juga yang ini. Ya udah ketemu di sana aja ya, baru dari Rec nih mo mandi-mandi dulu.

And then I went home and took a shower. For no particular reason, even though I was just going out for a movie with a friend, I wanted to put on some attractive outfit and some make up. I was about to go a step further on the beautification, i.e., to straightened my hair, but there wasn't enough time.

Anyway, once I arrived, he already bought me the ticket.

"Rapi amat...gue udah kayak gembel gini, gue pikir lagi pengen nyantai."

"Oh, haha, gak papa kok, gue aja lagi pengen dandan, wiken gitu loh."

There we sat for two hours. We arrived right at the end of the previews.

Halfway through the movie, I had doubt on how the storyline ever would ever transfer back to the biblical time; it was a group of corporate lawyers divided into the classic two categories of bad guys and good guys. I like it anyway. He, on the other hand, seemed not to enjoy the movie.

What kind of reviews he read, I wonder. This is exactly like that one Friends episode where Rachel baked a Thanksgiving pie but mixed up the recipes for a meat pie and one of the fruit pies.

Bu then, it was partly my fault too. I barely had time to beautify myself, let alone to read any of the movie reviews. Sorta a messed up priority, don't you think?

Friday, October 12, 2007


Adding to list of things I despised:

Posed wedding pictures
Company presentation

All the negativity in the world conjured up at this point. Blah.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rough Patches

OK, so we have this new student in our group right. It's a girl. Today, I saw what I thought was one of those nicotine patches on her arm.

"Are you trying to quit?" I said.
"No, no, I don't smoke. I hate smokers, I hate the particles on you, the smoke, blah...blah..."
And then she added.."This is birth-control."

Yeah, they have birth-control patch nowadays, you know, for convenience. I saw it on TV for sometime.

What I thought was funny is that how negative is her opinion on smoking, on the other hand, free (albeit responsible) sex is something everyone entitled for. There is a live-in maid, I mean, boyfriend in the picture too. Eeewww.... Yeah, I'm that behind in the intimation department.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Health is Overrated

  1. Nosebleed today. I should've recognized that uncharacteristic pressure in my head as the perfect indicator everytime.
  2. Hair loss. I shrieked at the sight of more than a handfull of fallen hair in my hand.
  3. Never feeling full. My brain never got that signal to stop munching once I start.
  4. General tiredness. It's time to resume Rec'ing, I've neglected it this week and last. And with the amount of eating I've been doing, I feel more like an overgrown whale.
  5. The Dotty. I've never been this out-of-cycle for years.

R stopped by today, asked about some publication matter, and wrote something on my whiteboard.

"Como what?" I said.
It turned out he wrote "Hola, Como Estas?" Totally random.

"Seriously, I'm worried about finding jobs. Aren't you? But you don't look worried," I said.

The guy has always kept his cool: the TA job, the research, the conferences, the prelim.

"I am. But I'd been in S*******'s group. I've been trained hard. I can face anything now."

"Good for you."

It's hard to believe how a certain feeling has disappeared without I even realized it.

It Hurts That Much

wah gue baru denger lagu broken heart
mo denger?


it'll be awhile...indonesian internet

liat lirik dulu haha

ha ha
pretty good song...

does it hurt that much?
can a guy got hurt that much?

i dunno...
plenty of fish in the sea

that's what I thought

i'm kidding....maybe sometimes
but not for too long

sementara kalo cewe bisa nggak kawin sampe seumur hidup

yup...which is really stupid if you think about it

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One Last Time

Before I stopped posting about you...

You were just the cutest when you're bored.

It was a poke on my arm in which you pretended had nothing to do with you.
"What?" I said.
"I didn't do anything." You air-mouthed it harboring the most innocent way possible.
I responded by making a growing nose gesture as in "Grow up, Pinocchio!"

And you asked me oh just another question in the middle of us proctoring the undergrad presentations.
"What did you do this weekend?"
I went amnesiac for a couple seconds.
"Ah, I was sick. But I watch a movie on YouTube," I said after retaining my memory back.
"Nice way to spend a weekend," you snorted.

And then you went on exercising the 5th when I asked if it was your sister featured in the school's career website I happened to stumble upon last night.
"I might or might not have a sister working there. That's privileged information."
"Well, yeah, I was wondering because she has the same name as you and then what a resemblance!"

Really, I just want to eat you or something.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Popcorns and Such

It must be cute to have fights over silly things such as these...[instead, I promised a certain higher authority, I won't be pondering over this kind of stuff and its derivative if I can get a few job opportunities coming my way. I am that desperate.]

"I don't like popcorns."

"Unamerican...I like the buttery smell...uhm...yummy..."

"I hated the could somebody have popcorn for lunch?

"I did that..."

"I do love when they are sweet though, what is that thing with the ring inside the box."


"Crackerjacks, yeah..."

"Yeah, I do love caramel popcorn."


"Are you having allergy too?"

"Allergy, what allergy? I was just too tired over the weekend. I got drunk, I went to see the game, I partied. I'm not your average PhD student, I have more undergraduate friends --and kept adding it more-- than graduate friends. My nose looks yellow because..."

"Ah. Yeah, you are. Well...You want a tissue or something?"

"No!" while gesturing his head just so and he kept sneezing, coughing, and had trouble breathing.

After a couple more of those, I took out the extra tissue from my bag...


"No, why?" He said while was generally irritated by my so-called term of affection.

I shook my shoulders and looked back at the presentation in front of us.

A few minutes later, he lightly tapped on my arm and took the tissue I had pulled out for him and used it to swipe his runny nose.

"Why was it so hard to admit that you too can get sick? What a type-A!" I should have told him that, instead, I just smiled nonchalantly.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Always Caught in a Candid Moment

What did I do here?

Sure, the camera adds about 50 lbs, but I like my (subtle) eye makeup.

Candid moment is never the case with NY...

Saturday, October 06, 2007


"I need to sit down," I said to my friend. I was helping her organizing a display of arts and crafts from all over the world at church.

"You're not feeling well, eh?" She offered to bring me some medicine later.

"It's okay, it's just allergy." We went ahead with the display and finished a quarter to 7.

I went home and felt to sick to drive around. All I want to do is to curl up under a blanket and watch one of my favorite movies of all time. The only video copy I have is not working and YouTube does not have it as a stream. I settled for The Way We Were and felt content watching it under the blanket with my stock of tissues and fluids nearby.

When someone is proven to be too friendly with anyone especially those of the opposite sex, all of this person's charming attitude suddenly goes down the drain. Should've known that before. On the other hand, I might be pulled in into a chance to be in a relationship, with someone I don't really admire. It's too old to be playing this game at this age.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Caught Up

Enough with boys, back at regular blogging...

I am writing two different proceedings in tandem, both using the same topics. It's not easy to make a distinction on what to put in each manuscript. Before I even go further, I still have no idea on how to take the available data and compile them into something coherent.

There is also a question if I need more data. I am having problem with the programming, or should I say, the limitation of what the program can do to communicate with the measurement machine. And if the measurement work, this new set of data is sort of out of place.

The thing is I am having some sort semblance of a sore throat and a leakage in the nasal passage, which when combined with this slight headache, are successfully claiming my ability to concentrate on things. Not that I do a great job in the attention span department before anyway.

On the job front, I applied online to a couple more openings today. Job searching is the first thing I do once I get out of the bed every single day since last week. I still haven't heard from any company so far with a chance for interview.

I have the utmost intention not to screw whatever future interview(s) opportunity(ies) entails. I make that a pact with myself. You are your own worst enemy.

Now, happy weekend.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I*n*t*e*l, This Is For You

90 miles outside Chicago
Can't stop driving
I don't know why
So many questions
I need an answer
Two years later
You're still on my mind

Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart
Who holds the stars up in the sky
Is true love once in a lifetime?
Did the captain of The Titanic cry?

Someday we'll know
If love can move a mountain
Someday we'll know
Why the sky is blue
Someday we'll know
Why I wasn't meant for you

Does anybody know the way to Atlantis?
Or what the wind says when she cries
I'm speeding by the place where I met you
For the 97th time tonight


Someday we'll know
Why Samson loved Delilah
One day I'll go
Dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know
That I was the one for you

I bought a ticket to the end of the rainbow
I watched the stars crash in the sea
If I could ask God just one question
Why aren't you here with me?


Someday we'll know
Why Sampson loved Delilah
One day I'll go
Dancing on the moon
Someday you'll know
That I was the one for you

--New Radicals, Someday We'll Know, 1998

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Boys Again

Let's just say I initiated a conversation with a boy in the elevator last week, no udang di balik bakwan, just straight up conversation. We graduated Bachelor's together and his name was a spot before me on the graduation ceremony. We never spoke during those undergrad days, but on that ceremony, he asked if his wore his cap all right, not tilted or anything. I straightened the cap slightly and off he went to the stage for his diploma.

On that elevator conversation, I found out he came back for grad school last year and will start his PhD soon after defending the M.S. thesis.

"Well, if you ever want to visit the 7th floor, I'm up there all the time, I'll give you a window tour. My office is 7XX."

"Cool. Mine is 5XX."

Today around 12 PM he came up here. At first I thought he had wanted to see our infamous yellow-lighted labs, so I showed him around a bit, but in the end he asked me out to lunch. Really, it was okay. There were awkward moments and dead air, nothing beyond expectation. On the other hand, it made me miss a certain lanky geeky boy even more.

You know what, "boy hunting" is indeed parallel to job searching. You might find a lot of opportunities, but nothing comes up with a promising offer.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


"H******, H*******", he whispered my name in a made up singing tone, "are you Catholic?"

"Cathodic?" I asked, trying to relieve myself from being called to have the characteristic of a positive current electrode.


"I am! Are you?"


A big smile emerged on my face. "Do you go to Mass?"

He attends Mass regularly, the early bird one on Sunday. I was just smitten by these resurfacing facts. But then there is more to it coming.

He plays both organ and piano. "I play organ too, but I suck at piano," I said.

He described his preference in music for worship. "I don't really like St. Mary's since they become too charismatic. I hate acoustic guitar for church music. "

"Yeah! I like when they have violin...."

"..yeah and with piano..." he added.

"Yeah..are you OK with Gregorian chants?"

"Yeah, I love it, that's what I played on the CD over and over when I wrote my thesis."

I found out that he hates the holding hands on Our Father for hygienic issue. He probably shares my phobia of drinking from the same glass.

And then we moved on to the fundamental issues. He told me his stand and reasoning on abortion, capital punishment, poverty, and war. And I was further smitten by him.

He's just too good to be true. If only I can say, "where have you been all my life?"


Monday, October 01, 2007

Drama Queenery

In the middle of the crazy things that are life, boys are welcomed distractions:

  • Was asked about my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, was told about his plan to take over my job next semester, listened to his involvement in a student-lead activity to relive a certain school flaming tradition, and discussed our favorite books! Good thing was that there was no red face evolved on my part.
  • Helped another boy on an urgent analyzing stuff to be included on his dissertation, and as a token of his gratitude was taken to a late dinner and lots of gossiping.
  • Exchanging social networking messages with a boy who told me he saw me late night on a weekend two weeks ago. And I didn't even think he saw me then. No, the exchange didn't lead anywhere except that I asked him to keep his eyes open for job opportunities for me with the company he's going to work for next year. That's still something, right? Ha ha.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


I spent a considerable amount of time today hanging out by the pool (not actually in the pool and not actually donning swimsuit) with the cooler and nicer people.

Topics covered:
  • So and so
  • Another so and so and so and so
  • Some other so and so
  • A case study on a certain night life activity
  • Cross-continent travel
  • Raising family
  • Wildlife, plant life
  • Cannabis cultivation
  • The difference between the wave, current, beach condition on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
  • A group of native people who refused to be controlled by a certain government, who in the same time is successfully maintaining that kind of autonomy
  • The existence of car washing system bar none (involving female associates in minimum to nothing covering and soaps, lots of soaps)

Sometimes, simple meaningful conversations are just the things you need to recharge.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Support system

You know what, I could never be more grateful for my support system.

One of them, my sweet Ikanda, sent this especially sweet e-mail...Thank you, dear. She's (and Ade too) always been there in toughest times of my life.

"I HAVE CONFIDENCE" from The Sound of Music..

What will this day be like? I wonder.
What will my future be? I wonder.
It could be so exciting to be out in the world, to be free
My heart should be wildly rejoicing
Oh, what's the matter with me?

I've always longed for adventure
To do the things I've never dared
And here I'm facing adventure
Then why am I so scared

[..A captain with seven children
What's so fearsome about that?..]

Oh, I must stop these doubts, all these worries
If I don't I just know I'll turn back
I must dream of the things I am seeking
I am seeking the courage I lack

The courage to serve them with reliance
Face my mistakes without defiance
Show them I'm worthy
And while I show them
I'll show me

So, let them bring on all their problems
I'll do better than my best
I have confidence they'll put me to the test
But I'll make them see I have confidence in me

Somehow I will impress them
I will be firm but kind
And all those children (Heaven bless them!)
They will look up to me

And mind me with each step I am more certain
Everything will turn out fine
I have confidence the world can all be mine
They'll have to agree I have confidence in me

I have confidence in sunshine
I have confidence in rain
I have confidence that spring will come again
Besides which you see I have confidence in me

Strength doesn't lie in numbers
Strength doesn't lie in wealth
Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers
When you wake up -- Wake Up!

It tells me all I trust I lead my heart to
All I trust becomes my own
I have confidence in confidence alone
(Oh help!)

I have confidence in confidence alone
Besides which you see I have confidence in me!


A former colleague gave me tips on job seeking, called me twice in the span of 12 hours, and ensured me about the many other job opportunities out there. He even sent me his resume and asked to keep it confidential due to his current job arrangement.

T listened to all my rambles about losing my confidence.

I stole Bu Didi's thunder from what supposed to be the limelight that is her birthday by confiding in her.

D in the middle of his dissertation preparation fiasco spared sometime to call me.

G calmed me down. "It was not meant for you," she said after I told her the details.

And of course there is NY.

I just have to be a stronger person. At least I have the experience on undergoing a though mentally-draining-long-hours interview. This has to be going somewhere.

H. Depressus

What will you do on a Saturday morning/afternoon when you just got a rejection from a dream job at a dream company the night before?

By this time, you had immediately pulling yourself up and applied online to as many as opportunities as you can get hold of with other big and famous companies a bit beyond your comfort level.

And to top it off, the one guy that you innocently lead to believe is the "love of your life" might have just become unavailable.

Getting drunk with exactly 37.5 cl of raspberry wine? That's not even enough to make you tipsy.

Meditation, self-introspections, prayers, and moving on. So help me, God.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Weekend

Eh lupa belum mengucapkan selamat akhir pekan

TG it's F'in Friday!


time for some R & R in D-Town
Denpasar lol

it's always R & D in CS-Town
research and development LOL

ha ha

my kinda song

serem amat

not fitting the profile, eh
me and these kinda songs?

no not really

Thursday, September 27, 2007

tu es Petrus et super hanc petram

I made it a habit to stop by, and if possible, to attend Mass at the local Catholic church of the place I'm traveling in.

In NM last December, it was easy. Churches were aplenty. We visited Santa Fe's San Miguel, the oldest church in North America, and Loretto chapel, home of the miraculous hanging stairs. The sad thing was that the touristy atmosphere almost jettison the warm, sacred feeling. I wonder if people couldn't help but making the same empty devotion on their visit to the Notre Dame, Basilica di San Paolo, and all of the famous churches out there.

I visited St. Patrick's in downtown SF last April in the morning before I hoped on BART to the airport for my flight back to H-town. I sat still for a couple minutes with the soothing sound of waterfall in the background. I took enough pictures while admiring the architecture. It was unfortunate that I missed their Wednesday noontime concert.

In May back home, I noticed that St. Lusia Rumbai had significant architectural changes. They opened up the sidewalls and installed hanging wooden doors to accommodate the growing number of attendants and to provide better circulation. St. Maria at the capital city of the province was under renovation. I'm wondering about the mural they were working on at the half-dome. In both churches, it was such a nice experience to listen to Mass in the native language again.

The latest place of worship I visited was St. Matthew's not far from downtown Hillsboro, OR, just this last Thursday. I needed a place to cool down after the mentally draining interview with the biggest company in town. The doors were locked but as I was about to give up and drive away, I saw people went into a small building next door. It was the church office and chapel. And just what I needed the most, a Mass was going to be offered in a couple minutes. So there I was, sitting at the bilingual (English-Spanish) Mass, with my fellow brothers and sisters with the same thirst for worship. I look at those tired faces and admired their faith.

Onto the next churches, onto the next cities.

Soliloquy II

So it begins, the days of contemplating and imagining, of self-pitying and self-doubting, of drenching in ecstasy and, a moment later, in agony. These are the days of raising false hopes and crashing into reality. Nothing is worse than it except for dying.

So help me, God.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Love Actually?

Pak Pak
hadduuuhhh I think I'm falling in love with the guyyyyy
(barusan liat profile Facebooknya)
fav books: Sun Tzu, 7 Habits, The Prince
salah satu fav TV show: Newsradio
highschool: S*trike Je*su*it Prep
he ranks the highest in my black book
and he plays b-ball
oh I'm giggling intermitently
btw, the guy is 6'6
there's a foot difference between us :(
eh more

whatever happened to no feelings involved

makanya menjilat ludah sendiri
I thought no such guy exists
and here he is, two floors down

huahahahahaha don't let the game beat you so quickly


Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Was he flirting with moi (and most importantly, did I flirt back?)? Or is this just a waste of heart space? FYI, this was the guy from yesterday's post.

Scene 1
Out of the blue, he asked "Are you dating anyone?"

"Nah, not really. I don't have time for that kind of stuff."

"Oh come on, we can always make time."

"Well, I date my research, it's been going on steady for four years now. "

"Yeah, is he good with you? Does he cook you dinner? What time are you coming here? What time are you leaving?"

"9 or 10, and I'll twelve hours later. And then I'm going to the Rec once or twice during weekdays. I don't go out much on the weekend."

"OK, but do you drink?"

"Yeah, I could, but not really. Well, I picked up a nice bottle of raspberry wine from that trip, you know, I like the after taste."

And then I told him the margarita story. He laughed hard.

Scene 2
He asked about a plethora of small information of my background.

"So, you're from Indonesia. Did you come here or were you born here?"

I told him about R*u*m*b*a*i and that I went here for school.

"The reason I asked is that your English is pretty refined."

"Hey, 10 years, it could've been better."

"I know some Phillipinos and Vietnamese people back in my middle school, and they have pretty thick accent. But not you."

Scene 3
I read my paper, he did his sudoku. We sat side by side. In between, he asked about what the paper was about.

Btw, the first time he opened the (school) newspaper, he went straight to the funnies.

"Straight to the funnies..." I commented.
"Hey, survey said, 80% of people who live and breathe went straight to the comics section."
"Nice to know I'm not the only one..."

"Look at this drawing. Before they draw girls with big breasts and stuff, and then they were protested for it not being the real case. And then they started drawing fat ones, and that didn't work well either. Now, they ended up with this boxy caricature."
"Ha ha. Do you draw?"
"No, I don't" (Bu Didi, the guy's not that Renaissance after all, hi hi hi)

Scene 4
I filled up part of the crossword puzzle from the newspaper. He came over and sat beside me. I handed him the pencil and kinda worked it with him (I'm imagining future date activities: crossword puzzles, brain games, etc.). He finished it in less than 5 minutes with coy. "This is easy."

What an alpha male!

Scene 5
He put his hands on the ice-water mixture and casually put one of them on my upper arm.

"What are you doing?"
"I put my hands on the ice mixture. I'm bored. I'm bugging you."
I looked at my watch. "It's almost over, 20 minutes to go."


Amidst things to be said and done
A bow in silence would heal
But the mind still wanders
And the faith shatters
And arrogance still prevails

Monday, September 24, 2007


What's your plan? To become a professor?

Nah, I don't want to.

What do you mean? You actually are really good at teaching.

Nah, I sometimes need to contemplate not to snap. "You're not doing it right!"

Well, that's kinda what we sometime needs from a professor.

It was part of a practical conversation par above what I've ever had with anyone. This guy is freaking bright and amazing. From there we talked about his idea of new kind of built-in heat exchanger on his future house, the one he will build by himself instead of handling it to developer.

"Heat exchanger is my forte," he proclaimed.

"I love to watch This Old House," I said. I share this idea of building something with your own hand. Carpentry, plumbing, dry-walling, electronics, he has done them all. I see my father in him. What a renaissance man!

Last but not least, his eyes got lit up when the conversation turned into salt water aquariums. Hey, what do I know, I met another person who shares the same passion.

Monday, September 17, 2007

24 Hours in a Day of a Grad Student, pt II

6:10 PM Done with sample preparation, Exited CR

6:13 PM Looked at sisters' resume, did editing work on both

6:55 PM Ate the unfinished lunch

7:05 PM Started on odds and ends of interview preparation

7:10 PM R stopped by the office looking all tired and greasy (eeuuw!!). He reported failed processes on his two lab sessions. Chatted with him and the colleague to brainstorm the possible cause and solution of the problems

7:22 PM Received a call from JEM, arranged dinner for as soon as she landed here.

7:45 PM Refused to inspect R lab section's samples..."I need to prepare!!" Continued on odds and ends of preparation

9:00 PM JEM landed, waiting to be picked up for dinner

10:10 PM Went back to school to print out resume for tomorrow's career fair


wow this is harsh...
"If I claim to hear radio transmissions in my head and I profess that I am an alien from Delgar-5 sent to save the world, I am hardly hire able and will likely be fired at the first opportunity, and I may even be committed for psychiatric treatment.But if I claim I talk daily to
some invisible man in the sky who metaphysically raped a virgin and impregnated her with his bastard son 2000 years ago

, just so that son could wander around the desert with a whore and a band of hippies prior to being sacrificed and resurrected for the future sin of mankind, oh yeah and on Sundays I EAT him... well there is nothing crazy about that. Right? That is a religious belief and should be respected."

those looney atheists :P

utter blasphemy

tee hee hee...

...and it was only yesterday after church that I picked up a handout on Catholic Apologetic.

"But do it with gentleness and reference reverence" was printed somewhere on it.

24 Hours in a Day of a Grad Student, pt I

10 PM: Found out from hiring manager that the company travel rep sent out a trip scheduling email to another e-mail five days ago, on-site interview is this Thursday

10:01 PM: Called travel rep, called another number given for emergency, sent e-mail to hiring manager

10:15 PM: Ate dinner while fussing about how stupid she was

10:30 PM-2:30 AM: Immersed in preparation for the presentation for the interview

2:40 AM: Ate fourth meal, all those preparation consumed energy, you know. Slept.

8:30 AM: Woke up, looked up for company campus location in case they suggested a hotel or something, gave up on Googling, started to look things to wear today: khakis, tucked in white shirt, black belt, black ballet shoes

8:45 AM: Re-sow one of the button on the white shirt (it was sewn with black thread before by me few months ago)

8:48 AM: Made the bed

9-9:30 AM: Called the travel people, got a seat on the earliest flight out of CS on Wednesday, got a car rental and hotel booked

9:30 AM: Shower

9:50 AM: Arrived at school, embarked on a search of proper TC to buy for the lab

10:30 AM: Talked to the TC company's tech people, got a part number, prepared PO

10:45 AM: Checked on latest data to show the advisor

11:15 AM: Printed out PO, got the advisor's signature, discussed said data

11:45 AM: Back at office, started to gather things to ask students on their class presentation day

1:10 PM: Ate lunch

1:15 PM: Went down to print out evaluation sheet

1:40 PM: Arrived at the presentation room, listened to four group presentations, asked questions, pointed out stuff (nice that JG was there, he's supposed to be the instructor, not the inexperience me!)

04:20 PM: Finished with undergrad folks

04:10 PM: Entered CR to prepare samples

Friday, September 14, 2007

Babes Again

you have to see this

it's funnnyyyyyyyyyyy!

you have to see this too!

no more baby crap!
babies are da debil!

hey I put up with your cemen songs

ok ok
he was injured haha

injured bad

Thursday, September 13, 2007


"What's 'fresco'?" He asked when he saw the name of one of the folders in the computer I was using.

"Ah, nothing," I said ever so tactfully. Thank God the guy has attention span of that of a fly. I don't want to explain to him why I used that particular word in a folder that contains the data of a "fresh" sample. I might have appeared to know his language more than necessary.

Sometimes, it's just too plain a life around here. I use those of kinds of trick to kick it up a notch. Today, I named another folder "Hopefully Right". It contains the data of new sets of data that hopefully will give appropriate result. Wonder what he'll say if he sees it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Babe and Job Opp.

I know you're a "cruel and heartless individual" (direct quote)
but please look at this

ha ha
*yawn *

still no?

and...drum roll!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Breathing In and Out a Paper Bag

I'm waiting for the contact person to get back to me after my OK with his proposed on-site interview date. Is it still going to happen?

Anxious...need to be more patience...need to be totally prepared...need ... a paper bag

Hey, you cut your hair!
I didn't give any compliment, because, to be honest, the cut doesn't suit him at all.


Have you ever been wondering about who is the person behind a familiar voice, much like a built-up curiosity about a writer --and by writer I also meant bloggers-- more than just what appear on the writings? How are these people presenting themselves in real life? Well, I have, too many times to count.

It was Garrison Keillor of the A Praire Home Companion fame speaking in an ALA Conference back in June which was aired this weekend on Book TV. He was articulate on his narratives as always. The radio program succeeded to make me feel like I am a part of the Midwesterners. I have soft spot for life in the region, My Antonia is one of my favorite books.
As much as my own belittlement of the fads on health and fitness, I've grown to follow suit. In my defense, I do it for the sake of variety more than the faith on miraculous effect they promise. Every other day or so I undergo my version of beginner High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It consists of 3 sets of 3 minutes walking, 5 minutes running, and 1 minute sprinting. I also bike for 10-minute at constant resistance followed by 20 minutes or so working out. I alternate the work out into upper body (chest press, row, dip machine, rotating torso, abs, dumbbell, back extension) and legs (abduction, adduction, curl, press, calves). Now that I write it down, I should divide the working out into three parts instead of two.

Ah another week has arrived. What am I doing up at this hour? Help.

Friday, September 07, 2007

As Seen in FD

Hi my name is Xinda and I'm 28 going on 15. :P

This outfit is just beyond regulation, what with the skirt and flip-flops. I'm doing my best not to enter the lab today.

Polo shirt: Aeropostale
Layering tank top: F21
Skirt: some store in Mangga Dua (mommy bought me)
Flip-flops: H&M
Bag: Fake Rabeanco from Mangga Dua (courtesy of NY)
Necklace: some store in Harwin (courtesy of NY)