Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day 3, pt 1

I was supposed to be a good tourist today, taking a bay area cruise for Alcatraz, the Golden Gate and the city tour. Going alone to places while getting lost at the moment is supposed to be my thing, but not today. Instead, I went to the convention center for the second half of the morning session.

At lunch break...

"Hey, where are you? Are we still on for lunch?" R and I were supposed to have lunch together at a Peruvian place today.

"I'm at the exhibition hall. Yeah, in a little a while."

"OK, I'm going to the hall."

I went strolling to see the other side of the exhibition hall. There are a wide array of publishers, start up companies, and equipment companies. These many oppurtunities, will I find a way to be working for one of these, I was saying to myself when I bumped into R. We both wearing blue jeans and formal shirts. It was as if we are trying to refuse to conform to the rule of business casual.

"What is that line for?"
"Food, I believe, it was like that too yesterday."
" long line. Do you want to eat here?"
"No...I want to go to your place....but if you want to grab one of these for the walk...."
"Nah, let's go..."

We walked two blocks away to a what turn out to be a hip, white linen type of restaurant. I had thought it was going to be a rundown taqueria type of joint. We ordered an appetizer (pappas huancian), two dishes (chevice and a spicy boiled chicken on top a bed of rice), and a pitcher of a purple non-alcoholic drink, which name escaped me. One of the most expensive meals I've had in life. It was $31 on my half with tip (we splitted the bill), but it was worth it.

R's phone rang on our walk back to the convention center.


When he finished I told him I understood what he and his friend were talking about.

"Oh, understand everything?"

"Well, a little bit. You said what's up, and then you said you are here for a conference, you just got food, and now is getting back to the meeting, and that you are going to be back tomorrow."

"Man, how did you understand Spanish?"

"I've been here too long. Oh, and you call him...Little Carlos"

"Little Carlos...yeah..."

"Ha ha..can I call you like that too...Royito?"

"My mom and aunt sometime called me like that...Roycito.."

We both bursted into laughters. I would never forget this scene. Downtown SF, the hills in the distance, the sunny but cold weather, you and I laughing.

"Well...but it's more like a term of affection, right?"

"It's about being affected, yeah...but I called him that because he is this tall..." He motioned his hand towards the height of his chest.

"Ha in this case, it was more like a term of , huh?"

"Ha ha ha."

We parted at the convention center. I went toward Union Square.

"I'm not coming back to the presentations."

"You are not, why?"

"I need to do some shopping, remember?"


"Thanks? For what?"

"For trying to help me get back to CS."

"I'll see you back home."

Well, it's official. The guy has never treated me more than a friend. I keep telling myself, it's the journey, not the end point. This trip becomes more memorable with him around.

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kodoque said...

kak. let's go to breakfast/early lunch tomorrow at tampico. ok?