Monday, April 16, 2007

Team Jello Shot

i'm such a sissy... I STILL love that ungu song

be a man

ha ha ha
shut up

that kind of song is not intended for guys

i'm going to karaoke this sat...i'm so damn ready wit this song

as long as you're happy :P
we made kick as jello shot
see pic -->

u still drunk?

nah...I only had 7 of those
didn't do anything

ha ha
campurannya kurang berarti
not enough of the good stuff

if you put more it wont achieve a jello consistency anymore

ha ha
ok scrap the jello haha

the thing is we put the less mild vodka stuff


which is like 35 % alchohol...should've picked the 45% one


but it still kicked other guys' asses


1 comment:

kodoque said...

kak you know what. kulkas ika nih ngetop logh.
banyak di feature dimana2.

memedtz....cooooll kaaaaaas.