Friday, April 20, 2007


The advisor forwarded yours truly a manuscript review that arrived in the e-mail.

I am pleased to inform you that your manuscript: Paper Number ######,XXXXX, submitted to the XXXX Proceedings, has been accepted.
Timeliness of research: New
Scientific impact: High
Match between title, abstract, data conclusions: Excellent
Readability of English (punctuation and grammar): Excellent
I personally think the manuscript didn't deserve such commendation. This referee simply does not have enough familiarity of the topic we presented in SF.

With the forward, the advisor also said,
Send me the last version of the journal manuscript you prepared. We need to submit it ASAP. 
FYI, the journal manuscript he mentioned is the one we have been working on for more than six months. There were different versions until we came up with the one we stick to and still with it there were uncountable ping-ponging of corrections between us. I had an impression that he just hesitated to send it out due to lack of confidence. He probably has a bit more confidence with the SF manuscript being accepted to a peer-reviewed publication.

So, yeah, it's Friday night, and I'm cheerfully working to fix some stuff on the journal paper, it's actually in the form of a letter instead of the full paper. Wish us luck.

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