Monday, April 09, 2007

Shuttle and Then Jet Plane

Never before I'd been told stuff like this firsthand:

"Aku dan John lagi berusaha punya anak nih. Belum nyoba sih, tapi mudah-mudahan bisa. Duabelah pihak tiap nelpon selalu nanya kapan punya anak."

Anyway, I'm hopping on a shuttle at 5 AM tomorrow morning to Houston. The non-stop flight IAH-SFO will depart at 11:20 AM. I will arrive at 1:30 PM PDT. I got George Orwell's 1984 for all the idling time on the airport, on the plane, and all of the lonely nights (I will miss you, bunky). Be back here Friday night.

Just in case things happen, I'm relieving my prized possesions, i.e., the little amount of books I have, to the Rumbai home's library. My most prized possesions, of course, are you friends and family. So behave while I'm gone.

I'll have free wifi at the hotel and will update the blog at the end of the day, and with pictures too!

OK, am off to Rec now. I won't have any exercise done until Saturday. Well, there will many two ways one mile walk to and fro convention center, but that's like a stroll instead of a heavier cardio work.

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Anonymous said...

Already missing you KIH. (Haha don't forget whatever I asked you to get me). Hahhh these 3 nights will be the loneliest days of my life. Although I will get the TV all for me and me only. But, you left me with your slowwwww comp and you're taking off with my beautiful Sally. Please take care of Sally. Don't scratch her for I know her too well.

Have a blast in SF.
PS: if you happen stopping by at Japan town, can you get me one of those Japanese sweet delicacies. I'm craving it now. hiahihaiahiah (I'll pay for it with lots of smooches when you get back).