Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 3, pt. 2

I headed off to Union Square at around 1:40 PM. I had with me a list of store to visit to get some stuff provided they're priced within budget. Pressed for time, the upper scale stores never made it to my (window) shoping list. I didn't get much at the end of the trip. Shoppings, window or otherwise, were never my thing. And without NY by my side, I was just totally lost.

There was another type of store I needed to stop by. The See's candy store! I finally found the one further up the Market St. I hand picked enough pieces to put them in a box. I continued my stroll further up the street and my caught another similar confectioner. This one is fancier. They offer eclectic and exotic selection of chocolate with saffron, ginger, green tea, mint, passion fruit, and much more. And that was only one side of the store, I didn't see the selection on the other part until I was about to pay. The whole time I was so happy and giggly while picking up which pieces to take home. Finally, the lady behind the counter weighted my selection, put it in a box, and tied a purple ribbon on it.

"Your total is $ 16.00."

Well, anything for good chocolate, says I, rolling my eyes while justifying the purchase. On the back of my mind, I remember that I was just reading about the chocolate ration mentioned on 1984.

The plan was to finish in two hours and to take a one hour cruise for Alcatraz and Golden Gate. But by this time, three hours had past, there was not enough time for the cruise since my former colleagues of husband and wife will pick me up for dinner. However, I decided to wait for the F Streetcar to take me to the Fisherman's Warf. At least, I have to see how the piers look like. But dang, it never came. I waited for about 40 minutes before took the decision to get back to the hotel.

My colleagues took me out to an Indonesian restaurant in Post St and then they brought me to Ghirardelli Square for desserts. There are not many things changing since the two and more years after they left for California. The husband is still as ambitious as ever. The wife is more laid back. She gave out nuances despising her double duties. He ignored them. I made a mental note, no matter how much money you have, an equal partnership is a must (great...see my chance of entering such a union is approximately the size of an eye of the needle. j/k.). I would like to share my definition of equal partnership, but that would make this long post even longer.

They drove me back to my hotel at around 11. Oh, must I say their GPS was fantastic. I finished up the night by slipping into my pijamas and packing. Oh, I called R to, just to make sure he got to the airport on time for his midnight flight, I mean with him being prone to Murphy's Law. Little did I realize, I too, is Murphy prone.

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