Thursday, April 05, 2007

In Which I Should Start a Move (Moving On, That is)

You are up to the idea of slaving people of lower classification
What's that?
I'm going to anodized this thing, it's gonna be a fun project!
You need special equipment to do it.
No, not really, it's DIY classified, homebake.
Well, at least get the Master's student to do it for you.
Good idea, but that's no fun.
You are scoffing at the idea of a certain 2000 year organized religion
Well, at least, are you going to church on Holy Week?
No, what for? I am not Catholic, I'm a Christian
Just like anybody else...
You are into puzzles and mind games
Here, look at this. They are only publishing one answer, but there are supposed to be two. I am going to write them a letter.
Ha, you're so creative. When do you find the time to do it?
No big deal, I read before bedtimes
You are taking things easy and with confidence
So when are you going to prepare for the prelim?
On the plane...
No, I's only three weeks till the end of this month...
I still have three weeks, it should be enough.
You care about me, to some extend
MRS, sent your resume by today!

(an e-mail reminder you sent me just before you went on teaching a morning lab, you had sent out your resume days before the deadline)

I'm eager to see who's going to be next victim forcefully grabbed into joining this pathetic "love life" bandwagon of mine. Ha ha ha.

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