Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Made with Real Cheddar Cheese

While watching The Great Food Truck Race finale on On Demand last night,

BB: Babe, can we change it? We watched this before...

I gave him the (pinky) finger and the following respond

Pregnant Wife: Do you want me to eat this?

It was Club & Cheddar sandwich crackers from Keebler. The crackers were merely gross to his standard because almost half of the calories per serving is coming from fat, and as you all know, I've been complaining about weight gain incessantly. I can't help it, it's so yummy! And it is made with Real Cheddar Cheese (really? LOL)!

BB: Is this what our relationship turn into? Bribing yourself to not to eat
something in order for me to not do something. Put down the remote or I'll eat
this. LOL.

PW: Whatever it takes.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


There are reasons why couple ends up with other. In most cases, opposite attracts, in Hubbostrich and I case, it is the opposite. We are just so alike, except maybe temperature wise. If one is cold water, the other is a bit warmer. One significant example of being alike is that we are both enablers specifically in the field of gastronomy. The following examples are just covering today. But the readers should get the idea on how it goes most of the time in the N****n household.

Case 1, at the house

BB, I gained like 10 lbs now.

Oh, good.

Good,10 lbs? I still have 18 weeks or so to go.

Oh...Babe, you get to cut the sugar. Savory...I mean, I know you can't stop baking, it'll make you go crazy. So make something savory, a quiche! Yes, that should be your next project. There's a lot of fat but at least there are a lot of proteins too. You know you just need to eat a little portion of it.

Case 2, at the grocery store, walking down the dairy aisle

I need sweets.

Sweets? No!

My palate needs sweets after all those pizza you baked. Do you want ice cream? They're on sale!

Hmm...what about malted milk shake? Do we have chocolate syrup?

[Kiss him on the cheek]

Masterbaker, with his pizzas today. There were 1 supreme, 1 Hawaiian, and 2 pepperoni mushroom pizzas.

He made yummy meat pies yesterday.

One thing for sure, no cooking next week!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


We started taking pictures on 12 weeks and then approximately every 4 weeks after. Here they are so far.

Every pregnancy is different. Every body shape is different. I joke to Hubbostrich that I can be one of those celebrities who conceal their pregnancies until late term.

More postings is imminent to journal Belindy's prenatal growth. Next post...ultrasound pictures? We'll see...

But before that, I have some concern on my weight gain. Beware of CPL/spreadsh*t maker in action. See chart below.

Based on data up to 20 weeks, I did great on the first trimester and half of second trimester. And then, I started to gain about 1 lb/week at weeks 18 and 20. With this weight gain rate, projected weight gain at full term (let's say 38 weeks) is a whopping 28 lbs. Based on this guideline, I was only planning to gain 20-25 lbs--I already fell into the overweight category pre-pregnancy. 28 lbs is still tolerable. But wait, here is a what if scenario. What if the weight gain rate reaches, say, 2 lb/weeks, this will result in megatron weight gain of 46 lbs! Both Belindy and I are doomed!

What do I do to prevent this from happening? I have tried to stay active every other day with a gym, yoga, or swimming. But some weeks I slipped from committing, blaming work, being lazy and just circumstances. Next is to control my diet, this is proven to be not quite so stellar. You should see how many cakes and snacks have I been making the past 2 weeks. Pure no self control. Forgive Mommy, Belindy. Hope you're not going to be macrosomic.