Monday, December 05, 2011

Third Trimester Already?

And time for pregnancy updates in bullet points:
  • Belindy passed screening test for Trisomies 18, 21 , and neural tube defect
  • Mommy passed screening test for gestational diabetes mellitus
  • Belindy has been kicking hard all day every day. Kick count cards average 10 minutes for 10 movements!
  • Mommy's weight gain is uncontrollable..blaming year end festivities including Thanksgiving, Daddy's Birthday, Christmas and New Year's
  • Belindy's aunts J and T organized a shower when we were in TX for Thanksgiving, you have a lot of stuff; Your aunt Y bought a luggage full of baby clothing for you, I only have to get a few more things!
  • Daddy got a job with more vacation than Mommy, we're not going to worry when you're sick and can't go to daycare!
  • We're moving to a bigger place
  • Belindy's opung bought her plane ticket and will be here Jan 23rd, Belindy's uncle U will be moving to B-town 40 miles from us for his new job
  • Mommy and Daddy have been to three baby moons: Las Vegas, Chicago and TX
  • Mommy and Daddy have been to so many classes for baby's impending coming, if only Mommy can remember everything she learns in class, state of pregnancy brain is deteriorating

Our homeworks:
  • Move and unpack
  • Buying baby gadgets and stuff; we got a DSLR as our first baby gadget, LOL
  • Do whatever we can to keep you, Baby, from premature birth
  • Birth plan and practice those exercises and breathing techniques
  • Managing Mommy's anxiety of giving birth

What an eventfull year 2011 is. Can't wait for 2012!