Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pumping Iron

Back in August last year or was it September, Rec Buddy and I burnt approximately 1000 calories a day doing cardio. The routine consisted of a 30-minute run on the treadmill and a 60-minute session on elliptical trainer. I didn't know how we managed to overcome the boring repetions. All I can say is that spending 1.5 hours at the Rec almost every day--even on weekend, rain or shine, game day or not--sure took a lot of determination. We sometime had to park down near the Bush School and walked all the way in the cold with no jackets on. Nevertheless, those were good times.

Exercising on and off through the course of three months, each of us didn't lose that much weight. I lost about 12 lbs, he was much less. Mostly it was due to the fact that we didn't exercise too much control on our calories intake, i.e., we exercised more but we also ate more.

After settling down at his new place and his new job, Rec Buddy joined a gym that came with several free personal trainer sessions. The trainer came up with a different training routine which significantly decreases the cardio portion of our usual routine and instead balancing it with more strength and conditioning. When Rec Buddy suggested me to follow the general principle behind it, I was more than happy to comply.

Nowadays, I spend a total of one hour or less at the gym which breaks down to 30-minute elliptical and the rest are filled with weight lifting. What I need to find out is the routine that will work for me, if there is such thing as a working routine. What I am sticking to right for now is getting on the same seven machines subsequently each time. Those are:

Abdominal: 3 x 15 (56.25 lbs)
Rotating Torso: 4 x 15 (50 lbs)
Back Extension: 3 x 30 (100 lbs)
Quadriceps: 3 x 30 (130 lbs)
Lower leg: 3 x 30 (130 lbs)
Arm Extension: 3 x 10 (30 lbs)
Shoulder Press: 3 x 10 (30 lbs)

I try to go almost everyday and I keep my eating habit. We'll see what this brings.

Truly Hypothetical

eh bu

this week or next week



lama aja misalnya

salah seorang temen anda
tiba2 ngedeketin trus ngajak go out on v day

oo hahaha trus

what would you do

tease him


"haha...ini butuh date buat V-day ya?"
gitu aja kali

"desperate amat sih bang"

"biasanya tak peduli gue exist"

"biasanya eke dicuekin skrg deket v day ajaa"

"tapi nggak papa deh...pengen juga sekali2 dapet dozen roses"
"trus makan ke mana kitaa?"


"apa eke perlu beli gaun dulu"

"saya mau yang KENYANG ya"

"kenyang tapi nggak buffet loh"
"eh boleh juga buffet...Fogo de Chao?"

tokyo 1

"ehm...biar asik...datenya ke luar kota yuk"
"tapi balik hari"
"tapi elu yang nyetir ya"


hoaohaohahoaho iya
"trus kita nonton ya"

hoahahaha tambah matre

"trus abis itu kali singgah ke B&N"

ngpin ngupi2 ya

iyah..trus minta dibeliin buku

sama cd


trus nanya.. "how bout this wiken?"

kalo digituin kali udah kapok...berat dipengeluaran ni cewe


trus pas lagi datenya mata saya jelalatan
bukan ke dia

trus bilang
"hey did u see that guy?"
"man he's hot"
trus liat a guy yg total opposite sama dia and say: "now THAT's my type"

ohaohaohaho iyaaaaa
trus cerita2 ttg bekas kecengan
trus sepanjang date ngomongggg terus
wah sungguh bukan saya sih

trus curhatin semua excess baggage

iyahh..ngomongin research sekalian
ama apa ya yg membosankan


iyah...trus kalo tau dia nggak suka sesuatu..malah ngomongin itu

"thats enough about me how bout you"

besok2 kalo ketemu saya..dia either buang muka..ato ambil jalan lain

trus dia ngomong satu kalimat kita potong


how to lose a guy in 10 minutes

how to lose a guy in one date
eh kok sama siiihhh


ahahha benar2 hipotetikal skenarionya

abis bengong trus?

trus mulai berusaha nge joke

like how

"he? lu sakit ape?"
"date lu batalin ya? trus udah reservasi?"

"last option ya gue hahaha"

hoaohaho iyah

itu kan kalo temen deket

kalo bule?

kalo temen gak gitu deket
hahahahaha iya kalo bule atau ras lain

"are you serious?"
"well I kinda have a plan already"

which is indomi and tv hahahhaa

"but it's kinda open date too"
"I'll let you know tomorrow"
trus nelpon anda dong konsultasi
trus nanya NY


nanya HHS
nanya KS

support linenya banyak ya


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Austin, Anyone?

Hey, D-man!

Happy New Year.

Haven't heard from you for a long time. I tried to call your cellphone
when I was in Austin visiting a friend last summer. Do you have a new

How are things with you? Is this your last semester?

Anyway, I just passed prelim last December. Don't know when is graduation,



Hey H!

Good to hear from you. Sorry you didn't reach my cell (512-417-####), I
didn't receive a call that I saw.

Congrats on your prelim, it's a big weight off the shoulders! This was
originally supposed to be my last semester, but it's been delayed due to
advisor difficulties. Don't know now, but likely around December ;-)

I finally managed to bring my mom over to visit so she was here over the

new year time. My 25th bday is coming up on Feb 10, so we'll get together

w/ a few friends at Cheesecake Factory and then go out for some drinks on

that Sat evening. Let me know if you want to stop by, I would love to

catch up with you!


Save Room

Not too crazy about the lyrics, But I find the tune and the vocal are quite catchy. I like the little organ in the background and the beat. The whole thing is kinda weird.

Say that you stay a little
Don't say bye bye tonight
Say you'll be mine
Just a little of bit of love
Is worth a moment of your time

Knocking on your door just a little
Do cold outside tonight
Let's get the fire burning
I know, I keep it burining right

If you stay, won't you stay - stay

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love save a little
Save a little for me
Won't you save a little
Save a little for me - ohh

This just might hurt a little
Love hurts sometimes when you do it right
Don't be affraid of a little bit of pain
Pleasure is just on the other side

Let down your guard just a little
I keep you safe in these arms of mine
Hold on to me - pretty baby
You will see I can be all you need

If you stay, won't you stay - stay

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love save a little
Save a little for me
Won't you save a little
Save a little for me - ohh

[pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [da-da-da]

Ohhh come on

Make time to live a little
Don't let this moment slip by tonight
You never know what you are missing untill you try
I keep you satisfied
If you stay, won't you stay - stay

Save room for my love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save room for my love save a little
Save a little for me
Won't you save a little
Save a little for me - ohh

Save room for love
Save room for a moment to be with me
Save a little, save a little for me
Won't you save a little
Save a little for me

Save Room, John Legend

Monday, January 29, 2007

Gue Mo yang Cepek Aja Deh

Ade Hon, Kak Ika Hon, Kak Yada Hon...pijit Thailand, rumah bordil, "buka tutup buka tutup, ini apa?", Beta Tau Alpha, dan seribu cerita-cerita lucu lainnya walopun agak-agak...

Twas a fun night, eh? And to think that there is absolutely no alcohol involved. (Sok tukang mabuk kali, pun hahaha...)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Baking Time

Pardon the resolution. Those are the new and improved Oat Bran Muffins I baked just now. Definitely taste better (sweeter and yummier) than last week's and the texture is actually softer. I also added some walnuts this time. I didn't have enough muffin cups (it's Dora the Explorer, how we came into possesion of those, I don't know), so I made do with wax paper.


Dry Mixture

2 1/2 cup oat bran
1 cup flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt

Egg Mixture
1 cup milk
3 eggs
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1/4 cup honey
4 tbsp molasses
1/4 cup brown sugar

Optional but Recommended
1 1/2 cup dried fruits (I used currants, apricots, and raisins)
1 cup chopped walnuts

Combined the dry mixture. Separately, combined the egg mixture. Made a hole in the center of the dry mixture and completely pour the egg mixture into it. Finally, fold in the dried fruits and nuts. Fill in the muffin pan 2/3 full. Bake at 400F for 20 minutes.

How are you guys these fine Sunday? I and NY are just fine. Hope we all ready for the new week.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Five Things You Don't Know about Me (and My Kind of Food & Drink)

Carbonation and Sugar, It's Just Not Good for You
I don't drink carbonated beverages all that much and prefer water over coffee or tea. And when I do drink softdrinks (usually when I crave for them or when on occasional pigging outs), I prefer the real calories laden ones as opposed to the ones with sugar immitation. Also I hate it when they are served warm but I don't like to have them over ice. Also, when most of the soda evaporate, the whole thing has zero potability factor to me.

Sissy Juice and Whatnot
I just couldn't stand boxed orange juice in general and declare it sissy. It's just too sweet and what's up with the "From Concentrate" thing? Grapefruit juice, on the other hand, is THE juice. Just the right amount of bitterness and sourness, just like my life...j/k.

Fried and Fatty, Those Are What Make Them Good
I like carbs when they are all crispy. Cases in point: mashed potatoes...blah, extra crispy french fries...yeah, pizza crust...good...the part where it's too goey...blah, bread skin...nice...the middle part...arrgh. Plain rice...okay...fried rice...nice. Anything Tempura, VERY VERY NICE. Get my point?

Go Green, Eggs, the Other White Meat
Steamed Brussel Sprout and Daun Ubi Tumbuk are my favorite vegetable dishes. I have unhealthy obsession with eggs in general, preferably in omellete form. I'm lucky I don't develop allergy. I also tend to avoid pork dishes. I have preconceived idea that they contain too much fat, beside I just don't like the way they taste. So in order of preference: egg, seafood, chicken, beef, pork.

I Have Nurtured a Natural Tendency to be Different
When my family ate out, we always went to the many Pekanbaru Chinese noodle houses. Out of the six of us, five would order similar chow-mein like dishes while I would order bihun or kwetiau dishes.
Some afternoons, when abang-abang bakso lewat depan rumah on the way to their post, we each would order and used our own mangkok. All family member except for me got the bakso kuah, I prefer the dry version.
Here, when we go to the Pho place, I will order the vermicelli bowl or the rice dishes while the other guys are getting their jumbo order of Pho.

My, I sound like a very annoying person, no?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Luck with Random Number

Ring-ring...Austin number popped up. Of course, it was not listed on my phonebook.
Yes, hello.....
Uhm, can you hear me now?
*lah piye kok jadi iklan Veraizon* Yeah
blablabla...your appointment with Jason...blablabla
Uhm...I guess you've got a wrong number
Really? Didn't I just dial 979-219-####?
Yes, apparently you did
And you are not getting married soon?
Are you sure?
*what the heck* Yes!
It was a call from a wedding photographer trying to confirm a photoshoot.

Man..of all people, why me? It was tempting to say "I WISH" when she badgered about the getting married part.

Speaking of weddings, I had a dream the other night involving mine that includes a sentence "dengan mas kawinnya some-weird-amount-of-money-that-I-guess-represents-the-date-of-the -wedding Rupiah". All I can say is that bitchslapping my subconscience is imminent. Enough already. I didn't tell you who my counterpart was on that dream, but I believe you shall guess right, hence the bitchslapping, hence the exasperation.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pulling a Miss N

  1. Good to have you back. I'm completely lost at this m*o*l*e*c*u*l*a*r simulation thing and to have someone like you around to be bugged about it is just priceless. I mean I've chosen to be an experimentalist in order to separate myself as far away as possible from the mumbo-jumbo theoretical work and here I am, almost at the end of my formal education *knocks on wood*, blackmailed into taking the one class that couldn't be more precisely theoretical.
  2. I like the way your longer hair fall above your forehead. You almost look like one of those (charming) manga characters.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Well Put

...jadi gini rasanya yah..[name witheld] baru tau rasanya kalo ga ada harapan dan pengennya tetap berharap... tp
berharap pun juga ga boleh sad!

:) Hang in there, dear.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Little Physiology

do you know the scientific name of the fat network commonly called the "beer gut"?

gak tau

hahah it's pretty cute
Greater Omentum

he he...

elu sering denger kan
muscles turn into fat?
or vice versa


unless we are undergoing evolution's not happening
muscle and fat are of two totally diferent cells

masa sih...kan belipet lipet juga :P

so what happen when you stop "exercising" (and eat more)
you lost your muscle shape & volume...and your fat cells are getting bigger
aduh saya lupa...pacarnya situ kan dokter

trus knp...tetep aja kaga ngerti huahaha
my last bilogy class was 1 sma
and I got a 4



less than a D?


an F?


So, here it is, a little review on human physiology for all of us who already forgot what we had learned on highschool Biology. Heck, I even forgot things I read yesterday, much less what I had ten years ago.

The adipocyte a.k.a the fat cell be continued's already 3:30 and it's too cold even with the heater on. Hu hu hu.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Impressionable Little Girl

4:30 sore di luar masih gerimis, suhu masih di bawah nol. Trus cell yang biasanya cuman bunyi kalo The Andas yang nelpon tiba-tiba bunyi...Hmm...nomernya nggak terprogram di buku telpon. 713-###-####...siapa ni dari Yusten.

Halo, bisa bicara dengan Ibu Inda.
Hm...siapa ya?
Temen lamanya
Apakabar Ibu Inda?
Baik...siapa ya? *beneran nggak ngenalin suaranya*
Masak gak kenal sih...
Hmm..Yuri ya..
Yang bener, Yuri? *udah berbunga-bunga nih, tau no telp ike darimana tu anak*
Wes..Yur, pa kabar?
Gimana yang lain?
Baik baik juga...
Udah dapet jodoh belum?
Jodoh? *Idih aneh banget ni orang nanya2 jodoh, udah mulai curiga* Udah dong, entar Desember mo merid.

Setelah ada kali 2-3 menit ngobrol...kok makin banyak yang janggal ya. Si Yuri kok ngomongnya mirip si itu ya...hmm...

Yur, kenal si Anu nggak?
Anu siapa?
Bekas rumet nya si Ani...masak lupa si?
Loh kok ketawa...
Huahauhaua....ini gua, udah mo ketawa dari tadi...huahuahauahua....
*diem sedetik* Huahauhauahauhauahauaha
SIAL SIAL...elu toh...pantesan gue kok janggal si Yuri ngomongnya mirip banget ama elu. Sial...ngapain lu nelpon2 gue jam kantor gini...makan gaji buta ya? Dan idih...ini nelpon nya pake nomer kantor ya...
Huahauhauahauahua....iya....lagian loe masak gak ngenalin suara gw sih...segitu gampangnya kah gw dilupakan? Trus siapa tuh Yuri....hayo ada apa2nya ya sama loe....
Ah sial...untung aja cuman elu...huh...kalo orang laen udah entah di mana lah muka gue haohaoohaoha...
Ya trus ngomong2 ini ngapain tiba-tiba nelpon? (Istri pertama elu ke mana...hihihi)
Ini gw mo bilang...barusan gue liat-liat gallery k*o*d*o*q*u*e waktu I*k*a ulang taun. Di situ gw keliatan kurus badannya tapi pipinya tembem. Kalo sekarang gw ngerasa pipi gak setembem itu tapi badannya gendutan.
Oalah...cuman mo bilang itu toh. Huh kirain apaan.

They Said I'm Really Sweet and Helpful

Got a big yellow envelope in the mailbox today. It's the student evaluation for my lab teaching from last semester. It surely brings a little sunshine in this unusual gloomy day of a Central Texas winter and a boost of confidence on my behalf. Sadly, it was probably the last time I'd be TA-ing for the class.

Here it is, typed and color coded for you convenience. He he he.
Mastery of subject (yours truly 9, average of all TAs, 8.6)
Preparation and organization (yours truly 9.1, average of all TAs, 8.5)
Involvement with students during lab (yours truly 9.6, average of all TAs, 8.9)
Familiarity with lab experiment and equipment being used (yours truly 9.3, average of all TAs, 8.9)
Ability to communicate (yours truly 9.1, average of all TAs, 8.5)
Promptness and fairness in grading (yours truly 9.6, average of all TAs, 8.8)
Overall effectiveness as a teaching assistant (yours truly 9.3, average of all TAs, 8.7)
and the final question...drum rolls....
Ranking of the TA compared to all of the TA's you have had, where would you rank this TA? (yours truly 9.4, average of all TA, 8.2)
One even came up with a personal comment:
She's really sweet and helpful.
Awww...ha ha ha.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wintry January

On Come to Think of It, Chesterton talked about about a sentence he wrote for a magazine. It went like this,
"He talked a great deal about himself because he was not an egoist."
The printed version was sensibly edited (without his knowing) to be
"He talked a great deal about himself because he was an egoist." which we bow our heads in unison. This whole blogging thing is an obstensible example of such self-baring behavior, don't you agree?

On the following paragraph or so in the book chapter, Chesterton came up with an example of a true egoist.
The worst examples of the egoistic type are silent and watchful, and wait until they can say something which (as they think, and as others may possibly think) nobody could have said but themselves. But even when they do talk at large, it is not in the ordinary sense about themselves. They are much more likely to talk about a large number of different things, to show how wise and widely cultivated they are.
I love Chesterton for his penchant on opening-your-eyes-widening-your-perspective. Furthermore, it kinda slapped me in the face, as I thought I sometime perfectly fit into the description. But then, he continued,
Above all, the true egoist can generally be detected by this diabolic mark: that he is not only willing to talk on any subject, but on any side of any subject. He has no creed, no cause, no conception of truch which he thinks more important that himself.
A big sigh of relief on my part, especially after a further elaboration of the subject,
He is willing to talk like a Turk to show that he has travelled in Turkey; he is willing to talk like a Buddhist to show that he has studied Buddhism. But he will not forget himself in fighting for the Turks; he will not sacrifice himself to Buddhism like a Christian sacrificing himself to Christianity. In all his varied travels he has discovered all wonders except one most wonderful thing--something bigger than himself.
Now, to the egoist the whole pleasure is in the experiences, because they are egoistic experiences. But, in all subtle and deep-seated cases, the more he enjoys them as egoistic experiences, the less he is likely merely to narrate them in an egoistic way.
So, there, a good reading in bed on this wintry January night. Hope you enjoy Chesterton as much as I do. Not in a egoistic way, of course. He he he.

gosh it's cold winter bleak here
rain + freezing temperature = sleet

ha ha...
kasian deh lo

I know...University is officially closed..but here I am at the lab

hati2 ada yg jalan2 di
hallway :P


gosh...and you didn't say a word to her afterward?

many times
I don't think it register to her mind the issues is
Cogito ergo sum

what issue?

that i exist.

well..why are you still with her then?

stubborn loyalty ?
dumb ?

afraid that you won't find someone else?

maybe subconcouisly, yes

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some Saturday

I --let me rephrase that, NY and I-- had to put up with six hours of general stupidity (or is it ignorant behavior?) and self-utilitarian remarks for the sake of accompanying some people to a family-style buffet BBQ joint down in Austin.

First: it was a thunderstorm warning day, we left at six in the afternoon when the sun already set when we were hit by somekind of a torrential rain (it wasn't really that bad) with reduced visibility. Second, it's the weekend, the joint always overflows during this time of the week. We might end up waiting in line for a while before able to secure a place in. Imagine doing that in the rainy weather where the temperature drops to the lower 40-s. Imagine doing that with people you don't particularly fond of.

An example of the former:

"Why does New Mexico snow while Texas does not? We are back-to-back neighbors afterall."

I didn't mention anything as it will definitely come up as a pompous answer. But things I should have contribute to but refrain myself from is that the combination of latitude and altitude give rise to such arctic phenomena. From the latitude point of view, the southern part of NM does not snow and some of the places in the North Texas does snow. Combined with the altitude point of view: it's 5000 ft from the sea level in Albuquerque, what do you expect. It's your basic highschool geography.

An example of the latter involves a particular stand that the purpose of one's existance is to make a living in a particular place and to be with somebody in a marriage, to the point that it's just the end of the world if one couldn't achieve any of those. Whinning, self-pitying, negative behavior to follow.

I don't feel at all good about being such a person with a less-ignorant-than-thou and holier-than- thou attitudes. But really, the whole thing forces me to reconsider where I stand in the mark between principal and practicality. What do I want from life and what can I contribute to the humanity? For the moment, it seems that Radiohead says it all:

I don't care if it hurts,
I wanna have control
I want a perfect body
I want a perfect soul

I want you to notice
when I'm not around
You're so very special
I wish I was special

In addition, the food doesn't taste as good as before. We could easily go to any local places here and almost get the same thing with a better deal. J. Cody's has nice side dishes to accompany their already top of the line BBQ.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I Fixed It, Baby

have you ever heard of such thing as a BIOS downgrade?

iya knp...

hahah I just did it
for the sake of getting (roughly) 40% increase of speed

ha ha
welcome to the 1990s :P

well, it's more to the late 90s, but yeah, hahoaohahoaho

he he...

That summarized what I've tried these past two hours. At first, the suspision was in the need to flash upgrade the BIOS --the Optiplex GX1 I am using has an A08 version of the BIOS-- since I'm upgrading the CPU from 450 to 650 Mhz. Two floppy-boot up with higher BIOS versions later, it still didn't work and a "Processor Type Mismatch" prompt popped up.

As had been proven from the past computers problems, I threw myself upon the assistance of the ever resourceful The Google. Somebody somewhere wrote that a downgrade to an A07 version is needed instead. So there, I tried to follow this piece of advice and voila, it worked.

Below is a glimpse of benchmarking the newly installed CPU as compared to two other CPUs that are kinda similar to my old one. It seems I gained about 33% increase of speed based on floating point operation.

Personally, I didn't really feel it.

Oh well. It's been fun.

Now, if I can find a better monitor somewhere. There are too much saturation, scratches, and ghost shadows around.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Bit about Work

hai hai


I think my experiment works
that polymer thing

well good for you
know make it too really work so that it can be published to science
I mean Science

kok tau kamu Science?

you think I'm that stupid
you are something KIH
tsk tsk tsk

itu sih mimpi kali ye
sok mo
publish ke Science
ke APL aja udah ngos2an

as a positivist would say
nothing is impossible
the impossible is when you
are not tryihng

ck ck ck
Dr. Philla


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

While We Are Still in the Picture Posting Mood

This is how one should proceed with a safe barhopping...go with the members of your immediate family, including the youngest one. Hi, Ade. Hihihihi....

What a fun night.

send file hop2.jpg completed.

udah hampir gw lepas tuh ade
kecil2 berat bo
banyak dosa

udah kurusan banget loh dia
tiap hari ke gym
gilee nggak makan

iya dosa tetep nambah

send file hop1.jpg completed.

yahhh gw nya ngga ada
ngga seru

haha ya itu elu yg ngambil
juga mo bilang...gue kurus ya di situ haohoahoahoahohoahoa


yg laennya mo dikirim wiken ini so entar gue transfer ke elu

ohh sip sip

ok want to sleep, babai

gw mo mandi
terus tidur

heheheh bagus2

bsk weekend kerja stg hari

asik nyah



malem nya ada cocktail party
dari kantor


iri ngga elo?

akan tiba waktuku :p

sip sip
nite nite

otay baii

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hear, Ye...New Blog Announcement

A very close person to me, she's like a fact...she is my sister, the firecracker, is starting her second blog.

A few excerpts, just in case you're not convinced to how bubbly her writing style or rather her personality is.
"Anyways, it was over and I shouldn’t be rambling about things that will create negative zen as I am a very positive person. Hiaiahia."

"I think that posting song is a good way for people to let others know what their personalities are. But, not for me, I basically upload the song because I can’t seem to play the song in the piano even I practiced playing it for the past days. Suckkksss, big time!!!"

"....As a positive person I boldly declare, peeps please be effective [,] do some action. Don’t hinder yourself. Hiahiahia, please I don’t want to Dr.Philling somebody but as bad as it sounds apparently I was doing it. "

Go visit her and keep the love coming. Hoaohaohaaho....
From yesterday's:

Selected Pictures from the Two Best Days of NM Trip

Day 1: Santa Fe

In front of San Miguel Chapel, the oldest Catholic church structure in America (and still functions), built by the Tlaxcalan Indians in the 1600s.

A few blocks south of the chapel, The Loretto Hotel and Spa.

The girls somewhere southeast of the plaza, a few steps away from the local jewelry marketplace.

Day 2: Albuquerque, Petroglyph National Monument & Sandia Peak

Trailing up the petroglyph laden Mesa of the Boca Negro canyon

Me and NY on top of the Mesa

View from the Mesa top, the JA volcano in the background

The original Route 66 diner

At the upper terminal of the Sandia Peak, elevation 10,400 ft.

Yours truly posing solo

Not bad for a disposable camera, eh?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

A vacation after vacation

There are days that you are nailed completely down to the seconds and there are days that are just full of nothing but fun. These pictures were from our impromptu trip around Lake Somerville and Brenham. A little vacation after vacation. Thank you, guys. I really enjoyed it.

Thank you Toto & Ika for the pictures, including the one of American White Pellicans I use for the title page above.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Firsts of 2007

Computer problem

Two weeks back, a colleague handed me down his PIII 650 Mhz CPU. Reason being, he had acquired him self something faster but still a PIII from Surplus. Then there was the project deadline and then came the holiday. I didn't try to install it until yesterday. The BIOS upgrading part completely escape my mind, so the 650 couldn't even reboot. I switched back to the old 450, lo and behold, the nightmarish "strike F1 to retry reboot, F2 for setup utility" popped up. After several combination of utility setting, it still didn't work, I decided to look for wiggling cables. It turned out, the hard drive wires were loosen. At the end, the 650 is still lying dusty and all on my desk.

Library trip

What others than Chesterton's, Five Types and Come to Think of It, and a book on job interview. I found out that Engineering Career Fair is on January 22-23. I need to come up with a plan for the the advisor about the possibility and timing for graduation, so maybe I can start finding jobs this soon.

Movie at the Movies

For me, a good movie is the one that is capable to pull you into the story, makes you sympathize with it, and if possible put you as one of the characters. And then there is how real the setting is. For instance, if it's a story about a war in the jungle, it has to be rough, dirty, and gory. Blood Diamond is definitely one of those.


Well, the main thing is that I'm continuing what I left of last year: fabricating the counterpart of the usual device. I have several other projects going on, fabricating the conventional device on some kind of a flexible substrate, getting that one paper published for real, analyzing the data from radiation part and the erasing with light part.


Right on January 1st. It's when you have the preconceived idea that you should develop a certain romantic notion about someone because of his/her certain attributes, but deep in your heart you know you just couldn't. Nevertheless when you find out he/she is getting out of your reach, your heart breaks. I was thinking about this sort of thing while driving back from NM. It splitted my attention from the icy road and then I got a phone call with a happiest top of the lung "Happy New Year". My response..."heh heh" followed by the interogatory, "what did you do last night?" I was about to tell him all about it, but I have three other people in the back, saved for NY, that didn't have any clue about my pseudo-love life.

All I can say, it's just about the right amount of things going on this early 2007.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Epiphany

dont worry... loe cari jg ntar actor
ntar gw kenalin Ram Punjabi deh

ohaaohaohaohaohaohaohaho ada2 aja
trus skrg udah banyak berubah lah persepsi gue ttg pernikahan
banyakan yg udah lebih ttg convenience
jadi true love...bullshit

sebenernya ngga
true love tetep ada
cm yah itu 80-20 rule applied

lah ini bukan ttg cowo nya aja
dari sisi cewe nya juga gitu
bukan ttg 80-20
tapi dari segi convenience

more specific pls

kayak pengen tinggal di sini
jadi bela2in pacaran ama yg bergreen card pdhl ngga cinta2 amat
dan bete waktu putus
krn merasa hidupnya terancam
bukan krn patah hati

well kl itu jgn di tiru lah
itu mah ngga ada true love nya
emang siapa yg gitu nda?

hypothetically speaking

pasti ada temen loe yg gitu
ngga mungkin hypothetically nya sampe detail gitu



ah tapi kalo dipikir
ya semuanya emang for convenience lah ya
buat apa (misalnya) ortu nyuruh harus yang seagama sesuku berpendidikan etc etc
kalo nggak buat convenience?
ato elu cuman bisa jatuh cinta sama orang yang memenuhi kriteria elu

yah kan emang love ~ convinience
gw jg ngga bakal jatuh cinta kl gw ngga convinience (bahagia)

ah dunia
iya baru sadar gue...kalo kita semua itu...picik


semua manusia


elu kali

hahahha sial

Quote. Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired. - Robert Frost


NY's studying for GRE. Look what has come into her

Yada says:
i think kak
while i'm studying GRE I'm improving my english and japanese
i'm studying GRE while listening to japs songs hiahiahia
back to study

X says:

you're loutish
can you give other response other than hoahoahoahoa

I'm awestricken
by your sudden mastery
of the English vocabulary

that's meee
your fabulousita sista
ohhh i have a good one


Xinda does not have a boyfriend because she's enigmatic.

I'm of more eclectic

no you're maverick

I'm a fantabulous maverick-eclectic

in other word you should go out more b!!!!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello, I miss the idea of you...

He searched for those wings that he knew
that this angel should have at her back
And although he can't find them
he really don't mind
because he knows they'll grow back

And he reached for that halo that he knows
that she had when she first caught his eye
Although his hand came back empty
he's really not worried
'cause he knows it still shines

I can't promise that I'll grow those wings
or keep this tarnished halo shined
but I'll never betray your trust
angel mine

I search all the time on the ground
for our shadows cast side by side
Just to remind me that I haven't gone crazy
that you exist and are mine

And I know that your skin is as warm and as real
as that smile in your eyes
But I have to keep touching and smelling
and tasting for fear it's all lies

I can't promise that I'll grow those wings
or keep this tarnished halo shined
but I'll never betray your trust
angel mine

Last night I awoke from the deepest of sleeps
with your voice in my head
And I could tell by your breathing
that you were still sleeping
I repeated those words that you had said

I can't promise that I'll grow those wings
or keep this tarnished halo shined
but I'll never betray your trust
angel mine

--Angel Mine, Cowboy Junkies

The No. 1 Match Making Agency

the Hindu match making agency is working hard!!!

really? gimana skrg? any dates yet?

ya banyak lah di kenal2 in
one looks interesting... a doctor



gimana sih cara ngenalin nya? innocently?

yaaa...gitulah...pura2 berkunjung
gue di ajak


Emang begitu prosesnya's tough being a severe minority


the talent pool is not deep
ha ha ha

not deep and exclusive
tapi kadang2 bukannya malah makin keren2 ya hasilnya...
tyus tyus
(I hope the Catholic match making agency is working half as hard)

it won't work in the states
u gotta be here...for awhile
i guara-damn-tee u'll find something quick

hihihihi iya ya
back to the doctor...

if all goes well... my life will be over soon

oh my...I couldn't imagine you settling down soon

I couldn't either
a doctor...reasonably well to do parents
pegawai negeri, which takes care of my health insurance sampe mati hahaha

haooahohaohaohohah my Mom loves civil servants
idih married by health insurance...well it helps because she's a doctor...pasti bagus ngurusin anak2
..syapa cih namanya? ada di FS tak???

she's not an internet person

ya baru mo siap2 nge-stalk

but....i don't want to rush it; but if I don't rush it, ntar kesabet org

hihihihi...keep me posted yaaaa
mudah2an cocok

and she works volunteer at PMI too.... ahh...makes my heart swoon

I've never seen this side of you

i like girls with brains...yg mandiri gitu deh
trus baik pula....kayanya
nice parents...

gue sampe tertawa lebar
ternyata di dunia ini masih ada cowo yang kayak elu

we're a dying breed
but we still exist


it's just.... sickening....for some reason
ya the plan with E was I was going to pretend to convert...
but i'd still be whatever
but I can't even pretend...

I know you can't
agama sendiri aja gak digubris hehe
but she still has high hopes on you both

it just can't work... it would really crush my parents... same if u were to whatever...

my dad will get another stroke kali

ha ha ha

but I will never convert lah

i wouldn't either..i would just pretend

bukan krn parents jg..just because of me

i what, she's still fine...we didn't do anything * bad *...broken hearts can heal

iyah broken hearts can definitely heal
apalagi kalo ada objek baru


she's prettiful


tau deh...kalo gue..walopun desperate jadi cewe single sepanjang masa ya biarin deh
udah cara hidup yg sesuai kok mo dirubah gitu

padahal kalo bisa sendiri2 aja...asik juga ya
but then when kids show up...
susah lagi

kalo gue mikirnya gini
kalo cewe ikut gue
cowo ikut babenya

kalo co semua?
mampus kan lo

biar deh...

i can't stand my kids going to that particular religion
i can almost tolerate anything else

kan maminya E...she's not into religion kan


iya sih tapi susah beda2
sama aja banyak kendala

it would be problem after problem after problem

hooh...jadi problemnya harus (insert religion) match making agency

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Arrived in CS at six this morning (total around 16 hours driving). We stopped by at the Elephant Butte reservoir but couldn't find the visitor center, it was not supposed to be open anyway, considering it was a Sunday. We then took a detour to Mesilla of Las Cruces, looked around the plaza and had lunch at La Postada. Nice interior, good prices, good food.

I have an idea to visit the McDonnell Observatory and Fredericksburg and surrounding places this Spring break.

"Jujur aja sih, gue sekolah selama ini tujuan akhirnya buat nyari kerja dan akhirnya bisa hidup di sini sih, bukan buat pelajarannya."

"Apa ini salah gue ya, apa dia maunya orang yang sophisticated, extraordinary, sociable, gitu-gitu. Sedangkan gue ini..."
"Ah jangan gitu lah. Kalo kita minta seseorang yang punya karakteristik tertentu yang bagus-bagus kayak gitu, kita sendirinya ya harus kayak gitu. Kau apa sih kurangnya...."

"Kalo sampe setahun ke depan gue nggak dapet pacar, gue serius loh mo melihara anjing aja."
"Yah, kalo aku sih mo jadi suster non aja ah. Kemaren kok lupa ya minta info di biara situ, ha ha."