Saturday, January 20, 2007

A Little Physiology

do you know the scientific name of the fat network commonly called the "beer gut"?

gak tau

hahah it's pretty cute
Greater Omentum

he he...

elu sering denger kan
muscles turn into fat?
or vice versa


unless we are undergoing evolution's not happening
muscle and fat are of two totally diferent cells

masa sih...kan belipet lipet juga :P

so what happen when you stop "exercising" (and eat more)
you lost your muscle shape & volume...and your fat cells are getting bigger
aduh saya lupa...pacarnya situ kan dokter

trus knp...tetep aja kaga ngerti huahaha
my last bilogy class was 1 sma
and I got a 4



less than a D?


an F?


So, here it is, a little review on human physiology for all of us who already forgot what we had learned on highschool Biology. Heck, I even forgot things I read yesterday, much less what I had ten years ago.

The adipocyte a.k.a the fat cell be continued's already 3:30 and it's too cold even with the heater on. Hu hu hu.

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Anonymous said...

whoa, i don't know that such person could get an F in Biology. I mean I'm stupid in Biology but I manage to get at least a 6.5 hiahiahaia, well that's still a D, but at least it's better than an F.