Thursday, January 25, 2007

Five Things You Don't Know about Me (and My Kind of Food & Drink)

Carbonation and Sugar, It's Just Not Good for You
I don't drink carbonated beverages all that much and prefer water over coffee or tea. And when I do drink softdrinks (usually when I crave for them or when on occasional pigging outs), I prefer the real calories laden ones as opposed to the ones with sugar immitation. Also I hate it when they are served warm but I don't like to have them over ice. Also, when most of the soda evaporate, the whole thing has zero potability factor to me.

Sissy Juice and Whatnot
I just couldn't stand boxed orange juice in general and declare it sissy. It's just too sweet and what's up with the "From Concentrate" thing? Grapefruit juice, on the other hand, is THE juice. Just the right amount of bitterness and sourness, just like my life...j/k.

Fried and Fatty, Those Are What Make Them Good
I like carbs when they are all crispy. Cases in point: mashed potatoes...blah, extra crispy french fries...yeah, pizza crust...good...the part where it's too goey...blah, bread skin...nice...the middle part...arrgh. Plain rice...okay...fried rice...nice. Anything Tempura, VERY VERY NICE. Get my point?

Go Green, Eggs, the Other White Meat
Steamed Brussel Sprout and Daun Ubi Tumbuk are my favorite vegetable dishes. I have unhealthy obsession with eggs in general, preferably in omellete form. I'm lucky I don't develop allergy. I also tend to avoid pork dishes. I have preconceived idea that they contain too much fat, beside I just don't like the way they taste. So in order of preference: egg, seafood, chicken, beef, pork.

I Have Nurtured a Natural Tendency to be Different
When my family ate out, we always went to the many Pekanbaru Chinese noodle houses. Out of the six of us, five would order similar chow-mein like dishes while I would order bihun or kwetiau dishes.
Some afternoons, when abang-abang bakso lewat depan rumah on the way to their post, we each would order and used our own mangkok. All family member except for me got the bakso kuah, I prefer the dry version.
Here, when we go to the Pho place, I will order the vermicelli bowl or the rice dishes while the other guys are getting their jumbo order of Pho.

My, I sound like a very annoying person, no?


Anonymous said...

I remember when the first time you went back from the states, you're like still addicted to sodas. You'd drink soda like drinking water. Me and mama would like in awe seeing you back then. What happened kak, what happened to the old you?

Tchus und Gutten nacht!!!


Anonymous said...

This is not what I had in mind.. This bears no similarity with the original five things.. This is.. this is.. about food! Not you!

Should've seen that coming..

Tchus juga deh..
ny jangan marah ya [di]ikutin :P