Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hear, Ye...New Blog Announcement

A very close person to me, she's like a sister...in fact...she is my sister, the firecracker, is starting her second blog.

A few excerpts, just in case you're not convinced to how bubbly her writing style or rather her personality is.
"Anyways, it was over and I shouldn’t be rambling about things that will create negative zen as I am a very positive person. Hiaiahia."

"I think that posting song is a good way for people to let others know what their personalities are. But, not for me, I basically upload the song because I can’t seem to play the song in the piano even I practiced playing it for the past days. Suckkksss, big time!!!"

"....As a positive person I boldly declare, peeps please be effective [,] do some action. Don’t hinder yourself. Hiahiahia, please I don’t want to Dr.Philling somebody but as bad as it sounds apparently I was doing it. "

Go visit her and keep the love coming. Hoaohaohaaho....
From yesterday's: http://photos1.blogger.com/x/blogger/1998/38/1600/587657/text.jpg


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for the cooperation as I asked you few times to announce it and you finally did before i constantly nagging you to do it. So, gracias mi hermana or hermanita? I don't know we'll see next semester when I'm done with my beginning Spanish class.

Anonymous said...

I know that people do make mistakes KIH, but what's with you inserting the correction even in my own blog. You're not doing benevolent thing by doing it you know. But I still love you.


Anonymous said...

what's KYH's blog????

Anonymous said...

oh wooopsie.. im an idiot.. didnt see that link! hahaha