Wednesday, January 17, 2007

They Said I'm Really Sweet and Helpful

Got a big yellow envelope in the mailbox today. It's the student evaluation for my lab teaching from last semester. It surely brings a little sunshine in this unusual gloomy day of a Central Texas winter and a boost of confidence on my behalf. Sadly, it was probably the last time I'd be TA-ing for the class.

Here it is, typed and color coded for you convenience. He he he.
Mastery of subject (yours truly 9, average of all TAs, 8.6)
Preparation and organization (yours truly 9.1, average of all TAs, 8.5)
Involvement with students during lab (yours truly 9.6, average of all TAs, 8.9)
Familiarity with lab experiment and equipment being used (yours truly 9.3, average of all TAs, 8.9)
Ability to communicate (yours truly 9.1, average of all TAs, 8.5)
Promptness and fairness in grading (yours truly 9.6, average of all TAs, 8.8)
Overall effectiveness as a teaching assistant (yours truly 9.3, average of all TAs, 8.7)
and the final question...drum rolls....
Ranking of the TA compared to all of the TA's you have had, where would you rank this TA? (yours truly 9.4, average of all TA, 8.2)
One even came up with a personal comment:
She's really sweet and helpful.
Awww...ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

hohohoho congrats dear. you deserve it!

ps: is that comment from the guy you bought liquor from?


Anonymous said...

oooh bu didi that guy was in my class too, but he dropped that class that xinda was the TA. He was kinda lazy I guess, he always came late to class.

Anonymous said...

pardon my grammar. He always comes late to class.

Xinda said...

Bu Didi..nggak tau siapa...kan anonyomous gitu. Diketik lagi. Kalo nggak bisa tau dari tulisannya kali. he he he

Dan seperti NY bilang, tu anak di tengah semester gitu tiba-tiba aja nggak nongol lagi, sampe Profesornya sendiri aja bingung dia udah Q-drop apa gimana.