Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Luck with Random Number

Ring-ring...Austin number popped up. Of course, it was not listed on my phonebook.
Yes, hello.....
Uhm, can you hear me now?
*lah piye kok jadi iklan Veraizon* Yeah
blablabla...your appointment with Jason...blablabla
Uhm...I guess you've got a wrong number
Really? Didn't I just dial 979-219-####?
Yes, apparently you did
And you are not getting married soon?
Are you sure?
*what the heck* Yes!
It was a call from a wedding photographer trying to confirm a photoshoot.

Man..of all people, why me? It was tempting to say "I WISH" when she badgered about the getting married part.

Speaking of weddings, I had a dream the other night involving mine that includes a sentence "dengan mas kawinnya some-weird-amount-of-money-that-I-guess-represents-the-date-of-the -wedding Rupiah". All I can say is that bitchslapping my subconscience is imminent. Enough already. I didn't tell you who my counterpart was on that dream, but I believe you shall guess right, hence the bitchslapping, hence the exasperation.


nadia said...

yahh.. nama calon suami org itu ga di blg yahh.. kan bisa jadi kyk SIGN gitu... rupanya tar calon suami kinda namanya sama .. kyk di pilem2 .. ehauahuah.. itd be pretty darn funny if u had told her 'i wish..'.. funny....of course in a non-desperate.. non-pathetic kinda way. :P

Anonymous said...

Tahukah kau diriku.
Tak sanggup hidup bila kau jauh dariku
Kuingin, dipelukmu selalu

I don't know, I don't have any comments for your post because I don't have people calling my cellphone so I guess I am underqualified to give comment on this particular post. But, I did gave the chorus of my favorite song for now.


Anonymous said...

Ibu Inda binti Syalala,
nomer fotografernya jangan lupa di-save ya. Just in case :P

PS: saya [di]undang ya nanti! hihihihihi

Anonymous said...

And by soon,
I mean something around Rp. 7. 072.007,-

PS: ayo [di]amini dong teman2 semua!

Xinda said...

Ade: Ha ha. I don't believe in sign. Canda...

-ny-: Nuen und Nuenzig

Bu Didi: Done! Oh..not that soon, please. I mean to find the right guy, propose to the guy, and then got married all in five months? Crazy talking.

Anonymous said...

YOU want to propose? My my, what a bold woman you are. You never cease to surprise me every day.. :D


Xinda said...

j/k...truth is, I am at heart is a very convensional and traditional gal. Uhuk uhuk.

Xinda said...

Eh..what's up with convensional...should be conventional. NY's German class is getting to me (alesan pdhl mikirnya pake Indonesia).