Thursday, November 30, 2006


kak inda kamyu ke rec gak?


kak inda kamyu ke rec gak?


kak inda kamyu ke rec gak

ndak lah

kak inda kamyu ke rec gak?




I still have a lot to do


are you going?

but not even just for an hour
i am it's been 2 days

it's already 9!!

rec closes at 12 stupida

I'm gonna be dead in 3 hours

yok lah

besok lah

just an hour

I can't

okay I see

soalnya ini lagi ngerjain project si dr "call me James" H*w*a*n*g
biar orang gak diganggu minggu depan

oh I see
kan bisa besok
kan dr.K gak ada

no besok I want to work on my prelim!!!!

oh okay I c
never mind then

but could you pick me up later?

heck nowww

once you're done with Rec??

you're just using me

lah kan sekalian

no wayyyyyyyy
heck nowww

huhuhuhu, but it's freezing cold Princy

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


"Habis ini aku mo ke seminar, tapi mo makan dulu ke McD. Kamu ngapain?"

"Ehm, mau measurement lagi sih, ada sampel yang baru diradiasi. "

"Eh, itu mah entar-entar aja, selesein dulu presentasi kamu. Ikut aku makan aja dulu. Kamu pasti belom makan siang kan?"

"Iya belom, nggak laper, stress kayaknya."

"Udah pasti bisa lah. Yang pede aja..."

Ya gitu deh.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My other boss this semester (and possibly next semester too, God forbid) stopped by my office this afternoon.

"So how are you these days?" He said, looking relieved of having find a place to sit on one of the two empty chairs.

"Well, I have my prelim next Thursday so I'm finishing up on the slides," said I.

"Ah, pretty busy then."

"I'm kinda nervous."

"You should be. That's the right reponse."

"I'm confused on balancing the theoretical stuff and the actual result. Which one should I elaborate more?"

"It's always better to present your result. Here it is. Tell them why are you doing the research, the way you are working on it, the justification of the methods, and finally show them if the result is really as what you expected."

"Hm...okay, that sounds plausible."

In the middle of the conversation, a colleague responsible for arranging group meeting time interrupted us:

"We are having a group meeting at six today, I just got an e-mail from Dr. K. Do you have something to present?"

Before I had a chance to say something, Other Boss replied, "She always have something to present."

I looked at the time, sighed, and quickly planned something I can talk about in two hours.

"I supposed I can present this preliminary presentation I've been working on. It's just gonna be very rough, as I haven't planned on the actual sentences for each slide."

"That will work. Thank you very much, you save me, I forgot all about it," said Colleague.

"Good luck on the exam...and let me know how you are doing," and with that, Other Boss left for his dinner.

"Thanks, I need it."

Some "Thoughts" about "Blogging"

When I moved from Misnomer to Dungeon, it was partly because I was getting more and more uncomfortable with the kind of audience it had. True, this is the internet, once it's out there, it's out there. To some extend you have given out privacy, and it's really up to you how explicit you want it to be exposed.

Another reason was because Misnomer was a place for silly stuff, slacking stuff. It was a place --what Ade would say-- where posts with high level of crispyness (read: garink) are in abundance. I am part of the school of thought that says as one gets older, one needs to jot down more serious and informative materials, maybe once in a while comes up with--what Bu Didi would say-- touché insights.

Dungeon, still chronicles a day-to-day life (or non-life), keeps a selective smaller circle of audience. People I am comfortable with. Those include you on the sidebar and some of you my "real life" friends and sisters. Of my blood, it's only NY who is fully aware of the existence of this blog. She makes quite a contribution to the more entertaining part of it, that fireball. Because as much as intended to be a bit more mature, we still need to retain some form of fun stuff, no?

Most of the time, what I wrote were things that troubled me. Not in a locked diary, electronic or otherwise, not in a more for-your-eyes-only online setting such as el-jay. As I much as I value privacy, I need to reach out to people who "get" me (and can I say, care about?) conveniently. Can we hear in unison, this all boils down to a modern day curhat? I feel like a heavy weight egoist already.

I've found it's amazing the clarity one gets from descripting one's thoughts, emotions and feelings, no matter how of little eloquence it is. Anyway, just like any other things, these stuff you read here will be filtered out through your own experiences, values, and personality and got processed (or maybe not, he he, as at times I notice I tend to go on and on about something, all with empty meaning). If I'm lucky, I'll get feedbacks. You are afterall my little support group, my shrinks, my confidants. I can't thank y'all enough for that. If not, then at least I have created parts of my own time capsule. Did I mention that my memory sucks?

Note to Self

Forgot to mention. Last Sunday was the Solemnity of Christ the King, which means it was the last Sunday before Advent as well as the last Sunday of this liturgical year. Ah, the season of Advent. I wonder if the Schola Cantorum and the Celestial Sounds will perform like last year.

Found this informative Catholic calendar. Might as well start using it.

PS: Whatever happens to attending daily Mass?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend


baru mo bilang
thank you for the support

ha ha ha
Doa2 gue terkabul juga
* sekali2 soalnya *

t'was a day to be thankful



Congratulations for the Sooners, the Big 12 South Champion.
Congratulations for the Aggies, for beating those t.u. guys. (Although I'm unofficially a 2%-er. :p)

Some Light Pictures

Meet the Parents

On his day off, the father of yours truly would wake up really early in the morning (as in 4 AM or so). With his rise, he would demand everyone else in the house (these days, it's only the mother of yours truly) to do just the same. He would go straight online with the snailian dial up connection. On his lucky day, some of his four children are also online at exactly the same time. And this is what we would do.

Paternal Unit, NY, and me

Both Units, NY and me
Left-over Fiesta

  • Biscuits (NY made her version of cinnamon butter)
  • Lettuce
  • Corn niblets
  • parts of an 8 oz. Texas Roadhouse Sirloin
  • Roasted Chicken with Spicy Chilly Raspberry preserve

"French Manicure"

One of NY's little beautification projects on me. We were admiring those babies when suddenly I panicked, "but how am I going to take of my contact lenses?" The next day, I tactfully peeled off those fake nails. Beside, it was just too hard to function.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ear Worm Saturday

Bonus: with teary it kinda a sad song, don't you think, or is it just me?

Tonight when you stole a seat just beside me and there was just the two of us talking under those lights, I wish you were someone else. Huhuhuhu.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Gobble Day

This has been one warm Thanksgiving day with temperature in the 60s and 70s. I have spent better part of the afternoon working on the presentation for the preliminary exam.

A wheel of Brie, a jar or organic spicy chili raspberry jam, and a box of wheat crackers and I am off to the Advisor's Thanksgiving dinner in two hours.

I have nothing but the highest hope to be somewhere else than here this time next year.

Here is to this year and the better ones ahead.

Like last year's, the compulsory side profile pose. By NY.

I don't know where I'm going with this

I will look at this in the future and laugh at the pebblemindedness of a girl in her late twenties. A late twenties waiting for her cold medication to kick in the night before Thanksgiving. Oh, what the heck.

What is it that makes one fell a certain romantic feeling towards someone? Is it nature, as in that chemistry, that click are there perchance, or is it something that you nurture from nil? My suspision is that like most of things in the universe, it is not as black and white.

For instance, you get a chance to spend time alone with someone that you insisted on not having such a predisposed feeling toward. You didn't deny that you think about the possibility. All those time and you get to know this person really well. So you started building a list balancing the pros and cons of his personality and what not. Yes, I like his honesty and his confidence. He's pretty rough in some areas, but sure, it can be molded. People can change. The thing is when you arrive at the "negative" things you observe about this person, you started to throw him into a double standard. Your claimed sincere amore would never act like this or that in that kind of situation, etc. In the end, your non-feeling toward this person doesn't change. You are not saying it is a waste of resources and time. It helps you to be your own self, as you are actually getting more comfortable with him in a very platonic kinda of way. See, it opens your eyes to the world.

And then there is the one you put on pedestal. You don't actually get to know this person all that well or as much as the person you described above. But from all you've seen so far you can't help all but to keep this predisposed feeling that makes everything he does seems to naturally fit you and your preferences. Well, most things but one fundamental stuff. You don't form harsh judgment on the otherwise will clearly be thrown into the unacceptable flaws bin, instead you accept and learn to deal with them. Really, it goes back to that predisposition thing. The funny thing is, you don't really act yourself when you are near this person. At times, you convince yourself harder and harder that it is not all worth the commotion. Can't you just let it go already? If you have more chance to get this person better, will it wash off the feeling you have on him?

I don't know where I am going with this.


It's all coming to this epiphany. You never expect anything out of him, because if he does he will be totally out of his character. And, that's not the person you fall for. In return, you keep admiring him for that. Ah, what a circular reference.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ascorbic acid, pt. 2

Ah, to be sick again with sore throat and headache twice in three weeks. This is just not right.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh oh siapa dia and some other stuff

Nona M: Uhm..itu si X kok tambah ganteng aja yah...

Nona XL dan XS serentak: IYAAAAA

Nona XS: Tadi itu yang dia baru masuk pintu, XS yang...oh kok jadi tambah ganteng aja nih orang.

Nona XL: Iya, jeans nya keren, jaketnya keren, gayanya keren, badannya juga tambah jadi aja.

Nona XS: He he he...eye candy baru kita ya.

Nona XL: Iya, tapi cuman bisa dijadiin eye candy. Seneng aja gitu ngeliat dia.

Nona M: Oh, emang eye candy yang dulu sampe ditaksir juga ya? Hohaohaoha...

Nona XL: Jadi malu...


further money = possible married

It is a fundamental base

funding for marriage?

no I mean financial security

i know
that's my only reason left to delay marriage
ok, that and find a partner
i got a partner
now the financing...

oh, lucky you


lagi apa?

di lab

rec yuks?

ha? elu masih di sini?????

hahahaha ngga ding
gw udah masuk kantor dong tadi
uda mulai kerja

bikin orang deg-degan aja


Yada says:

x when are u coming home x?

X (CR) says: in a little while Y

kok tumben nanya2?

I need help on lab report


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Viva La Comida

Bu Didi, it's not just you who's in a cooking frenzy. NY cooked these two noodle delights. One of Korean origin (Dubokki), the other of Italian (penne with muscles in white wine sauce, they sell live muscles at HEB yesterday! "Don't forget to keep this part of the container open, so they can still breath," says the seafood counter guy).

We couldn't decide which one to eat first, so we got a heaping portion of each. As NY sez, "the best lunch I've ever had these past four months."

Oh, on Saturday, she cooked Biryani Masala Beef, which I love to death but she doesn't. Quite an industrious young lady, that NY.

And moi? I made a rendition of The Outback's baked sweet potato (my second food epiphany after that Fuzhou food in NY Chinatown last December). The picture didn't do justice. The brown "sauce" is made out of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Blurry Moment

The one and only, the "she's just too cute" Nadia B and I. CS Seafood, Friday night. CMU played NIU.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hidup Baru (Bukan Saya), pt 2

loe dari tadi kemana?

barusan makan
ke Rec yok?

kacau pasti makanya makanya mo ke rec
ya kan :P

fried catfish, oyster, french fries

gw udah mandi
males hehehhehe

haduh gue ngantuk apa napping dulu yak

ya udah napping aja
tadi udah makan banyak
ngga ke rec
pas nya napping tuh



hhh...abis Desember 7 gue intensif lagi
pangling entar elu liat gue taun depan :p

mulai senin gw intesif bgt lagi
liat gw sebulan lagi
jgn pangling yah

tanding kita?

ntar gw duluan deh yg nyapa
siapa tau loe ngga kenal lagi

ya kayaknya elu yang nggak kenal ama gue deh pastinya
udah pake X5 gitu entar

eits siapa bilang X5

hah H3 pula?


Irreconcilable Difference, pt. 2

A version of Le Figaro's Voi che sapete was being played on my WMP.

NY (under the comforter, getting a nap): "Kak Inda Hon, I don't like the song you're playing there. I cannot hum with it, I can only listen to it and I don't like it. Please turn off the volume...."

moi (imitating Miss Church): "Tell me what love is, what can it be...What is this yearning burning me?"

NY: "Oh, Kak Inda, don't make it was almost okay before, now it's just unbearable..."

moi: "Hhhhh....prepare to be dustified..." (clicking on Dusty Springfield's What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life)

NY: "Oh, no...what did I do to deserve this..." (pingsan)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mea Culpa

That I have sinned through my own fault,
In my thoughts and in my words,
In what I have done, and what I have failed to do.

She recites the confiteor everytime in Mass. These days, that's the closest thing she's been to a penance.

Even so, a recite is a recite. She doesn't actually comprehend the concept until a few days ago when a certain Pinkish Polkadot brought up a similar subject to one of their afternoon chats.

Right then she got that spiritual light bulb working and went straight into a mild conniption, "we are responsible for all four?" And finally to realize that it is one thing to admit and to contrite that one has sinned over words said and deeds done. It's not the same case for the ones committed in mind and on things purposedly ignored.

w1$h ¥0µ w3r3 h3r3

Today, I was working on something that was all the way over my head. I got so frustrated I felt like crying. All I want need to do is to talk to you. You, in turn, will come up with things that completely rebuild my shattered confidence. And at the end, my dear, the world will turn out just okay. Gosh, I miss you.

We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year
Running over the same old ground
What have we found?
The same old fears
Wish you were here

Thursday, November 16, 2006


no pierda su tiempo en mí, usted es ya la voz dentro de mi cabeza (6x)
soy extrañar usted extrañar usted (6x)

-intermitente uno ocho dos
hei yang lagi kehilangan napsu makan, emang sang bintang blom bersinar, sabar ya =)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Irreconcilable Difference

Jadi ada dua teori. Satu bilang, intelijen itu udah dari sononya. Kalo elu pinter ya pinter, kalo bodoh ya bodoh, tetep aja seperti itu. Sedangkan teori satunya lagi bilang, intelijen itu bisa diubah, bisa tambah, bisa kurang.

Implikasinya ada dua...Satu...buat yang ngajarin....kalo ikut teori pertama, si guru nggak suka ngajar orang yang "bodoh", percuma gitu kan. Kalo guru pengikut teori kedua, dia bakal seneng ngajar, karena dia percaya semua orang bisa diubah, bisa dididik.

Dua..buat yang diajar, kalo dia penganut teori pertama, dia bakal cepet puas sama diri sendiri dan nggak bakal termotivasi buat hal-hal yang lebih menantang kalo dia ngerasa dia nggak bisa bersinar di situ. Jadi belajar lebih buat hasil akhirnya. Kalo dia penganut teori kedua, dia orangnya punya motivasi untuk jadi lebih, talentanya bisa dikembangin gitu, jadi belajar bukan sekedar buat nilai, tapi for the sake of learning.

Elu penganut yang mana?

Hmm...teori gw buat teori itu...Gue nggak percaya intelijen itu fixed, jadi bisa diubah harusnya. Bisa berkurang juga, kayak orang yang udah lama nggak ngomong Inggris, jadi bisa ilang gitu, padahal tadinya cas cis cus.

Tapi, gue nggak pernah merasa belajar for the sake of learning khusus yang buat pelajaran sekolah. Kalo di luar pelajaran sekolah, itu sepenuh hati deh gue....ha ha ha.

Dasar....tapi elu berhasil juga tuh sekolahnya. Apa cuman didasari ulterior motif pula lagi..hahaha.. belajar soalnya gw mo berhasil dalam kerjaan dan ujungnya bisa hidup nyaman.

Ha ha ha....

...udah terlalu banyak perbedaan...

Rediscovering 311

I Really Do Care

The measurement apparatus was broken prompting an early dismissal for the last lab section I am teaching this semester.

"You can tell the students to come next Monday or Tuesday, and they can measure anything they want," Lab Manager shouted from the other end of the room.

"They don't really care. If I were them, I would come whenever. We've been working all semester for this, you see that your devices that you make with your own hands are actually working," I said.

"Ha ha...well, just announce it and see whoever wants to, they're welcome."

"...yeah, we'll see," I said pushing back the double door to the hallway, "see you later."

"Hey, H, you just said the magic word, 'If I were them...', see it's because you care so much about this lab. Good job!"

"I really do care," I whimpered to myself.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fall 2006 International Mass

When we first saw this picture, we both screamed "Cantiknyaaaa...." (HA HA HA. Maap narsis.)
NY and I
Anyhow, it was taken at the 5:30 PM Mass today, which this fall's International Mass. As always, the complete set here.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just stuff

It's 5:30 AM. Yours trully is falling to the old habit of living through the wee morning hours. She finished and submitted the proposal for preliminary exam to her research advisor today. In return, he gave back a third revision for that other paper. She wonders if they will ever finish it for publication. The APL one did not have as much worked done on it compared to this.

Her prelim exam is set to be on December 7. There is a presentation need to be worked on and with it a whole lot of preparation. She is just...overwhelmed. Meanwhile, her research load is getting heavier as the semester rolls to an end. The advisor, being back from the conference, is enlighted with many "novel" research ideas. Yours truly needs to haul her ass back to the CR to work on the feasibilities of these epiphanies. On the bright side, she's glad to be done with the teaching load next week.

Tonight, after dinner at the Vietnamese place in the corner, she fell a sleep while waiting for a call that never came. She woke up around midnight. Her sister had made plan with a friend to go to the gym and to watch movie. But she, in turn, fell asleep as well. The two of them decided to splurge on calories and to watch rented DVD. So off they went to the local HEB.

Back at home, they first munched on the donuts, followed by the chips/pretzel/cheetos mix, onto the boxes of Cracker Jack, and finally the peanuts. Notice the alternating sweet, salty, sweet, salty snacking activity. That's how you get the ultimate food comma. Meanwhile, The Benchwarmers was being played.

Her sister went to sleep not long after the movie ended. Yours truly parking herself in front of her sister's laptop. She was browsing through a lot of pictures on Flickr, blogwalking, and visiting random websites, when suddenly the internet connection started acting up. She walked downstairs to reset the modem and the ethernet, and she went back upstairs to restart the laptop. All to no avail. After several trips up and down, she decided to just listen to the TV in the background and played a couple of Freecells. But that did not last long. She finally had an idea to disconnect the cable connections to her desktop and to her brother's laptop, to eliminate the bad contacts among those three computers. And voila, the connection was back.

Through all this commotion, her omnionline friend was still online from his office in J-town. For some reason, he sent her an e-mail with Tony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential attached. She was absorbed by this piece of work. His TV shows were her favorite, but she used to think of him as just another faux cook celebrity. Turned out he is a well-respected guy in the gourmet industry.

It's 6:30 AM and she still cannot fall asleep.

Oh by the way, she still misses that guy.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Vanity is Overrated

jadi kan gue ber rok ria ke sekolah hari ini
trus ada yang bilang (cewe) "aw, you look pretty...are you dating a guy?"


sial sial..emangnya nggak boleh tampil cantik untuk diri sendiri ya..hoaoahooa
trus dia bilang gini
"is your advisor here?"
dia pikir gue bisa gaya kalo nggak ada si K** aja kali ya

makanya cantik tiap hari
biar ngga di comment

kalo cantik tiap hari nggak asik juga
nggak pangling dong orang2

mending di bilang "wah dia cantik" drpd "wah dia hari ini cantik... tp biasa nya..."

ya udah nanti gue bawa second outfit
buat masuk CR

hahahha good good


I wonder how it ends
The beating hearts and the cheerful thoughts
The ubiquitous notions and the imaginations

It swirls around and it slowly evolves
It finds comfort in sadness than in happiness
It screams emotional than physical

It's the saddle as well as the pedestal
It's in the silence and in all the things said
It's something I never bind to understand

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hot of the Press

Yasa 360 says:
ur prez is the new defense secretary

X says:
oh wowwww
didn't even know he was nominated??

baru aja si rumsfeld resign

why him? apa nggak ada orang lain yak

ya dia kan bekas CIA....taulah kerjaan defense
plus he's close to the Bush family

gila hahaha...gosip2nya
dulu si Gates ngelamar buat jd seseorang di UT
but they only gave hime an associate professor position


kalo di A&M langsung jadi presiden hahaha...definitely the Bush's connection

he he

eh kan blom pasti yak...harus diapprove dulu ama senate? kayak si Condee dulu? pake hearing segala...

condy...nggak ah
ini kan pegawai eksekutip
kalo gak salah sih gak....gak tau juga persisnya
kalo gak salah sih hak presiden...mau hire tukang sapu kek:P

"The Secretary is appointed by the President with the approval of the Senate, and is a member of the Cabinet. "
Wiki sez

oh ok
my bad

"The Secretary of Defense is sixth in the United States presidential line of succession."

ha ha
so he has to kill 5 people?

kayak raja aja ya
gila di Wiki udah diupdate gitu
"Robert Gates (nominated)"


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

DQ Tuesday

True, for two people who spend a considerable amount of time together in a non-romantic kind of way for the sake of achieving respective goals, at the very best and time permitting, you've become kinda, a small kinda, one of the current objects of my "affection" (as are Taco Bell's Nacho Supreme and Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate line, eh salah, itu mah addiction ya...). Naturally, we are bound to be open to each other...and you are. But me, see, I still need a bit more privacy--which is a paradox in itself, since I'm writing this down for the whole world to see. Back to the privacy thing, please don't pull another of the "who was that on the phone with you?" variety. I'm minding my own business even though I'm dying to know if it had been the same person (read: girl) that had been calling you omnihourly. He he he.

Oh, one more thing. Please spare me the detail. I would never bring up a certain undergarment problem--while trying to fix it up, gasp!-- to a person of the opposite sex, no matter how close we are. Ha ha ha.

X: My own two knights in shining armors...

Knights in Shining Armors
NY: only in plantersville...
NY: what happens in plantersville stays in plantersville
That ever witty NY...

Saturday, November 04, 2006


We went to the Renaissance Festival today. And here is the only picture we took...just kidding. View the complete set here.

Friday, November 03, 2006

When I grow up, I want to be just like her

Waktu itu saya pernah bercakap-cakap dengan seseorang, saling membicarakan masa depan impian.

Jadi kan, kalo nih, kalo....misalnya gue dapet fellowship itu...kan entar bakal internship ke sono...trus kalo gue bagus kerjanya kan bakal ditawarin kerja. Bayangin...kerja di perusahaan itu... aduh keren abis!!! Trus misalnya gue kerja mati-matian, terus di promosiin sampe jadi senior researcher, trus jadi manager, trus jadi VP teknologi...ahahaha...oh mai...Trus gue lupa ama cita-cita gue buat nikah dan punya keluarga sendiri....Alah...terlalu muluk-muluk. Nggak bakal seekstrim itu pastinya.

*diem dua detik* Jangan lah, jangan sampe. Ntar loe hidupnya kayak nerd pula lagi.

Ya enggak, kerja sih kerja, social life ya harus jalan juga dong. Kan asik tuh, nggak usah pake komitmen ama siapa-siapa, kecuali ama diri elu, kerjaan, dan bonyok aja kali.

Hmm..iya kali awalnya asik nggak komitmen, tapi kan entar lama-lama loe pasti punya keinginan buat settle down.

Iya ya...we'll see.

and then this seminar announcement....

Dear Faculty and students:

Dr. H***** is the highest ranked female researcher in Hitachi Central Research Laboratory.

The seminar would be very informative on the Japan's top research laboratory.

The Advisor

The good doctor came up with one of the most succesful crystallization techniques used in production. I wonder what kind of a person she is, succesfully breaking the glass ceiling like that. Well, first and foremost, she's smart, soft spoken, polite, proactive, stylish and a bit shy. I wonder how her social and other lives are.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

In reverse chronological order

"Do you mind if I keep this channel on?" An employee at a local eatery asked me. We were the only ones watching the big screen TV.
"No, no..."
"Which one do you prefer? That one or this?" He pointed at one of the other TV sets broadcasting yet another sporting event.
"This." I motioned my head towards the soccer match played at our big screen.

Between 22 well built, dynamically moving, good looking Latin Americans and stuck up middle age men in oversized umbrellas, it's clear which ones I prefer.


Who in the right mind will put an approximately 200 g of thawed salmon fillet on a 1200 W microwave heating for 5 minutes and 30 seconds (that really amounts to 396 kJ of energy, and with a Salmon heat capacity of approximately 2.7 J/g C, corresponds to over 800 degrees C of cooking temperature)?

The innocent fillet shrinked too much, exhibited unappetizing burnt marks, and was not easy to masticate. I had to employ a knife, one of those crappy plastic picnic ones, even then, it was still hard to cut it into smaller chewable bits.


This morning I woke up from a long sleep nursing my cold (or is it allergy?). I was just thinking of a series of dreams, yeah, like that Bob Dylan song. I rarely dreamt about people in real life. In these ones, I did. If nothing else, I almost forgot how you look like, it's all coming back now.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ascorbic acid

I am thinking it's a sign
that the freckles in our eyes are mirror images
and when we kiss they're perfectly aligned

and I have to speculate
that God himself did make
us into corresponding shapes
like puzzle pieces from the clay

It's true, it may seem like a stretch
but its thoughts like this that catch
my troubled head when you're away
when I am missing you to death

when you are out there on the road
for several weeks of shows
and when you scan the radio
I hope this song will guide you home


Ah, to be sick and out of can use it as an excuse to a much needed break from work. If only one's preliminary exam is not set to be in one month and one does not need to finish the corresponding proposal and submit it to one's advisor in a mere few days. ARGH!

Somethin' somethin'

kemaren ada cowo lagi beli a box of Trojan(extra strength)
jam 12 malem

somebody's gettin' some...

belinya cuman itu coba...mbok di disguise dikit
ambil roti, ambil susu

ngebut gak keluar parkirnya?

kalo kelasnya jam 8 apa nggak capek tuh?

yah....kalo soal begituan mah....udah kaga mikir kelas lagi
namanya juga college age kids
humpin' like bunnies

kasirnya bilang gini..."have a good evening"

trus di jawabnya apa?
"how'd you know?"

biasa aja...abisnya bilang good evening nya juga netral
harusnya kan "have a goooddd evening ;)"


that guy needs some rest and relaxation kayaknya...kusut banget tampangnya


I hope he takes shower before :p

bau ikan asin...malah gak jadi ya

iya...killing the mood right that instant kan


NY sez...

"This is what happened when there's only one shopping mall in town (and you have nothing better to do...)."

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Luckily, one of these four "femme fatales" still holds such a shopaholic nature sacrilegious.

Ja Ja Ja.