Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some "Thoughts" about "Blogging"

When I moved from Misnomer to Dungeon, it was partly because I was getting more and more uncomfortable with the kind of audience it had. True, this is the internet, once it's out there, it's out there. To some extend you have given out privacy, and it's really up to you how explicit you want it to be exposed.

Another reason was because Misnomer was a place for silly stuff, slacking stuff. It was a place --what Ade would say-- where posts with high level of crispyness (read: garink) are in abundance. I am part of the school of thought that says as one gets older, one needs to jot down more serious and informative materials, maybe once in a while comes up with--what Bu Didi would say-- touché insights.

Dungeon, still chronicles a day-to-day life (or non-life), keeps a selective smaller circle of audience. People I am comfortable with. Those include you on the sidebar and some of you my "real life" friends and sisters. Of my blood, it's only NY who is fully aware of the existence of this blog. She makes quite a contribution to the more entertaining part of it, that fireball. Because as much as intended to be a bit more mature, we still need to retain some form of fun stuff, no?

Most of the time, what I wrote were things that troubled me. Not in a locked diary, electronic or otherwise, not in a more for-your-eyes-only online setting such as el-jay. As I much as I value privacy, I need to reach out to people who "get" me (and can I say, care about?) conveniently. Can we hear in unison, this all boils down to a modern day curhat? I feel like a heavy weight egoist already.

I've found it's amazing the clarity one gets from descripting one's thoughts, emotions and feelings, no matter how of little eloquence it is. Anyway, just like any other things, these stuff you read here will be filtered out through your own experiences, values, and personality and got processed (or maybe not, he he, as at times I notice I tend to go on and on about something, all with empty meaning). If I'm lucky, I'll get feedbacks. You are afterall my little support group, my shrinks, my confidants. I can't thank y'all enough for that. If not, then at least I have created parts of my own time capsule. Did I mention that my memory sucks?


Anonymous said...

I like it when you mention my name on your posts :P

[di]kantor nih..

Xinda said...

..and I am so glad you exist, dear.

nadia said...

i like it when you mention my name on your posts.


[a]de rumah nih..

AHHAHAHAHHA! :D miss yoooo

Xinda said...

HOAOHAOHAOHAOH....and I am so glad you exist, dear


miss yoooo


Dino said...

as a freshman you have very sharp memory, somewhere between that and now, your brain just turned into mush.

Xinda said...

I know, babe. And that what happens in nine years span. What will happen in the next nine years???

kodoque said...

owh kak inda..how i love reading your blog.

i <3 u!!

'nuff said!

Xinda said...