Sunday, November 19, 2006

Viva La Comida

Bu Didi, it's not just you who's in a cooking frenzy. NY cooked these two noodle delights. One of Korean origin (Dubokki), the other of Italian (penne with muscles in white wine sauce, they sell live muscles at HEB yesterday! "Don't forget to keep this part of the container open, so they can still breath," says the seafood counter guy).

We couldn't decide which one to eat first, so we got a heaping portion of each. As NY sez, "the best lunch I've ever had these past four months."

Oh, on Saturday, she cooked Biryani Masala Beef, which I love to death but she doesn't. Quite an industrious young lady, that NY.

And moi? I made a rendition of The Outback's baked sweet potato (my second food epiphany after that Fuzhou food in NY Chinatown last December). The picture didn't do justice. The brown "sauce" is made out of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.


nadia said...

oh my gohhh.. enak buanget kyknyaaa

kodoque said...

wuaaaaahhh! me want to try those out!!!

Anonymous said...

Industrious more towards to the boredomeness hehe. BTW, Ika and Adek, you guys, we should try the hookah hehe. Enakkk kan gak baukk gak pake tobacco.

Anonymous said...

Great job, ladies!

And, you know... you just need to preserve some of those sweet potatoes and you're good to go to the potluck ha ha..

ps: muscles?mussels?