Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I Really Do Care

The measurement apparatus was broken prompting an early dismissal for the last lab section I am teaching this semester.

"You can tell the students to come next Monday or Tuesday, and they can measure anything they want," Lab Manager shouted from the other end of the room.

"They don't really care. If I were them, I would come whenever. We've been working all semester for this, you know...to see...to see that your devices that you make with your own hands are actually working," I said.

"Ha ha...well, just announce it and see whoever wants to, they're welcome."

"...yeah, we'll see," I said pushing back the double door to the hallway, "see you later."

"Hey, H, you just said the magic word, 'If I were them...', see it's because you care so much about this lab. Good job!"

"I really do care," I whimpered to myself.

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