Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My other boss this semester (and possibly next semester too, God forbid) stopped by my office this afternoon.

"So how are you these days?" He said, looking relieved of having find a place to sit on one of the two empty chairs.

"Well, I have my prelim next Thursday so I'm finishing up on the slides," said I.

"Ah, pretty busy then."

"I'm kinda nervous."

"You should be. That's the right reponse."

"I'm confused on balancing the theoretical stuff and the actual result. Which one should I elaborate more?"

"It's always better to present your result. Here it is. Tell them why are you doing the research, the way you are working on it, the justification of the methods, and finally show them if the result is really as what you expected."

"Hm...okay, that sounds plausible."

In the middle of the conversation, a colleague responsible for arranging group meeting time interrupted us:

"We are having a group meeting at six today, I just got an e-mail from Dr. K. Do you have something to present?"

Before I had a chance to say something, Other Boss replied, "She always have something to present."

I looked at the time, sighed, and quickly planned something I can talk about in two hours.

"I supposed I can present this preliminary presentation I've been working on. It's just gonna be very rough, as I haven't planned on the actual sentences for each slide."

"That will work. Thank you very much, you save me, I forgot all about it," said Colleague.

"Good luck on the exam...and let me know how you are doing," and with that, Other Boss left for his dinner.

"Thanks, I need it."


Anonymous said...

you'll do fine, hun.

..and I can't wait to say, "I know someone who has a doctorate degree!!" :)

[di]antara dua pilihan

Xinda said...

Eh, ini bukan sidang defense, Bu Didi. Satu langkah sebelumnya. Mudah2an tahun depan gitu yang benerannya.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know. You explained that to me last time. But it means one step closer to the real thing right? that's what I meant :)

Xinda said...

He he he. I should know better that you'd remember all these detail stuff.

Thank you, dearrr...