Thursday, November 02, 2006

In reverse chronological order

"Do you mind if I keep this channel on?" An employee at a local eatery asked me. We were the only ones watching the big screen TV.
"No, no..."
"Which one do you prefer? That one or this?" He pointed at one of the other TV sets broadcasting yet another sporting event.
"This." I motioned my head towards the soccer match played at our big screen.

Between 22 well built, dynamically moving, good looking Latin Americans and stuck up middle age men in oversized umbrellas, it's clear which ones I prefer.


Who in the right mind will put an approximately 200 g of thawed salmon fillet on a 1200 W microwave heating for 5 minutes and 30 seconds (that really amounts to 396 kJ of energy, and with a Salmon heat capacity of approximately 2.7 J/g C, corresponds to over 800 degrees C of cooking temperature)?

The innocent fillet shrinked too much, exhibited unappetizing burnt marks, and was not easy to masticate. I had to employ a knife, one of those crappy plastic picnic ones, even then, it was still hard to cut it into smaller chewable bits.


This morning I woke up from a long sleep nursing my cold (or is it allergy?). I was just thinking of a series of dreams, yeah, like that Bob Dylan song. I rarely dreamt about people in real life. In these ones, I did. If nothing else, I almost forgot how you look like, it's all coming back now.


kodoque said...

when i read that last line.."it was all coming back to me now.."

and feeling how cold it is outside..i immediately stated singing this song(PERFECT!PERFECT!):

there were nights when the wind was so coooldddddddd!That my body froze in bed...
If I just listened to it!!!Right outside the window!'s aaaaaalllll coming back to me nowwwwwwwwww!!!

aww.. i wanna see celine dion in concert! :'(

Xinda said...


Ah, brp pula tu harga tiketnya? 200?

nadia said...

apa lah si ika.. ade ga ngertii.. hi kakakk.. ademu ini masih sempet2nya liat blog kinda walopun besok ade exam .. *excuse for taking a break* ehhehehehe

Xinda said...

Good luck ADE!

Anonymous said...

DUDE. i hope you don't always count the heat energy when cooking. Although that would be kinda cool. In a super nerdy kind of way haha

J itu joule ya ike lupa..


Xinda said...

Ever heard of Alton Brown? Nerdy can also mean FUN!