Saturday, November 11, 2006

Just stuff

It's 5:30 AM. Yours trully is falling to the old habit of living through the wee morning hours. She finished and submitted the proposal for preliminary exam to her research advisor today. In return, he gave back a third revision for that other paper. She wonders if they will ever finish it for publication. The APL one did not have as much worked done on it compared to this.

Her prelim exam is set to be on December 7. There is a presentation need to be worked on and with it a whole lot of preparation. She is just...overwhelmed. Meanwhile, her research load is getting heavier as the semester rolls to an end. The advisor, being back from the conference, is enlighted with many "novel" research ideas. Yours truly needs to haul her ass back to the CR to work on the feasibilities of these epiphanies. On the bright side, she's glad to be done with the teaching load next week.

Tonight, after dinner at the Vietnamese place in the corner, she fell a sleep while waiting for a call that never came. She woke up around midnight. Her sister had made plan with a friend to go to the gym and to watch movie. But she, in turn, fell asleep as well. The two of them decided to splurge on calories and to watch rented DVD. So off they went to the local HEB.

Back at home, they first munched on the donuts, followed by the chips/pretzel/cheetos mix, onto the boxes of Cracker Jack, and finally the peanuts. Notice the alternating sweet, salty, sweet, salty snacking activity. That's how you get the ultimate food comma. Meanwhile, The Benchwarmers was being played.

Her sister went to sleep not long after the movie ended. Yours truly parking herself in front of her sister's laptop. She was browsing through a lot of pictures on Flickr, blogwalking, and visiting random websites, when suddenly the internet connection started acting up. She walked downstairs to reset the modem and the ethernet, and she went back upstairs to restart the laptop. All to no avail. After several trips up and down, she decided to just listen to the TV in the background and played a couple of Freecells. But that did not last long. She finally had an idea to disconnect the cable connections to her desktop and to her brother's laptop, to eliminate the bad contacts among those three computers. And voila, the connection was back.

Through all this commotion, her omnionline friend was still online from his office in J-town. For some reason, he sent her an e-mail with Tony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential attached. She was absorbed by this piece of work. His TV shows were her favorite, but she used to think of him as just another faux cook celebrity. Turned out he is a well-respected guy in the gourmet industry.

It's 6:30 AM and she still cannot fall asleep.

Oh by the way, she still misses that guy.


kodoque said...

errr was that supposed to be me calling you there?
cause ika ketiduran jugaaaaa!!! abis nelpon KYH kan ika makan kan..trs plg ke rumah ..trs nunggu si 'papa" ke kmr mndi ambil ntn the rockets game on tv..trs ketiduraaaaaann!!! si 'papa' pun tdk membangunkan asik ntn game nya...haihhh..maaaaaaaaapppppp

Xinda said...

Eh, bukan kok, Ka. Aih was "somebody" else.

kodoque said...

ah daku geer. malu. malu. malu.

Xinda said...