Sunday, April 01, 2007

First Day of April

Eye Trouble
After taking off my contact lenses before sleep last night , I felt a sting of pain in the right eye everytime I blinked. It felt as if some unknown object touching the eyeball. I looked for the unknown object thinking maybe it was a strain of eye lash that had been falling onto the eyeball. As I looked more further into the eye socket, I found an out-of-place lash sitting right there on a deeper part of the socket. I did some tricks to get it out that involved eyedrops and gentle massages. Luckily, I got the thing out. It was scary, the thought of blinded by your own eyelash. Also I was thinking about that one scene Kill Bill in which The Bride took the only eye of Ms. Driver.

It might be only the first day of April but it gives an honest-to-goodness preview of the kind of summer summer days this year for me. I'm thinking lots of epistaxis, jugs of sweetened ice tea, and clothes drenches in unimaginable amount of sweat. [Updated to add: Right after I finished published this post and as I was reading stuff on epistaxis, I found out that I am having a nosebleed. What a coincidence! Gosh, this is going to be a hard summer.]

The presentation for that meeting in SF!
I'm looking on ways to make it attractive and that is only one of the problems. The other part of the equation is that I have a very low self-esteem and that thing magnifies when one has to talk in front of one's peers. By golly, I can do this.

Boy Toy #1
"I'm so tired working on this poster for that conference." He said at the end of the seminar. I was sitting next to him.
"You are? But you finished, right?" I looked at his sleepy eyes. He was falling a sleep several time during the seminar. He was...cute...I'm thinking waking up next to this person might not be so painful. [Forgive my being too imaginative. I need a confession to make. And by golly, this is already Palm Sunday.]

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