Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Only Buddies, No Expectation, Not Boy-Crazed

Dear COoA, (Wait, I don't think such coveted role should exist with regard to my recent declaration of a no boycrazyhood, so I'd better adress you as you from now on.) So here we ago again...

Dear Roy,

I never cease to amaze myself with my ability to pack days and days worth of material into the precious 10-15 minute conversations between you and me. If there is an Olympics for it, I for sure deserve donning a wreath of wild olive leaves on top of my head. It's just you are so easy to talk with which forces me to leave the (wo)man of little word me.

Tonight, you caught me tidying up my messy office for the return of a seasonal officemate. From there, I felt that I fed you with too much information. I noticed you looking at your cellphone more than usual and avoiding eye contacts. I'm sure you were thinking, "will she ever stop talking?" And the phone, my office's, not yours, rang.

"Phone!" you said.
"Oh, no, I hope it's not the advisor....ah, it is him..." Truth was I was hoping for more undisturbed time to talk to you.
"I'm leaving..." you walked away, literally saved by the rings. I continued with my work. About an hour later you suddenly showed up at my door again.

"I lost my sample." You announced this bout of unfortunate situation still with the ever present of a smile.
"Lost? How could you lose it?" I was associating the word "lost" with "disappear" and thinking maybe there was a mysterious vortex in your lab claiming this sample.

And that was the start of an hour long conversation in which we found out that we are going to the same conference in two weeks. Ah, what a joy in my heart to have you as a company!

I hope we find a time to go somewhere around or at least for a meal on that Thursday before you take the red eye to be back here in time for your Friday morning teaching.


It's just unbelievable how things (Re: previous post and this post) starting to turn "favoring" my direction after an aspiration has been formalized (and by formalized I mean is to jot it down here in the blog), rendering the said declaration meaningless. And now I look like a fool who caught contradicting everything she'd said. Self-contradictory, it is.

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nadia said...

ah, u are such a romantic.. thats why i love you k'inda! hahahahhaha :)

see ya sometime over the weekend.. tomorrow's albert's farewell @ deswin's, just to let you know.

i might not even make it since i'll be in Dallas all day. sigh.

have a fabulous friday.. who knows, maybe Roy will ask u out on a date.. hahaha :)