Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Game of Love

Dear COoA,

Argh, my hypothesis is proven right. Today, as I was just getting back from the loo and enter ing my office I saw you walked from your lab. There was a heartbreaking sigh just to see you around these days.

"How is it going?"
"OK...hey, I just found out today is the start of the Faculty & Staff holiday..."
" is. Are you going anywhere?"
"No....are you?"
"No, not really."

And then we got to the gist of your stopping by...a discussion on the relative merit of a certain measurement apparatus.

"I got a conflicting trend. It just didn't make sense."
"What's the range of this measurement?
You then wrote some figures on the white board.
"Ah...OK. Well, you're welcome to try ours. I'll be glad to show you around."

You must know something, COoA, whenever I'm around somebody I'm comfortable with, I'm easily engaged in long lively conversations with boundless topics, me being charmingly witty, funny and all (well, at least to me). All this time, I've been looking for somebody (of the opposite sex) who genuinely listens to where my wind blows. Apparently, you are such person. If only...

By the way, did you notice that everytime we talked a long talk like this, you've never been the one that indicated the end of the conversation. It has always been me. Like it means anything.

God bless my poor heart.

The game of life love is hard to play
I'm gonna lose it anyway

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