Monday, March 05, 2007

The End is Near

Dear COoA,

I got a gutsy feeling that the end (of Roygate) is near. It's been so many months with no sign of progress but my sinking self--God bless my meek heart. I will keep writing this stalker diary just for hang of it and to enjoy the feeling of being infatuated while it lasts, it's been a while since. Viva patheticum!

So here it is. I was just come into a forced enlightment that all these time you dropped by purely for the purpose of acquiring some trinkets and no other sneaky things beyond. It was a paper clip one day, a USB connector the other day, the list of locker combination today.

Today, you were here at 11:08 AM. Despite of the fact that you have high propensity for cold weather, you dressed warm with a gray Northface pullover and a blue lumberjack long sleeves shirt underneath.

"Don't you have a class now?" I said.

"Yeah, it's starting. I just have a quick question, do you still have the combination number for the lockers? It's getting worst now, no one knows anything."

You and I reamed through the mountain of paperworks. I hated myself to be such an unorganized person. I know it's somewhere in my TA folder, it was just not in order.

"Ah, here, I know I saw it the other day. You can have it."

"Thanks. I'll see you later," you said and then you walked towards the hallway.

"I like your country's performance at that I-Week show," I half-screamed.

"Oh, so you went?" You walked back to my office with a smile in your face and your twinkling eyes. Those eyes are some of the things I like about you. They're just full of life.

I described just enough of the performance since you were on a tight schedule. You listened attentively.

"...and then, they had an afterparty on Frederiko's...but I didn't go."

"...Frederiko's...but I didn't go."

We both said the exact same thing. It was too cute.

"I'm not a sociable person this semester." You said.

"Why? Not enough time, too many things to do?" I said maybe a bit pestering.

"I don't know...just don't feel like it...I'll see you later."


Ah, a free agent again (and always). I cherish the day when these unfortunate circumstances are finally passed.

Penguins Dance

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