Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Just Stuff

I just couldn't concentrate on writing--there is a very important manuscript hollering to be finished by the early deadline this Sunday. Reason being is that I stayed up until five this morning working on a homework. It's just ridiculous the amount of work and time poured on what supposed to be a simple task, most of it are bookkeeping and organizing.

I woke up at nine something to a text message beep, apparently we won the third place for the Saman. I tried to force myself for more sleep but just couldn't. When I'm deprived of sleeping time, I wouldn't be able to focus, inevitably spoiling the whole day. And to think the amount of chips (potato and white chocolate) I had been consuming all night. Pressure and depression sure add up this time around.

An e-mail from the advisor asked everyone in the group to be at the lab 11 AM pronto. We were to filming the day-to-day operation of the c*l*e*a*n*r*o*om (CR) for the research website. When I arrived at eleven something, the advisor went MIA for an hour or so, and since the building proctor called me back just in time, I manage to bring four bottles of waste solvent to the storage room.

When we finished filming, three or four of us were working on to locate a huge leak on a gas line. Bubbles wouldn't give in any clues, helium detector was not working, but we managed to track down the root problem ingenuously. It's now a matter on how to solve it. Tricky.

Now, it's getting back to the writing task at hand. Focus focus. A caffeine intake will be really helpful.

Oh, yesterday, a stranger was looking at me for the longest time. We were waiting for the elevator.

"How are you?" I was being amicable.

"Good. Are you from India?" He replied.

His question was unorthodox because a white American guy wouldn't ask such thing in favor of not being rude.

"Oh, no, I'm from Indonesia. And where are you from? Are you from here?" I replied.

"I am from Africa." He said. The remark made his previous question less offensive.

"Oh, South Africa?" It was my turn to be curious.


According to Wiki there is about approximately 25,000 white population out of the 30 millions Kenyans. Interesting.


nadia said...

was he hot?

just kiddin.,

Xinda said...

white and nerdy...white and nerdy *nyanyi-nyanyi*