Sunday, March 04, 2007

Movie, Saman

Our own high ranking Hon Honor Society/BTA officers, Ade Hon and Kak Yada Hon, had been organizing with fellow compatriots to attend the I-Week afterparty last night. The party was held at a Mexican restaurant. Wait...what's up with holding it in that kind of place, one would ask. Here it is and what a clever scheme it was! The premise is situated in the famous (or rather, infamous?) Gerbang Utara. It's definitely, killing two birds with one stone.

Alas, the temperature dropped so fast (to the higher 30's...but hey, T.I.CS, that's already too cold) and the duos didn't feel like going anymore (oh the horror of having to cover up their lovely outfits with appropriate outerwears). They, instead, decided to join yourstruly to a night at the movie. We watched The Zodiac. I failed to warn them that it was going to be a 157-minute flick. And what a gory and long and full of details movie it was. Despite my training in Law & Order watching, I had obscure understanding of the facts presented and the links in between. Let me put it this way, Ade, who underwent several cycle of light sleeps throughout the movie, still managed to catch the gist of the story.

Here are two visual recordings of the Indonesian Students Association a.k.a. PERMIAS TAMU performance at the 2007 I-Week Variety Show. Ade Hon was one of the emcees and both KIkH and KYH, (oh and even our Honorary Member #1) were in the actual dance. Congratulations all three! BTA.


Anonymous said...

BTA!!!BTA!!!BTA Pride!!!

nadia said...

hahahhahahah! kokn ga nge sync ya suara sama vid nya yg kedua?!

Anonymous said...

hihih great jobbb.. ny lucu gitu dadah2nya pas terakhirnya hihii