Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Lecture

Dear COoA,

It's interesting how our paths crossed: your current research area and mine, your previous research area and the class I'm in now, and not to mention our teaching works last semester.

Today, you sat beside me in a lecture. Let me explain why that was excruciatingly memorable. That whole time, I was sitting by myself, sipping bottled water and reading the funnies on The Batt, I was saying to myself, wouldn't it be nice if you sat by me, it would be like watching a (n intellectual) movie together. And out of nowhere, you came. For a second I had a tiny bit of hope that we were like that Niles and Daphne on the first six seasons of Frasier. The next second, crushing my foolish hope, I realized that your usual gang of idiots Latinos had not arrived yet, hence your choice of seat.

"I have rashes all over, that's why I'm wearing this..." Out of nothing you pointed to your black windbreaker.

"What happened?" I said with oogling eyes full of symphaty.

"I spent a lot of time outside last weekend. It might be from something in one of the parks I'd been." You elaborated.

"Can I see it?" I don't know why it came out my mouth. You then lifted the jackets to expose your right arm.

"It's not red..." I said, looking at the cream covered skin.

"It's not, it's just itchy."

Poor baby. Must be dragging to feel like that for days.

Yours truly,

This infatuation phase should be short and less painful in the end. There were no butterflies in my stomach except for the occasional blushings...unlike when I was on those two greatest infatuations of all time. He he he.


nadia said...

aaaaaaahh.. i think i just failed a midterm.. im sooooooooooooo angry right now.

Xinda said...