Monday, March 12, 2007


There was one year when my dreams were mostly involved a large body of water. I usually was swimming, being drown, or generally got sucked into the water and that it was always dark and gloomy. I never had such scary episodes these days. In fact, my dream last night was so funny, it was like watching a real life comedy and NY was the main star.

Background set-up:
  1. I watched 300 on Saturday. There was one scene where the Spartans were attacked by 1000 arrows and all they could do was hiding behind theirs shields.
  2. NY loves to get her fix of ice-cold coffee drink from the local coffee place by Mickey D. They sold them in cups like this
  3. NY, despite being geulis in the way she dresses --and let's not forget her talent in applying make up, is not exactly geulis on the way she carries herself. The guys already adopted her as one of the bros, they even call her...Yada Man...
  4. So her fellow "bros" had asked her to join a bunch of them for a paintball game sometime this next week.
The dream:

NY was in a one-on-one battle with some unknown person. Her enemy kept attacking her with somekind of projectile ammunition in the size of small rocks. By this time, she didn't have any of her weapons left, she was relying on her shield to protect her. The shield was in the shape of the lid on the above picture, except that it was really big to cover her body in full.

While she was shielding herself, the rest of her gank was behind the frontline but hesitated to help her even though the captain had already given out a command to relieve her from the attack. "Let's all go in to save Yada Boy from the enemy." But in the end, no one had enough courage and camaraderie to enter the battlefield, and that including the captain. He even came out with this yielding cry... "Yada Boy, why don't you just run for your life."

NY, however, bravely stayed behind her shield, until the enemy ran out of ammunition. And right then and there that's when she proceeded to retrieve to a safe place.

The end.

Wasn't funny, huh? It was funny to me, I woke up laughing so hard...and as for NY, I think she shared the same feeling as me.

The other thing I want to convey is that human mind is truly amazing in every state. How could those four independent facts are woven into one rounded scenario? OK, I'm not going Freudian on this.


Dodol Surodol said...

Pindah mulu si Ibu :)

Xinda said...

Ya gitu deh, Pak. Maapkeun situ jadi repot ngubah2 link ya.

Ini gue harus mulai nyensor isi.Udah nggak bisa terlalu bebas lagi, huhuhu.

Anonymous said...

kunaon buu?
memang keponess ini harus dibinasakan! huh


kodoque said...


you're too funny. Ika ketawa ngakak. hUHAUHUAHUA...