Sunday, March 11, 2007

Not Really the Solution, but Nevertheless

I tend to find shortcuts that will resolve a situation instead of fixing the root cause. I'm wondering if I've dealt with all the things in my life this way.

Anyway, two cases in progress:

Going bald

Instead of finding internal or external therapeutic stuff (medicine, nutrition, deep conditioning, etc), I've done two things that so far has been succesful in reducing the amount of hair in the drain:
  1. I wash my hair before the first sign of oil resurfaced --> gravity (clean hair weighs less)
  2. I went to part it the other way-->relieving strain and stress from the old side

Bad circulation

When working in front of the computer, I mostly use the mouse while keeping the left hand close to my body. This leaves the right hand very cold. I suppose it is a bad circulation problem. I've been switching the mouse to the left side while keeping the setting for right hand--I've trained my left hand to do the same tasks, it's working. My right hand never felt cold anymore (the circulation problem is never too bad on the left hand in the first place).

Regarding training non-dominant part of your body to the same task as its counterpart...
Driving manual car requires one two use both feet. In my case the arrangement was one foot for the gas pedal, the other for the clutch and brake pedals. When I switched to drive automatic, I only used one foot to alternate between the brake and the gas pedals, until one day I got an idea to use the other foot for braking. It was hard at really first, but now I can brake as smooth as the right foot.

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