Monday, March 19, 2007

SF Here I Come

It looks like I'm going to be in SF from April 10-13 to attend a conference and present a paper. It'd better be...because I just booked the plane and hotel and paid the pre-registration. It's just I had to pay all of these first and get reimbursed later. The process will take forever...six weeks, maybe? I'm poorer by $ 600.

On the other hand, this is gonna be the meeting of my whole academic career. I'm beyond giddied thinking about the presentation I need to prepare.

1 comment:

nadia said...

wahhh kinda you'll have a blasttttttttt... tar ika bakal kasih tau deh ya tempat2 yg bgs2 .. ade ga bsia kasih tau because aga2 goblok hehehe

i cant believe ur leavin on my birthday weekend :(