Friday, March 02, 2007

Three Days in a Row!

After days depriving me of your presence around, you suddenly showed up at my door. (Re: Previous Post. :P This thing is getting...norak-er by each post. You even have your own category now, you know.) I was so happy to see you, as always, it made my day. You were wearing a red lumberjack shirt that would look dab on anyone else but it looked good on you. It brightened up...your skin?

"How are you?" you asked after you called my name. It was such a dulcet sound to my ears.

"Tired..." I said while trying to make myself looked naturally oh-so-helpless.

"Tired...what happened?" You came towards my direction, pulled a chair to sit beside me while preparing yourself to listen to every single things I would be complaining about the world and whatnot.

I showed you what I was working on all this week and the things that didn't work out. When we talked about school stuff, it was like your world and my world collided harmoniously. It's in the way you understood those things. Heck, man, it surely is nice to be able to speak with someone who speaks the same language.

One conspicuous other thing I've been noticing everytime we were in the close proximity to each other is the increase of blood circulation towards my head in the form of my reddening face. I am sure you should have noticed it by now. Aw...have I been really really infatuated by you?

"Are you coming to the thing tonight?" my reference to the annual I-Week Talent Show.

"Man, I would look stupid sitting alone. All my friends are participating. I'll probably just gonna take a video of them dancing." I wondered if I smoothly disguised the meaning behind.

"I don't even know what I'm going to do tonight but I don't think I'm going." Your declaration promptly pulled a "darn it" look on my face.

"Why don't youand I go together?" I was about to ask you but I was able to retract myself from being thus forward. I've promised myself to enjoy these moments and to do nothing more at my own discretion. Well at least, beside the "ever reliable" F-book thing, I know you most probably are perfectly available. *oinking winking at Bu Didi*

Gosh, the posts are supposed to be making fun of the so-called state of infatuation...why are they starting to take the other way around?

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nadia said...

hehehhee.. its like reading a story. i love it.

you so shoudl've told him to tag along with u.. that would've been the perfect timing.. lagian.. it wont seem like ur makin a move.. since the timing was perfect for taht kinda spontaneity. serius deh kak.. tsk tsk.