Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

The elevator doors open. 6th floor. Two guys come in.

"Hi, H. "


"Yeah, so what is it about?"

"It's about nanoparticles in water ecosystem."

"It seems like contamination problem, and the way to handle it."

"Yeah, it's the kinetic on how to do it."

"Are you guys going to the seminar?"

"I am going."

"I am not sure."

They all smile at each other almost keeping an awkward moment. The elevator doors opens up again. 4th floor. Another guy comes in. The girl keeps her head straight.

"Excuse me, what's your name?"


"I'm Francisco. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you."

They shake hand. The girl has noticed the guy from previous occasions around the department. Everytime, it seems he always wanted to reach out to her in a polite harmless way. There are people that do that naturally. These are the people one feel one can trust. The "good" people.

"Are you from Mexico?" Forgetting her manners, the girl bursts out the judgment she makes on the guy.

"No, I am from Peru." Apparently, the guy doesn't feel offended.

"Ah, Peru. There's another Peruvian. R..." Why this country keeps popping up, she says to herself.

"Yes. He works at the 5 th floor. And you are from where?"


"Ah, Indonesia..."

They both talk for a while and then the elevator reaches the first floor. The girl excuses herself to what is common known as Ladies First courtesy. She bumps in to her officemate who just decided to show up so late in the afternoon. Otherwise, she and the guy will be able to talk for a few more moment.

Being a melancholic romantic, she wonders if there will be stories coming out of the accidental meeting.


I wear my sunglasses at night. Those are the one set with prescription lenses that survive the bad habits that are mine. I have a newer prescription but am to lazy to get the glasses done.

C-SPAN2 is on. Previously, it was a rerun of Israeli ambassador to the US talking at George Washington University, something about peace on the Middle East. Now, it is one of the Road to the White House 2008 series. A candidate (Senator Joseph Biden, D-Delaware) is on a campaign house party. Sadly, there is no other better television this late at night. I am settling on watching politicians to put me to sleep.

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